Breaking Bad Season 6 – Is White Alive?

Breaking Bad Season 6 – Is White Alive?

An explosion was heard today, when the Breaking Bads creator Mr Vince Gilligan made a statement about the show.  The explosion was the result of rousing from the fans worldwide!

Here’s what the creator said in an exclusive interview with NBC News “”Walter White is not dead and neither is Breaking Bad.”


YES FANS YES! IT’S TRUE! Walter White is going to be much alive in the new season 6 which is set to resume its shoot from December 2016.

What makes this news much more authentic and exciting compared to plenty rumours we hear about various shows, is the fact that the news comes not from an internet message board or the rumour mill! But, from series creator Vince Gilligan himself.

Breaking Bad Season 6 – Insights from the cast and creators!

When further asked on the season 5 finale and how the fans were left devastated, here’s what Gilligan added

“I just couldn’t walk away from it. This isn’t a cash-grab or a sophomoric attempt to bastardize what was such a beautiful ending to season 5. I’ve invested so much of myself in these characters that I’d always had an inkling I’d return to it, even outside [the] Better Call Saul [spinoff]. The kicker was I’d need a spark, something that made it make sense for these stories to continue.”

Which clearly shows it wasn’t just dismay for the viewers, but also the makers; to accept the situation created in the last episode with the star of the show. HOWEVER now that what we thought was going to happen is NOT happening (I think I need water) I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SHOW!

Hold on, we have more for you!

Bryan Cranston, who played the role of Walter White also dropped a hint in an interview with Ashleigh Banfield in. When he was asked if his character Walter died or not, Cranston said, “Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything.Or know.”  WOHOOOOO!

Is Breaking Bad Season 6 a Dream Come True?

Gilligan also shared with the media how such a huge decision of bringing season 6 to life was made.


“Bryan [Cranston] called me up and said he had this incredibly lucid dream in which Walt wakes up in a hospital bed surrounded by the DEA, ends up breaking out of prison and finds out he’s got fans,” Gilligan said. “This isn’t a redemption story, it’s got a bleak, dark premise. I can’t give away any more of the details, but let’s just say Walt has quite a bit of unfinished business to attend to, and it sure as hell has nothing to do with teaching high school science.”

I have not been able to sleep since I read this news. It’s not just exciting, it’s spine-chilling. With the reoccurrence of cancer and him taking his revenge after all, what unfinished business does white have left?

Gilligan has confirmed the entire casts’ agreement on returning for season 6. Which includes Bob Odenkirk, star of ‘Better Call Saul’, the prequel comedy series which finished season one over at AMC.

“I’m not surprised in the least that Vince is going back to Breaking Bad,” said Odenkirk. “I’ve been working with him on set for a long time, and the last few times I’ve seen him, he’s had sort of a glint in his eye, a bounce to his step. He’s laughing at a bunch of jokes I couldn’t pull off two years ago. I mean, comedy and drama can be radically different, and no one does drama like Vince. I’m completely on board.”

ALL the more confirmations and reasons to impatiently wait for season 6!

Paul Horner, a Breaking Bad writer since season one, upon hearing the announcement by Gilligan confirmed the news with NBC News.

“Yes, it’s true. You don’t know how much of a relief this is to finally get this off my back. I’ve been keeping this a secret for two long months now, I was ready to explode,” he said.

Well well, truth be told; Could You Have Not Kept This News Till My Exams Ended?!

I bet ya’ll can relate to my sentiments. However, in our hearts we know this is the best early Christmas present EVER!

Your welcome and cheers to the great news!- Author.