8 must-watch TV series of all times!!

Be it a lonely weekend coming up or one where you are planning to stay in and relax, you might be unsure about what exactly to do.

Without a seconds wait, here’s something amazing you can do – watch the much neglected TVshows.

Not sure what to watch? Here’s a list of must-watch TV series of all times.

1. The first one on our list would, without doubt, be Game of Thrones:

Game of Thrones

With the beginning of the 7th season just two weeks ago, I’m sure your social media has been giving you time to time insights about this brilliant show.

The cutting edge story, like no other, has made it one of the most watched and talked show. From intense adventure, drama to fascinating fantasies, this show has it all.

The story revolves around 7 kingdoms and their noble families. The show begins when a war is disputed amongst one of the kingdoms, Westeros, where the next of kin of former rulers tried to capture power. While on the other hand, another kingdom which had long been set for destruction begins to rise from the North.

Despite all criticism, GOT is setting a story like no other!

2. Next up, The Walking Dead:

The Walking Dead

When I saw the trailer, it spooked me out! I clearly had no intentions of watching the show, but God bless my persistent husband who got hooked to the show just by watching its trailer.

If zombies, drama and a whole lot of intensity is what you are craving for, this is a must watch TV series for you!

Just to clear out any doubts, it is not a haunted series, like American horror stories, instead, involves intense drama and thrill. There are sudden horrifying scenes of humans turning into zombies and zombies walking in troops all around, but once you get used to the concept, there is nothing scary about the series.

3. Next in line we have, none other than Breaking Bad:

Breaking Bad

This is by far the best TV series, involving immense amounts of drama and crime that has made me binge watch it twice in a row!

This TV series is based on a chemistry teacher, who in order to secure his family’s future, started producing drugs; alongside one of his previous students when he was diagnosed with an incurable disease, lung cancer.

If you are someone who would love watching an otherwise sane person turn into a drug dealer and everything beyond, this is a must watch series.

4. Nothing beats Sherlock:


Filled with immense drama, crime, and so much mystery, this show never fails to keep me on the edge of my seat!

This show is all about the historical duo of Dr. Watson and his intellectual friend, Holmes. Living in the 21st century, solving crimes from their 221B Bakers street apartment.

5. Cutting edge mystery of Hannibal:


If you are someone who loves intense drama paired with crime and horror, with sudden splashes of some psyche, here’s a heads up: you are going to get hooked up to this show, the instant you start watching it! Because I sure did.

I’m not sure whether it was the cutting edge drama or the intensity of mysteriousness or the psyche element of the drama, but I instantly fell in love with it. I was left with no choice but to watch it.

The show dwells upon the relation of a well-known psychiatrist, Dr. Hannibal and his fairly new patient, Will, who worked as a criminal profiler in FBI, and happened to have an ability to relate to every criminal activity that happened around him.

With lots and lots of twists and turns, this has, without a doubt, made a prominent place in our list of must-watch TV series of all times.

6. How can we forget, The Modern Family:

The Modern Family

It is a comical showcase of three closely knit, yet unique in their own nature, families.

If you are looking for something not as serious as GOT, this is the perfect match of light comedy and lots of light drama and surprise in one!

Another great thing about the show is that it is a family show, and can be enjoyed with your own little crazy family.

Psst. It’s addictive! So watch only if you have enough time around to view all 7 seasons together!



Well, there is nothing more to say, as the name says it all!

If you haven’t watched this amazing show as yet, we think it’s about time!

This entirely comical show is all about a group of 6 friends and their auspicious bond. With enough drama and the right amount of sarcasm, this show has gotten on top of all, without a doubt!

But one thing that did bug me, was the print quality of the show as it began, but if you render that one teensy thing, this show is sure to make your soul move like it did mine!

If you are an old fan of ‘FRIENDS’, Know these Amazing facts about the show.

8. Last but definitely not the least, Gotham:


First things first, NO, this show has very little to do with Batman, at least up till now. It is a whole different plot engraved with a lot of crime, drama and intense mystery.

The story revolves around Officer Gordon Ramsay (rings a bell?) and his emergence in the crime filled city of Gotham, way before Batman shows up!

The intensity of the show and its characters holds us right onto the edge of our seats.

I think these are enough to last you a good couple months!

Enjoy, but make sure to munch on healthier options for snacks while watching TV.


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