Bedtime Stories For Kids

Find Out the Best Ways On How To Really Get Kids Excited About Reading

How to Get Maximum Benefits of Telling Bedtime Stories to your Kids?

Short bedtime stories are really necessary for parents, as they give you enough time to spare quality time with your children. In general, have you ever noticed that you are not giving much time to your kids, and thus they are feeling a short attention span from your side? Have you made any serious efforts to find out that your ignorance from your kids is creating issues for them, and why is there a change in their behaviour? You must spare a few moments to consider that why he is behaving like this? Let’s find out the reason behind this critical issue.

Possibly, mobile phone games, quick-paced television shows, and various other activities have made their mind restless. It may also cause resisting them to concentrate on any of the actions happening around them the whole day. Your parents must have shared it with you that narrating the stories with good morals helps your kids to fetch significant & productive results that are incredibly unmatched with any other activity.

Bedtime Stories For Kids

Streamlining the Kids’ Attention

Do you think you’ve got success in following these lessons? Most probably, it doesn’t seem to be that, as the busy professional schedule doesn’t let you do so and keeps you away from doing these quality activities. Quite the reverse, if you succeed in sharing a specific span of time to read aloud bedtime stories to your kids, you will get great benefits from it. Not only can you streamline their attention, but it also ensures the development of their personality in a positive environment.

Where, & How to Get the Best Bedtime Story Books for Your Kids

There’s a huge list of online platforms where you can choose the best stuff regarding bedtime stories. It is more convenient to go online and find some bedtime stories for kids online with a good Internet connection. If you want to read the stories in your offline hours, you have a great choice to get bedtime stories for kids pdf format.

Start Calculating the Benefits of Moral Stories for Kids

It’s now time when you’ve got to know that bedtime stories are a great blessing to your kids. You must know the benefits it offers. Hopefully, the following points will discuss some of the best rewards of the moral stories for kids.

Promising the Eagerness of reading into Kids

As you sow, you shall mow’ is a universal truth, & you must have heard it. In the same way, your kid will undoubtedly grow an interest in reading if you read bedtime stories to them. You may find that it amazingly allows them to hold the morals of the stories while urging them to read more storybooks. This is going to develop their personality into a great human beings eventually.

Creating the Best from Bedtime Stories for Kids

Naturally, the short bedtime stories work magic on kids. That’s why theirs is nothing that can beat the advantages of bedtime stories. The quality bedtime stories help develop the kids a positive, outstanding character and enable the big kids to grow maturity in their personality. In the efforts to make the kids shine in their future, you must collect and read aloud the stories, which focus on great morals, rather than reading the stories just for entertaining purposes. If your library lacks such books, browse the internet for online moral stories for kids.

Boosting Up The Love Bonds Between Your Loved Ones

If you are a busy parent, you must spare some quality time with your kids because sitting close to your kids is the most beautiful moment for you. As you would expect, the same is felt by your kids as well that he misses the whole day. If you allow him to sit by your side while you narrate some bedtime story with great morals, this will strengthen the bond immeasurably.

Enabling the Kids Understand the point of view

Once you find yourself successful in getting up the attention of your kids, during bedtime for the stories, you are in a position to build a conversation with them. This is a very delicate process, and you’ve to be careful in taking the initial step here. You can make a start with an agreement or disagreement about a specific character of the book and understand the state of mind of your kids. If he is mistaken, you may get a scope to correct him without getting into an argument.

Developing A Healthy Habit In Your Kids

A large number of activities are there, which must be included in your everyday routine. Reading the storybooks aloud could be one of the most vital activities you can do with your loved ones. Therefore, you should never fail to share short moral stories for kids during their bedtime. It would prove to be helpful for his character and is also favourable for creating good habits in them.

Encouraging The Craving To Write

Several activities are there, which can bring out the hidden talent in your kid, regardless of its age. Likewise, if your kid has the capability to write, reading aloud, the storybooks will boost him up to write some motivational and positive stories.

Farming of Positive Imagination

Typically the visual inspiration is indulged with the help of the electronic media that plays wonderful animated series and action sequences. The PCs, smartphones, laptops, iPods, play stations, and various other mediums contribute to this as well. As an expected result, your kid hardly gets a scope to discover with his imagination, which is considered the treasure of childhood. On the other hand, with the storytelling, the kids’ senses calm down gradually, create a vacant space in their minds, and help build their own world of imagination.

What Types Of Stories Could be Beneficial for Kids

Although there is a huge variety of short bedtime stories for your kids, choosing wisely is strongly recommended.
Here is a detail of different types of bedtime stories for kids to read and enjoy with your kids:

Short Bedtime Stories

Short bedtime stories are known as the best stories amongst parents around the world. In every culture, there are undoubtedly a large number of bedtime stories to amuse your little ones, and these tales are usually fantastical and simple in nature. As the kids listen to these bedtime stories, they instantly find themselves transported to a land of imagination, and fantasy, where anything is possible, and everything is mysterious.

Short Stories

A short story is taken as an excellent piece of prose fiction you can read and enjoy during your leisure hours. Typically, there are the short stories, a small cast of named characters is featured. These tales highlight self-contained events to bring to mind a single effect or mood.

Fairy Tales

Loved by everyone, the fairy tales are short and interesting. In a fairytale, folkloric fantasy characters feature unseen fairies, mermaids, giants, evils, dwarves, elves, goblins, unicorns, or witches. All these tales transport the kids to an unreal world with no definite creatures or locality. This imaginary world of fairytales is full of wonderful surprises and stunning situations that will keep the kids entertained.

Funny Tales

The funny stories are entertaining and comical tales, read for laughs and fun and make you laugh for days. Regardless of the age of the kids, these stories are read and enjoyed during leisure hours. Enjoying the funny stories not only cheers up the child in us but also helps in killing the anxiety and stress. Therefore, for having all these reasons, you are suggested never to hesitate to take up the opportunity to read funny stories to your little ones.

Moral Stories

Typically, the moral stories include moral messages, which could be helpful for young children to remember for the rest of their lives. People of all ages enjoy reading moral stories, and the stories are also passed on to generations. When you introduce your children with stories having moral lessons, they develop the right conduct and good values. Therefore, you are recommended to groom your child into a skilled and better person by presenting short moral stories to them.

Never Forget 4 Critical Elements About A Bedtime Story 

As a dad, have you ever thought that it takes sixteen summers only to raise your kid into an adult? But on the other hand, the time you are supposed to spare to read short bedtime stories for your kids is only about half of that period. Yes, time runs that hurriedly. That’s why every development moment of your kid is a precious opportunity and privilege to encourage that mind, help them get ready for the world out there, and help create an adult who contributes to society happily.

Some parents are happy just to read a story each night and then mesmerize their child for a good night’s sleep before they turn down the lights, but remember that storytelling during the bedtime of your little ones is more than just reading a story. You’re lucky to get this opportunity to develop an imagination center where they grow their minds rather than just a simple bedroom where they’ll sleep.
According to Les Cowie, who is known as a great bedtime story writer, there are five heavy elements about a bedtime story to remember.

  1. Environment
  2. Story with a Theme 
  3.  Questions
  4. ‘Create Your Own Story’ Moment
  5. Read It Together Moment’ The Story

The list of stories you are going to tell your kids is incredibly huge. The best way to come up with bedtime stories is to use the objects placed in the bedroom of your little ones. Like you say to your kids, “you can use the decorating gadgets in your bedroom as objects in your today’s story. Here the short bedtime stories for kids with pictures can help you greatly. You can also use the wall décor colouring and positioning as basic elements in the story.

You may choose stories that start from basic concepts, and that’s why using a themed bedroom makes it easier to give a good start to such stories. Either there in your child’s bedroom are mermaids, butterflies, pirates, or wild animals, and there are many ways to turn those objects into stories about people interaction, exploration, caring for others, and some other situations.” Create a quality and natural environment before starting your today’s short bedtime story for your kids.

Story with a Theme

The theme is there in the telling of the story that you build with imagination and feelings. It would help if you always tried to read aloud the story with facial expressions and body language. Try making the stories as dramatic and melodious as you can. Mostly, the children enjoy exaggeration and fiction. The timing you’ve chosen is really important. Make sure to pause in the right places and gear up the speed in thrilling situations. Use your head and body movement as much as you can because when children react, allow them time to express their feelings or say things in extemporaneous movement.

The Question & Answering Session

Make sure to keep a session of questioning & answering because what you put into creating a story will come out as exciting questions and interactions with your kids. Just reading aloud a story during your kids’ bedtime provides input for them. You are the one who understands how your child is processing information by encouraging the output.

This develops when you ask questions as the story progresses and delivers encouragement as your child replies and responds. Read the same story until your child becomes more and more familiar with the same story, and now ask questions that allow your children to expose their understanding of the story and even boost it up.

The Historic ‘Create Your Own Story’ Moment

The best way to develop your child’s confidence and imagination is to start an original story of your own and then involve the kids by asking them “what happens next.” You are hereby suggested and recommended not to miss any moment to encourage your child to think up new things incorporating other decor components available in their bedroom.

For example, in a room with a pirate subject, you can make a start with the pirate wall clock and encourage your child to slot in the pirate curtains and then the pirate pillow by creating the stories including the characters your kid already used to with. If you successfully create the excitement as your child contributes, you may reward and encourage growing creativity. Now you may ask them to create a story imagined by them.

The ‘Read It Together Moment’

How old your kid is, and for how long have you been reading them aloud the story? These are the basic points that can actually answer when “The ‘Read It Together Moment’ starts. Typically, when your child can first start recognizing the words could also be the desired time. While telling the story, you must point to words that you know the child can recognize easily. Make sure to encourage them to say it as an important part of the story.

Moreover, you can also choose a specific word that comes up fairly recurrently and let your child say it mid-sentence as you keep reading. This grows to allow your kid to read through a small sentence slowly at the end of the day. You may read two paragraphs and ask your child to read a simple sentence. Then continue the story. It would finally build up to where you read a page, and your child reads a paragraph or more as they are capable of doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Bedtime stories for kids bring several Frequently Asked Questions with them. In the following lines, we’re going to find out the answers to some of them.

What Are Some Good Bedtime Stories?

Finding out the best and good bedtime stories is a challenge, yet we’ve chosen six quality bedtime stories. Just read them to your kids, and enjoy the pleasures it delivers.

1. Shark in the Park – Nick Sharratt

The best short story writer, Mr Nick Sharratt’s bright illustrations are amazingly wonderful, especially for the very young ones.

2. Room on the Broom – Julia Donaldson

This is another marvellous author with a huge collection to her name, Julia Donaldson. She is simply fantastic! And the people love choosing her creations. The Gruffalo is known as her best work, yet you would love reading Room on the Broom.

3. Little Rabbit Foo Foo – Michael Rosen

Your children would absolutely adore this because they would pick up so many details from the entertaining & comical illustrations. They often ‘play’ this book – one as the fairy, and the other as the rabbit.

4. Hungry Harry – Joanne Partis 

We present bright and cheerful illustrations and almost onomatopoeic language running through this little frog’s hunt for dinner. It possesses a wonderful visually attractive and the perfect length/tone for a bedtime story.

5. Way Back Home – Oliver Jeffers

Surprisingly, your kids will appreciate and adore Oliver Jeffers’s simple stories and charming illustrations. The story is simply delightful for the adults and enjoyable for the little ones. The Way Back Home is going to be your kids’ favourite because the kids love space at the moment!

6. Peace at Last – Jill Murphy

The story is going to be a great collection of your bedtime stories.

Do Parents Still Read Bedtime Stories?

Unfortunately, the tradition of parents reading bedtime stories to their kids is going to an unhappy ending because only two in ten say they always care about reading bedtime stories to their kids. According to a survey, there is only 20 per cent of parents regularly read to kids at bedtime.

A quarter of the parents now give their youngsters a smartphone or tablet to play on or to watch cartoons or animations instead. Another study reveals that two-thirds of parents feel guilty about not sparing time for their little ones and not reading their child a bedtime story.




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