8 things that we have learnt about Friendship after watching Grey’s Anatomy!

Grey’s Anatomy redefined friendship for us!

Most of us didn’t even notice that we are actually learning about friendship in between all the medical stuff. We were and are more excited to learn how things work in the operation theatre. Now, whenever we watch old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, we realise how much all the characters meant to us and how much they taught us about life and friendship.

It isn’t just about drama but actually real life lessons that we have learnt from this amazing series. Here are the 10 things we all had learnt about friendship from Grey’s Anatomy and most of us hadn’t even realised that this series had so much effect on us.


1. To be honest, the “My Person” concept was introduced by Grey’s Anatomy




We never thought of these words to hold such a power. Being a person was really normal until Cristina Yang introduced these words with such meaningful emotions. There is no count on how many people became the “persons” to each other after watching Grey’s Anatomy.


2. It is okay to shout at your friends for their own good




Yes, at first it felt kind of rude and irrelevant. Why would you treat someone like that? However, when the outcomes come so great, that shouting isn’t even recognised. The best part is that they always come back to each other. No matter how harsh things get, those characters just went along with each other through thick and thin. When things get hard and the other person isn’t just listening politely, you don’t get to step back. Instead, you shout at them and you make them understand that it is for their own good and for the best.


3. You can ask your friend to take care of your boyfriend when you are not around, even your ex-boyfriend



Most girls today feel jealous if their friends become any closer to their boyfriends, they always fear that they are going to be ditched or something. However, Grey’s Anatomy taught us that it is okay to ask your friend take care of your boyfriend when you are not around.


4. You will always manage to keep connected to each other if you want to (Distances really doesn’t matter)



This is also one of the important things that Grey’s anatomy taught us. You can only be apart if either one of you wants to otherwise there is no possible way that can tear you both apart. You will always love and share the same way if you want to. There are no ifs and buts, there is only you two, managing to keep in contact even if you work 23 hours a day. Distance is never a problem when you want to be in touch.


5. You will take the blame for your friend even if it means that you are going to lose everything



Yes, when everything you love and worked for is at stake and you have to give it up just because a friend has to, you will too. You will take the blame and you always are in this together. You even take the public blame if that is going to save your friend’s career. The only thing that matters at that moment is that a friend is in a problem and you should never worry to step in and make things happen for your friend.


6. When you need a friend, you can go to them even if it’s 4 in morning and their boyfriend is in bed as well



When you really need a friend and want your friend around, you go to them because a true friend will never close doors when you need them. If you need your best friend, you go to them and you don’t care if its 4 in the morning. Their boyfriends also know that you two might need each other any given time and they’d have to make their peace with that.


7. You never let anyone outshine them, even if its love of their life



You push them to reach their full potential and you never let anyone outshine them. This is true for everyone. You have the right to make sure that your best friend is making full use of their talent and aren’t letting anyone bypass them. No matter how important the relationships is, nobody messes with your best friend.


8. You stay by their side when they need you the most



Even when someone leaves them at the altar, you stay by their side and help them get through it. You are their source of comfort and with you, they can surpass anything as big as failed wedding. You understand them and stick to them!


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