30 Tempting Bedtime Stories for Your Boyfriend

Bedtime stories for your boyfriend have their own importance and worth keeping in mind a fact that these are important in terms of building a strong and healthy relationship with your boyfriend. Bedtime stories for your boyfriend are also a nice way to improve the communication, mutual understanding and listening capability of your relationship with your boyfriend.

A nice bedtime story will surely help you to end the day on a lighthearted note so that you could begin the same happiness process in the next morning.Couples who have a better sense of sharing, talking, and speaking with each other seem to have a better psychological connection. Moreover, a romantic bedtime story for your boyfriend could open new horizons of love and affection.

Top 30 Bedtime Stories for your Boyfriend

The thing is, you just have to keep things simple, interesting, and attractive so that you could amuse your partner with your sweet talk. In my opinion, a bedtime story for your boyfriend can help you to do this in a better manner.

Similar to the scheme of bedtime stories for your girlfriend, you only have to choose a nice topic to keep his interest growing while you share the bedtime story with your boyfriend.

Romantic Bedtime Stories for Boyfriend

In the middle of the night, if you are feeling loved and unable to control the sparkling butterflies in your stomach, a romantic bedtime story for your boyfriend could do the rest to pull you out from this unanswerable crisis.

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Romance and romantic bedtime stories have a common ending point i.e. unconditional and unbounded love with no limit. So girls…! Are you ready to take this challenge of getting in a romance with your boyfriend?

The Handicapped

A boy was in deep love with a girl. He followed her all over the places but couldn’t dare to speak a word. He was afraid to listen to a NO that’s why he kept trying without getting into the notice of the girl. One day, he was following her while she left the office. Unfortunately, he got hit by a bus as he couldn’t keep his focus on the road. The girl was present on the spot therefore, she called an ambulance and escorted him to the hospital. The doctors tried their best to save his life. He was suffering from some severe injuries. The doctors were able to save his life but both of his legs were paralyzed for the rest of the life. Next day, the girl came to ask him about his health. The moment she entered in the room, her eyes filled up with tears and she said, “I am not gonna get a person in my life who will follow me all over the places – it was only you!”

Love Stigma

A wife was in deep love with her family. They were very poor and most of the time they could only manage to eat once in a day. She decided to work harder so that she could manage the whole circle of her house in a reasonable way. A rich man fell in love with her and offered her to left her family and marry him. He ensured her to take care of her family because he was a rich man. She straightforwardly said NO! She replied, “There is no price for the love of my husband, there is no cost to purchase her kids, and there is no one else with whom she could be happy. The financial crisis isn’t gonna last forever. I am happy in the way I am living because my breaths are associated with my family!” A few months later, they started a small business and got rich very soon. That was only her confidence and mere determination that took her and her family far beyond poor farmers.

The Dating Era

It’s a story of an unhappy couple. The girl was in love with the guy but he was too careless that he couldn’t manage to offer her the respect and affection she deserved. The boy started dating some other girls and it was very painful for the girl. She tried her best to win his attention as his love of life but failed badly. She decided to separate her ways with the boy. He didn’t notice it because he was too busy with other girls. A few months later, the boy lost his job. He became jobless and it became hard for him to find any job because of the economic regression. Within days, all of his girlfriends who used to date him because he was a good earner left him. He lost all of his sincere friends because of his weird attitude. No one was ready to help him and no one was there to listen to him. He was very shameful upon what he did with that girl who loved him truly. He went to her house, said sorry and asked her for some help. She treated him like he is her king. He was very surprised upon her nice behavior. He asked her, “Do you still love me?” She replied, “I never stopped loving you. I just took a step back so that you could move a step forward!”


A boy was a gatekeeper in a shopping mall. He used to open the door for all the customers to welcome them. An old lady was a regular customer. She always replied him with a compliment, “Boy! You are gonna get a beautiful wife!” A few years later, he was coming to the same shopping mall with his wife without knowing that same old lady was also coming to shop. The moment she looked him coming with his wife. She stood at the gate and this time, she opened the gate for him and his wife. The old lady passed a smile and winked by saying, “I told you, kid! You are surely gonna get a beautiful wife. Be a nice and caring husband!”

Love War

A girl was assigned a dare game to prove that her love for her boyfriend is true. The task sounds simple but it isn’t in reality. She asked for a time slot so that she could manually prove it that she loves her boyfriend. Everyone was quite sure that it was not going to be simple. She tried different things like kissing him in front of everyone. But that wasn’t enough for the audience. She said, “I love him more than her life!” But the task was to prove it. She went to the roof and said I love my boyfriend. Saying this, she jumped from the roof. Fortunately, there was a swimming pool which helped her to escape from death. Everyone was in shock because that could have been a suicide if there wasn’t a pool. Her boyfriend asked her, “Why did you jump?” She replied, “My life is yours. If you feel that you are not more than a friend for me – you are wrong! My life is no more without you! I want to be yours forever!”

Hate Factor

Friends of the girl weren’t very happy upon her choice of boyfriend. They tried to convince her that the guy she was dating wasn’t appropriate for her because of his past. She didn’t listen to them because her heart was fallen for that cute guy. The whole group of friends said, “Our friendship is over if you still have any place for that – in your heart!” She looked at the ground and started moving out of the place where all of them were sitting. One of her friend called her and asked, “What’s that mean?” She replied, “He means life to me. I don’t consider it important to be in friendship with you. My guy is waiting for me. Good Bye!” Everyone was in shock except the girl because deep inside her heart she was well aware that she has made the right choice.

Hate Left Behind

A girl asked his boyfriend, “Why do you hate my friend Jolie? Why do you have problems with her? Why do you feel she isn’t a good person? ” The boyfriend replied, “I have no answer for your question. I don’t like her. That’s it!” The girl took the ring off from her finger and replied, “If you can’t respect my friends, you surely have no respect for me! I don’t want to be with a person who has no reason to hate someone very close to me. If a person does so, it means he/she also have no respect for me and he/she can leave me at any stage of life without any reason. Good Bye!” In my opinion, the girl did the right thing.

P.S: One must not only respect the person with whom he/she is in love but also he/she must show respect for the ones who belong to him/her.

Line of words

A writer was sitting in a park and trying his best to craft something creative. But, he was unable to do so because something wasn’t good. He was unable to write even a single line. He was lacking a starting point. He tried very hard to begin the story but all of his attempts were gone in vain. He was very frustrated. A woman was looking at this strange incident. She started walking towards him. Suddenly, the writer sensed that someone was coming towards him. He looked up and there was a woman coming towards him. She passed him a smile and a wink and walked away. It was quite strange for the writer. But, guess what…! After this, the writer got the whole point and started writing because he got his point. That’s all how a smile can change someone’s life!

The Crucial Moment

A couple was suffering from financial issues. The husband was very calm irrespective to the fact that they were in a crisis scenario. On the other hand, the wife was very depressed and nervous because of the weak financial situation. The husband was talking to her in a light-hearted mood and was sharing funny stories with her. She was very unhappy with his sharing and tries to bring her laughter back.
She asked him, “Do you have no worry regarding our financial situation? Is it OK for you? What’s the reason behind your smile?” The husband smiled again and replied, “I am worried but I don’t want to make it impossible for us to get out of this weird situation. The more we are gonna worry about it, longer it will last. You are the reason behind my smile because I feel comfortable with you. I am sure that we will soon get out of this issue. I am very confident. I am sure. I just want your companionship. I can’t fight it alone. Be happy because it’s not gonna last for too long!”

Beautiful Scroll

A boy and a girl were walking in the empty streets in the middle of the night. Suddenly, the girl stopped walking and asked the boy, “What’s the reason behind the beauty of the sky?” The boy replied, “Shine of the stars, candle-like flame of the stars, and vastness is the reason behind the beauty of the sky.” The girl asked again, “How could we make it more beautiful?”
The boy said, “We just have to let it be what it is! That’s the only way to maintain as well as to enhance its beauty because it needs no additional work!” Finally, the girl asked, “What’s the most beautiful thing on the earth according to you?” The boy answered, “The most beautiful thing in this world is standing right in front of me because it makes me beautiful. I feel like I am in heaven while I talk to you, while I sit with you, and most importantly, while I see a smile on your face!”

Short Bedtime Stories for your Boyfriend

If you don’t wanna increase the length of your story and looking to keep things short and simple, short bedtime stories for your boyfriend are the best solution because it will encourage your partner to stay connected to you for a while.

Moreover, short bedtime stories for your boyfriend are also the best option in case if you feel that he will get bored if you will share a long bedtime story with him.

A short bedtime story for your boyfriend will help you to enhance his interest in the conversation if he’s a straightforward kind of guy. Also, if you have chosen a short bedtime story for your boyfriend, it will give you more diverse niche approach because that’s the way you are gonna enhance his interest in you and your conversations.

Unconscious Chic

A girl was drunk and her boyfriend was trying to take her to home so that she could relax. He tried to hold her from her waist but the girl immediately took his hand off from her waist and gave an angry reply, “Only my boyfriend can hold me from my waist. Stay away you punk!”

Innocent proposal

A boy was in love with the girl but he was unable to propose her because he always becomes nervous while talking to her. He decided to propose her in an innocent way. One day he came to her and said, “I have come here to invite you to my wedding. Will you come? She replied, “I will try my best but can’t promise!” The said again, “I am here to invite you to my wedding as my bride? Are you OK with this?”  The girl happily hugged him and said YES!

What a wait!

A girl was missing her boyfriend because he hadn’t contacted her for days. She was desperately waiting for his message or call. With a frustrated mind, she typed a message for her boyfriend, “I was waiting for your contact. I thought it might be possible that my cell phone is out of order. I am texting you just to make a confirmation that my mobile phone is either OK or NOT!”


Hey baby, today I am gonna share with you a sweet love story. I am sure you will love it. Once there was a girl who was very quiet. She doesn’t like to smile too much. She always felt that she required someone who could make her a complete person. I am very happy to tell you that you are the one who has completed me. My Love (Put here the name of your boyfriend – If you call him with his nickname that will be even better!)

Voice of heart

A girl was single. As she was very pretty, often she got proposals from guys but she was not interested in any of those who proposed her. Then, she met with a sweet and cute rascal…! That’s how our relationship started baby!

No Coincidence

Seeing you could be a coincidence. Meeting you over and over again on the same spot could have been a coincidence. But, making a promise with you to spend my whole life with you isn’t a coincidence. It’s a fact. It’s my love for you. It’s a way to say that I can’t live without you. It cannot be a coincidence!

Kiss Whisper

A girl tried her best to share her feelings with her boyfriend. Her aim was to let him know that he was more than a friend for her. She tried many times but couldn’t deliver the point. One night, her boyfriend was sleeping. She took a picture of him. After taking the picture, she whispered, “May I kiss you in the public. May I say I LOVE YOU to you while you are not in sleep! May I tell you a fact that you are my life!” The boy listened to all of it. He immediately opened his eyes and said, “You are too my life – I LOVE YOU!”

Few Facts

A boy was in love with a girl. The boy was good looking but he was suffering from some personality issues. He has some speech issues because he wasn’t able to speak in a captivating way because of his shrill voice. His girlfriend said, “I have no problem with you because of your voice. You don’t have to be worried about the voice. You are perfect for me. Be mine because you are my confidence.”

Pumpkin Pie

A husband becomes healthy after the marriage. Because of his busy routine, he was unable to find some time for himself so that he could lose weight. His wife started calling him Pumpkin pie. It was a nice teasing way to make funny conversation. Husband always passed her smile while she says him Pumpkin pie. One day she asked him, “Is it OK to call you pumpkin pie? Is there any concern you wanna share with me regarding this name?” The husband replied, “I am not so much busy that I can’t get time to do some exercise. I just don’t do it on purpose because this name always brings a smile on your face. My aim is to see you happy and smiling – My Love!”

Funny Thanks

A girlfriend asked his boyfriend to say thanks to his mom and dad. He was very surprised at this sudden thanks kind of thing. He asked her, “Why?” She replied, “It is only because of your parents that we are here. Your mother gave birth to you – My love of life! I just want to say them thanks because they have given me the precious gift of my life!

Bundle of Desires

Once a girl wished to have a sweet and cute boyfriend. God listened and her relationship enhanced with a cute and sweet guy whom she called her boyfriend. His name is John (you must place the name of your boyfriend here.) Now, he is in front of me and OMG! It is strengthening my belief day by day that God always chooses the right things for us. My desire is to stay with you and spend rest of my life with you. That’s the one and only one desire that has left. Is it too much to ask Dear?

Desire Keeper

A girl shared a desire with her boyfriend. She told him that she is in search of a Desire keeper who could fulfill her desires. The boy forwarded his arm and told her that she can use him as her desire keeper because he can help her to achieve her goals. What’s your opinion dear? Should she accept it or not?

Love Gestures

Years after a successful relationship with a girl, a boy revealed upon her that he has been fallen in love with her at first sight. She curiously asked, “What you saw in me?” The boy replied, “It was your eyes that attracted me towards you. The bluish shade in them looks so perfect on you.” The girl asked, “Is it still the eyes that you still love me?” The boy passed a smile and replied, “That was the first thing I saw in you but I wasn’t aware at all that you are beautiful – the way you talk, the way you smile, the way you walk, and the way you pass compliments and begin any conversation has always attracted me. I love you as a whole, you are a complete person, and you make me complete because I am incomplete without you in all aspects.”

Goodnight Stories for your Boyfriend

What about a goodnight story for your boyfriend? What about sharing a dream story with your boyfriend? Isn’t it interesting to share a cute goodnight story with your boyfriend rather than always mentioning romantic bedtime stories for your boyfriend or speaking about cute bedtime stories?

Goodnight stories for your boyfriend are a good option to shuffle topics of the conversation. Dream sharing is also good but not all the time. Occasionally, it’s fine to talk about your dream. On the other hand, romantic bedtime stories are quite common as compared to goodnight stories for your boyfriend. Therefore, shuffling of the topic isn’t a bad option.

The past induction

A girl begins sharing some past moments with her boyfriend. She quoted, “Today, I am going to share some past moments with you so that you could know about some facts regarding you. In the beginning, I waited for your text messages of goodnight. Moreover, I started sleeping naked in the night right after chatting with you. It’s a fact that my heart has fallen for you. You are my dream boy and I can’t imagine a moment living without you!”


In the middle of the night, a girl shared with her boyfriend her desire of getting a cute and sweet husband. She shared with her that she wants to become a happy couple just like her parents are! The moment she shared her desire, her boyfriend immediately proposed her!

Undisclosed Affection

Most of the times, love and affection goes undisclosed because both male and female try to hide their feelings and emotions for one another. This story goes beyond these limitations of the disclosure. A girl broke up with her boyfriend because of his unfaithfulness. The boy requested her to stay but she left him because she was sure that he’s not gonna change. The boy said, “if you are not gonna become a part of my life, no one else will take your place!” The girl ignored all of his promises of being faithful and trustworthy. Years later when she was married to some other person, accidentally, she met her old boyfriend. She asked him about his family and he replied, “I told you that no one was gonna take your place. I am still the same – single!”


Once a boy was tired of chatting with her girlfriend because she always texts him that I LOVE YOU, I miss you, and baby what have you eaten today? One day, he was so frustrated that he replied her that I have no time for you because he doesn’t want to waste his time chatting with her on these useless things. He said to her, I am too busy in my studies, please don’t contact me again. The girl felt very bad but she followed what he said…! She didn’t contact him again. One year after, the boy realized that he had done wrong with her. He immediately took his phone and typed a long text whose purpose was to say sorry. The girl replied, “Who is this? Can we talk later because I am too busy in planning my wedding ceremony?”

P.S: you must give worth and importance to the ones who take care of you, who spend time with you, and those who sacrifice their priorities for you!

Cute Wish

A girl was in love with her boyfriend and wished that he would say her I LOVE YOU on her birthday. She started counting days. It was a tough wait. Finally, she planned a party for her birthday and invited all of her friends so that they could also be part of this turning point of her life. Everyone came except her boyfriend. She waited quite long for him. But, as it was getting too late, her friends asked her to cut the cake. She wasn’t interested in cake because she was waiting for someone special. At 3:00 AM, she got a call from the hospital that her boyfriend is in the hospital because of a road accident. When she came to the hospital, the whole corridor was filled with flowers, happy birthday balloons, and her boyfriend was laying on the bed with minor injuries. She finally got what she wished!

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