Top 15 Banned illegal foods Around the World

Food is our basic requirement –we can’t live without it! But unhygienic meal and improper consumption of the food may lead us towards health hazards. Different countries have banned different food items in term of illegal foods, considering their taste, texture, and negative impacts on health.

Different societies have their own concerns and perspectives to declare a food as illegal food. Also, likes and dislikes of cuisines vary from society to society depending upon their culture as well as their traditions.

Moreover, banning of every food doesn’t always involve health concerns. Some countries ban different cuisines because they lack cultural harmony or those items are against religious perceptions of majority of the citizens like alcohol consumption is banned in all of the Muslim countries.

15 Unusual Banned illegal Foods Around the World

1. Unpasteurized or Raw Milk

Raw milk is a widely available item in Asia as well as in Europe. But, American and Canadian government are against the consumption of raw milk because of the fact that if we consume unpasteurized milk it may lead us towards stomach disorder.

Moreover, consumption of raw milk may spread disease-spreading germs like E-coli, listeriosis etc. therefore, to avoid such dangers US as well as Canadian government has declared unpasteurized milk an illegal food item.

2. Ketchup

We all use ketchup and love it too, right? But, this humble food item is banned in France because French authorities believe that it poses a danger to the traditional French cooking and cultural aspects of the French food.

Therefore, the authorities have banned this food in primary schools to keep the children in affection with the traditional French foods.

Ministry of food strongly agrees that this step will help French children to get use to of the French cuisines which will help to preserve cultural cooking norms of their people.

3. Samosas

Fried dough filled with potatoes, vegetables, chicken, or sometimes a blend of all of these is a crispy, delightful and traditional food item of the Africa as well as sub-continent.

Samosas are banned in Somalia because of their shape. Isn’t it weird? I bet it is!

But, here in Somalia, people believe that shape of samosas is very similar to the concept of Holy Trinity which makes samosas too Christian. Therefore, they have declared this spicy and lovable item an illegal food to cook and serve.

4. Bread containing Potassium Bromate

Potassium Bromate makes the bread dough more juicy and elastic. Moreover, it shortens the baking time of bread as well as it gives the bread its traditional brown color and a spongy attire!

But, Potassium Bromate is injurious to health because it causes severe stomach and intestinal problems, nervous system disorders, cancer as well as thyroid issues.

Since this chemical causes serious health issues therefore the authorities of the China, EU, US, Canada as well as some other countries have declared potassium bromate containing breads as an illegal food.

5. Citrus Flavored Sports Drinks and Sodas containing Brominated Vegetable Oil – BVO

BVO causes severe health problems which makes it inappropriate to use in all kind of drinks like soft drinks, sodas, and sports drinks.

No doubt, it formulates a tasteful drink but its consumption leads towards dreadful diseases like thyroid dysfunction, schizophrenia, autoimmune etc. which makes it unfit for beverage production.

Considering its severe health impacts, almost all countries have declared BVO containing drinks as illegal food product and production as well as consumption of such drinks is banned.

6. Konjac containing Jelly Sweets –An Illegal Food in EU only

Jelly sweets are famous all around the world because of their juicy texture and delightful sweetness. But jelly sweets which are made using konjac are banned in the EU because these sweets causes choking.

P.S: Don’t worry Europeans! You can visit any of the Far East country to taste these amazing mouth sweeteners!

7. Absinthe –Illegal Food only in America

Absinthe is a highly alcoholic beverage because it contains very high percentage of alcohol. This product is banned in USA only.

FDA has banned this beverage because it is a highly intoxicated drug. Moreover, it poses sever damages to the human neural system and mental health.

P.S: Don’t forget to taste it if you ever gonna visit Europe! You’ll LOVE it!

8. Ackee Fruit

Ackee Fruit is a popular Jamaican fruit. It is an illegal food item to import in the USA because it contains impurities that are very harmful for human health.

Toxins present in this fruit can lower blood sugar level to an alarming number which can lead towards instant death.

Processed Ackee fruit can be imported but it too has to pass certain quality and control tests to ensure that it’ll not be harmful to the human health.

9. Haggis

Haggis is a traditional Scottish dish. It is cooked using sheep lungs. This nutritious dish is banned in United States because of the law against consumption of the sheep lungs.

10. Fugu Fish

In Japanese, Puffer Fish is called Fugu Fish. Meat of this fish contain venomous ingredients which can be very lethal if it isn’t cooked properly. Japan and Korea are two biggest consumer of this fish because its meat is considered a delicacy in these countries.

Chefs need a lot of practice to cook this fish properly! The worst thing about this venomous fish is, its antidote isn’t available! Because of this, it is banned in America as well as other European countries.

11. Farm Raised Salmon

Salmon’s meat is very healthy but only if it comes from the fresh water or natural habitats. Farm raised Salmons row up by an unusual menu which contains toxins which are very unhygienic for human health.

Despite the fact that farm raised salmons aren’t very fruitful to human health FDA hasn’t declared this fish as illegal food item. New Zealand and Australia are the only countries who has banned this food item.

12. Olestra

Olestra is an illegal food item in UK and Canada because of the fact that it causes intestinal problems. It is a synthetic ingredient that is used to produce cholesterol free and fat-free products.

It prevents proper absorption of the food in the intestine which causes stomach disorders like diarrhea, cramps, and leaking bowls etc.

13. Sassafras

Sassafras was used to as a flavor in brewing of beer and other soft drinks. Sassafras oil is banned in the United States of America because of the fact that it triggers the cancer spreading viruses that results in liver cancer.

14. Arsenic Fed Chicken

Arsenic is injurious for human health. Arsenic fed chicken is banned in EU. Arsenic is the feed of factory chicken which gives the meat a pinkish look. Consumption of the arsenic fed chicken leads towards serious health issues and fatal diseases like cancer.

15. Ortolan

Ortolan is an illegal food in France because currently they are threatened by extinction. Hunting of Ortolan isn’t legal in the France and is considered a serious crime!


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