How to make Lean with Nyquil (being careful)

How make lean with Nyquil has become a popular subject because many adults are trying to get its pleasure in different ways and with different flavors. People not only look for ways to make lean with Nyquil, they also want the best blend of ingredients for the lean.

Since, lean can have adhesive impacts on the health that’s why it is mandatory to make lean with Nyquil with extreme level of caution. A little ignorance can put you in a life threatening situation.

Lean with Nyquil is a potent drug* just like alc-o-hol. But, it has a different kind of taste and texture that purely depends upon your way to make lean with Nyquil and the ingredients that you have chosen for this blend.

We are gonna enlist ways to make lean with Nyquil because if you really gonna make it, do it in the correct way. But, our ultimate suggestion is, avoid making or using it.

An extract of the cough syrup also popular as dirty sprite and purple drink. It is a potent drug* like alc-o-hol. It can be made from any kind of cough syrup but Nyquil is being the best choice because of its consistency and wide availability.

Once you have procured the syrup, sprite or mountain dew is being the first and premier choices to make the lean. Jolly rancher is also a choice to make the lean.

You must be wondering, why is it called purple drink and dirty sprite? Since it is made from the sprite that’s why it is called dirty sprite. Moreover, as it has a purple color, therefore, it is also known as purple drink. Some people even call it dirty purple sprite.

The list of ingredients to make lean with Nyquil varies from person to person because of the diverse beverage choices. People prepare the lean keeping in mind their own choice of taste and texture. Therefore, it’s hard to suggest the best combination for you because it only matters on your taste of tongue.

But, the basic ingredient list is given below – most of the people prefer following ingredients.


    • Cough syrup – Nyquil.
    • Sprite.
    • Mountain Dew.
    • Tea.
    • Jolly Rancher.
    • Robitussin.
    • Codeine Pills.


In short, the list may differ for you if you have a different taste.

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To make lean with Nyquil, you don’t have to purchase a lot of stuff. The recipe is very simple and easy to make. Take Nyquil and mix it either with the mountain dew or sprite. That’s it. Your lean is ready.

The recipe is same. Only thing you have to alter is the root material i.e. Nyquil. Yes, you have to replace Nyquil with the Robitussin – rest is the same. You can either blend it with the mountain dew or sprite.

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Codeine pill is also a famous ingredient to make lean. Instead, these pills are very popular because they are easy to access and procured from the medical store.

Firstly, blend the pills to make a syrup like texture. Then, mix it with the mountain dew or sprite. You can also shuffle the cold drink to other flavors to get a totally different taste.

Jolly rancher is a popular soda drink and probably a preferred choice of the lean lovers. First of all, you need to have Nyquil syrup or any other cough syrup that you want to use for the preparation of the lean.

Lastly, mix your favorite flavor of the jolly Rancher drink with the syrup, and that’s it! The lean is ready to serve.

    • Patients suffering from diabetes must take into account that it is very dangerous for them. Since, lean is prepared by mixing with soft drinks therefore it can enhance their sugar level to a fatal instance.
    • People who are suffering from any kind of respiratory issues must not use lean at any cost because it can make it very difficult for you to breathe properly.
    • Heart patients should also avoid its consumption because it can tangle your heart beats and may result in pain in the chest as well as heart attack.
    • Lifetime of lean is very short i.e. 8 to 10 hours. Therefore, it is very important that you must consume it as earlier as you can otherwise it can be very fatal.
    • Never, never use it on regular basis because it has vast negative impacts on human health.


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Health is a precious gift of the nature – don’t waste it. Lean isn’t a good thing to try. Try to avoid it but still if you are interested in getting its exposure, there’s no problem. BUT, don’t make it a HABIT!

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