All-time fave movies that will make you have a great time over the weekend!

All-time fave movies that will make you have a great time over the weekend!

Before we begin with the list, let me tell you what elements in the movie entail it to become one of the all-time favorites.

A dash of romance, humor, action and thrill, all incorporated together into a mysterious story line, topped with a generous dose of creativity and imagination makes for the perfect 2 hour time pass. Yes, a great movie includes a little bit of everything! But most of all, it should be able to connect with you, emotionally! The story should be able to keep you gripped for not just the 2-3 hours you spent watching it, but lead its way right into your heart and stay there for as long as forever! Becoming a part of who you are.

Moreover, detailed characters, beautiful cinematography and flawless performances by the actors also have the power to turn an average story line into a great movie.

So here’s the list of my all-time favorite movies:

*The movies are in no specific order.


1. Shawshank Red emption



The story revolves around a man, Andy who has been prisoned for committing a crime, which only he knows has been falsely alleged on him.

Despite the grainy quality of the print, the movie has shown its audience an exceptional bond of friendship, brutal prison life and has taught the true meaning of patience and loyalty, all over the span of 19 years.

With 9.3 ratings on IMDB this has become one of the most popular movies of all times and has without doubt won a million hearts!


2. Titanic


If you haven’t watched it already, watch it now, I repeat NOW!

Brought up in this technologically advance era, I have always been a sucker for quality prints, which made me lose interest in Titanic every time it was on TV, until last year when my husband went into deep shock after knowing I hadn’t yet watched Titanic.

Without saying, from his age-old collection of DVDs, he played Titanic right away!

And boy was I thankful!

Everything from the beautiful cinematography, enticing drama, the undying love between the rich, 17 year old aristocrat, Rose and a poor yet ruggedly handsome and lively artist, Jack, to the ill fate of Titanic, was nothing less of an emotional roller coaster ride!


3. The Dark Knight



The story revolves around the caped crusader of Gotham, Batman who along with two of his allies, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent worked to keep the crime rate in Gotham as low as possible.

It was all too easy until, a dreadful criminal who addressed himself as Joker, came in town to create havoc.

From the award winning performance of Heath Ledger as Joker, to the enticing Bat Mobile, the story has it all to top the best movies chart!


4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl


If you are a die-hard Johnny Depp fan, this is a must watch movie for you!

The movie begins with Capt. Jack Sparrow, played by none other than Johnny Depp, arriving to one of the ports of Caribbean without a ship or troop.

The story continues with the capture of Elizabeth, daughter of the governor of the Royal Port that very day, who happened to have in her possession a cursed coin that has turned the pirates into immortals.

The story revolves around Jack sparrow teaming up with Elizabeth’s lover, Orlando setting out after the pirates, in the sea in search of her!

From the witty performance of Depp to the enticing story line, this movie was bound to enlist itself in the top movies of all times.


5. Back to the Future



This all-time favorite movie, was released in the year 1985 featuring a small town of California, where a teenager, Marty is accidently sent back thirty years into the past, via a modified DeLorean, which served the purpose of a time machine.

The story further revolves around Marty who has a task of patching up his then high-school going parents, in order to protect his presence in the present.

The vivid, imaginative story line along with the amazing performances from all actors has won this movie several awards and topped quite a lot of billboards!


6. Inside Man


This two hour movie is like no other. Crime and mystery bound together with intense drama has made this great movie, top several charts and become one of my all-time favorite movies.

If you are someone who digs mystery that involves logic and brains, than this one is surely for you to enjoy.

The story revolves around a hostage situation and some hard core negotiations amongst the police detective, played by Denzel Washington and the high profile criminal. The story takes several turns, and has nonetheless worked its way up to the charts brilliantly well.


7. Lion King



Whether you are an 8 year old, a blooming teenager or a full blown adult, if you haven’t watched The Lion King as yet, it is never too late.

It is an enticing tale of a lion cub, Simba who is supposed to be the successor of his Father, Mustafa’s throne. But his uncle, Scar has other plans.

The story revolves around how Scar snatches the throne by alluring Simba and Mustafa into a stampede. The story further unfolds as years later Simba rises to avenge his father, Mustafa’s blood.

From an amazing story line, to outstanding soundtracks and animations, this movie is far beyond an ordinary animated movie.


8. Inception



A DiCaprio fan? Well well, this amazing movie will make you fall for him even harder!

For all sci-fi, mystery and thriller fans, this one’s a must watch!

Leonardo plays the role of Cobb, who is a very specific type of thief, who deals in stealing corporate secrets from business tycoons while in their dream. Though this dream sharing technology gained him a lot of popularity in the corporate world, but he lost his life’s great possessions to it too.

In an attempt to gain what he had lost, Cobb takes up a rare task of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO.

With 4 Oscars, this movie is bound to leave a lasting mark on your mind!

That’s all we have got for today, because the weekend calls for a fridge full of snacks and your hard drive full of movies.