How to Make Homemade Protein Shakes for Weight Gain?

Protein is the key requirement of our body. Our body demands a fair amount of protein consumption on daily basis to work efficiently.  Protein shakes are a nice way to intake proper amount of protein. But, if you wanna gain weight to improve you psyche, homemade protein shakes are the best solution for weight gain!

A balanced diet plan is mandatory if you wanna gain weight. Whether you are an athlete or gym funky who wants to build up his muscles, homemade protein shakes help you to achieve it in a convenient way.

If you are thinking to bulk up before you put on a nice t-shirt or your favorite swim suit, besides workout you have to intake protein rich foods because they’ll help you to mold your body in a the way you want.

No doubt, meat is the best source of protein but you need something extraordinary to get the perfect results i.e. a homemade protein shake!

Why should You Prefer Homemade Protein Shakes?

There are several factors which make homemade protein shakes a best solution for the weight gain. Homemade protein shakes are easy to make, economical, and perfect in the sense that you can put in the grinding jar whatever you like!

Best Ingredients to Make Homemade Protein Shakes for Weight Gain

Besides meat, fruits and vegetables are also a best source of proteins. A blend of fruits, vegetables, and dairy can fulfill your enhanced requirements of the proteins.

Apricots, peach, banana, peas, guavas, strawberries, blue berries, pineapple, passion fruit, and dates etc. are some best ingredients to make a perfect homemade protein shake for weight gain.

All of these fruits and vegetables contain 100% natural and pure form of protein which is not only perfect for your health but also makes you active and strong because of low cholesterol and friendly fat.

Best Protein Shakes for Weight gGain and Muscle Building

We are going to share some perfect recipes that contain the best blend of protein rich food items. You can consume any of the below mentioned homemade protein shakes if you wanna build up your muscles quickly, and most importantly without taking supplements.

1. Creamy Banana Shake

Each and every ingredient of this yummy homemade shake is rich in natural protein. Let’s have a look upon the ingredients!

    • You need 1 to 3 bananas – depending upon how thick you wanna make your shake.
    • One glass of milk.
    • One cup of yogurt.
    • One Table spoon of Peanut Butter
    • One or Two spoons of Sugar – Depending upon your taste.
    • Few cubes of Ice

Putt all of these ingredients in the blender and drink right away! You can either take it in the breakfast or in the lunch – whatever suits you.

2. Wild Berry Protein Shake

This homemade shake will boost up your stomach performance. Moreover, because of fruits it’ll not only be a delicious shake but also a valuable source of fats and proteins which’ll surely boost up your energy level.

    • Eight to twelve Raspberries.
    • Four to Six Strawberries.
    • Ten to Fifteen Blue Berries.
    • Two Glasses of Milk
    • Few Cubes of Ice.

Blend all of these ingredients together and consume instantly. You can use this homemade protein shake either in the lunch or before dinner.

3. Dual Berries Cocktail Shake

This fruit cocktail contains protein-rich fruits which are not only delightful but also are a natural source of proteins and vital vitamins that are mandatory to bulk up your body.

    • Six to Ten Strawberries.
    • Ten to Fifteen Blue Berries.
    • Two Glasses of Milk.
    • Two to Three Bananas.
    • Fifteen to Twenty Almonds.
    • Few Cubes of Ice.

That’s it! Enjoy the protein rich sips of this awesome energy booster! It’s the best homemade protein shake to have in breakfast or two to three hours before workout.

4. Butter Chocolate Protein Shake

Enjoy the charisma of chocolate, energy of peanut butter, and purity of Almonds in this wholly protein shake if you are looking for rapid weight gain.

    • Two to Three Spoons of Peanut Butter.
    • Three to Four Cubes of Raw Chocolate.
    • Two Glasses of Milk.
    • Fifteen to Twenty Almonds.
    • Ice as required.

Immediately consume this blend of protein rich food items. It’ll instantly boost your energy as well as improve fat level in your body.

5. Super Peachy Apricot Protein Shake

This sensational blend is an ultimate homemade protein shake for weight gain because of its protein-rich ingredients.

    • One Medium Sized Peach.
    • Two to Three Apricots.
    • Two Glasses of Milk.
    • One or Two Spoons of Sugar –As and According to your taste.
    • Few Cubes of Ice.

It’s the best one to have on your proteins shake list because you can add additional ingredients like banana, strawberry, blue berries etc. to make it more delightful and vitamin rich. In short, you can mold it according to your taste and choice of fruits.

Start your day with this yummy protein shake because it’s a delicious and complete breakfast.

Some Other Tips for Weight Gain

    • Try to maintain a balanced diet plan consisting of variety of food items rather than focusing on single type of food.
    • Don’t quit exercising while you’re taking these high-protein shakes because your body will bulk up in a proper shape if you are regularly doing exercise.
    • Don’t over eat! Try to consume foods which are rich in fats and proteins. It’ll ultimately build up your weight.
    • Avoid using artificial proteins and food supplements because nothing is comparable to natural sources of vitamins, fats, and proteins.
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