The Art of Fighting for Your Marriage: Strategies for a Lasting Relationship

While over 1,985,000 couples get married each year, over 689,300 file for divorce. If you’re experiencing marriage issues, don’t give up. Instead, use this advice for couples to save your marriage.

With these tips, you can focus on fighting for your marriage before it’s too late.

Discover effective strategies that can help you maintain a long-term, lasting relationship today.


First, take a breath and try to think objectively about the problems you and your spouse are experiencing. A realistic assessment of your marriage can help you determine the best course of action.

For example, maybe your marriage issues are due to:

  • Miscommunication
  • A loss of intimacy
  • Incompatibility
  • Infidelity

Recognizing the root of the problem can help you avoid those problems in the future. If you can’t determine what went wrong, consider marriage counseling. A neutral third party can help you recognize where the issue started.

Take a moment to reflect on your behavior and how it may have contributed to your marriage issues.

For example, maybe you were harboring a grudge, stonewalling, or avoiding the issue altogether. Recognizing your own behaviors can help you plan to change. Otherwise, you’ll continue making the same mistakes in your marriage.

Take Responsibility

Recognizing how you contributed to the problem will allow you to take responsibility for your actions. Don’t focus on your spouse’s mistakes or flaws. Assigning blame is counterproductive.

You’ll remain trapped in the same vicious cycle if you can’t both recognize where you were each at fault. If you can’t take responsibility for your contribution to the problem, look into marriage therapy. A counselor can help you break the negative pattern you’ve established.

With help, you can focus on your growth individually and as a couple.

Taking responsibility for your actions will allow you to address them and avoid making the same mistakes in the future. It can also enable you to become a better spouse.

Once you each take responsibility for your actions, try to forgive one another.

You can’t resolve the marriage issues you’re facing if you still harbor resentment. Work on forgiving your spouse. Try to let go of the negative emotions that are driving a wedge between you.

Try to forgive yourself, too. If you feel disappointed or guilty about how you handled the situation, those negative emotions could weigh you down.

Consider Counseling

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you need help. Marriage counseling can help provide you and your spouse with direction. You can rely on an expert’s experience, expertise, and guidance to save your marriage.

Their advice for couples will allow you to improve your relationship skills. They might help you identify the specific marriage issues you’re facing. What may seem like a huge argument might have stemmed from a smaller issue.

Marriage therapy can help you recognize that it is possible to save your marriage. That hope could motivate you both to put in the work.

You might want to consider individual therapy, too. Improving your emotional and mental state can help give your marriage the best possible chance. A therapist can help you identify the personal issues that might affect your marriage in the long run.

You can learn more about marriage counseling here with Naya Clinics : Therapy & Marriage Counseling.


To give your marriage a fighting chance, make an effort to communicate with your spouse. Discuss household, family, and financial matters that need your joint attention.

Remain respectful and patient when communicating with your spouse.

Learning how to communicate can help you better navigate marriage issues in the future. Your marriage therapist can give you the tools you need to become more effective at communicating.

Otherwise, try to become an active listener. Don’t interrupt your spouse when they speak. Instead, maintain eye contact and give them your full attention.

Developing stronger communication skills can encourage your spouse to do the same. You’ll have an easier time navigating marital issues together as a result.

Manage Emotions

Work with your marriage counselor to learn how to better manage your emotions.

In time, you’ll learn how to communicate your concerns and frustrations in a more constructive manner. Learning how to manage your emotions can help you respond effectively, even when conflicts flare up.

Take the time to recognize how you’ve responded to emotional situations in the past.

For example, maybe you become defensive. Perhaps you raise your voice, which causes your spouse to yell as well.

Your marriage counselor can help you learn how to navigate these emotionally-driven situations more effectively.

Show, Don’t Tell

Don’t make empty promises. Instead of vocalizing your promises, act on them. Show, rather than tell your spouse, how you plan to make an effort.

Showing your desire to change can help you rebuild the trust between you both. As you restore that trust, you can also rebuild your marriage.

Actions are stronger than words. Demonstrate your commitment to work on yourself and your marriage.

Keep Working

Marriage is a constant work in progress. Regular marriage counseling will enable you to repair your relationship over time. Commit to the work.

Change won’t occur overnight. Your marriage counselor might assign you tasks to complete between sessions. Show your commitment to changing for the better by taking these tasks seriously.

Look for ways to rebuild the trust between you. When you’re ready, rekindle the romance you once felt, too. For example, you can send your spouse flowers, plan dates, or talk like you once used to.

Start Fighting for Your Marriage Today

If you want to save your marriage, you need to put in the work. Use these tips to start fighting for your marriage. Remember, you don’t have to begin the process alone.

Consider looking into marriage counseling for the help and guidance you need.

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