Fate of The Vampire Diaries, as revealed by the CW!!

Fate of The Vampire Diaries, as revealed by the CW!!

For all TVD fans, this year was nothing less than a roller coaster ride!

From news coming in and stating the show to end right after season 7 to the renewal of season 8 and the possible revival of Delena, The Vampire Diaries’ Fandom has seen it all!

But one question that still lurks on our mind the most is whether the show is coming to an end or have we still got time to cherish the utterly handsome vampire of mystic fall Demon.

With news coming in from the left, right, and center, it was getting utterly difficult to keep track of what was really happening. Until the President of CW Network himself gave away some interesting piece of information in a conversation with a reporter earlier today. This sort-of helped us determine the series future.

The President, Mark Pedowitz, reportedly said that the future of the show is still hanging in the middle and the team has not yet reached any decisions, particularly regarding when the show is to end. Mark had also mentioned that despite whatever course of action, in his dream the show remains running.

Here’s what mark said:


“No decisions have been made for one way or another whether or not this is the final season,”


Pedowitz said.


“In my dreams it isn’t.”


Well, whether the vampire diaries series is ending or not, we are still not sure!

But one thing we know is that CW has planned on revising the schedules of its shows, and boy it’s disappointing!

The news is that the vampire diaries season 8 will, as usual, be airing on Fridays at 8 in the evening. Usually, it would have been followed by the Originals, but CW has other plans.

Instead of the usual, The Originals, The vampire diaries will now be followed by Rachel Blooms musical series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, ripping our fans of the satisfaction to watch both Salvatore and Mikaelson mischief, in one night!

Mark from CW believes, The Vampire Diaries will help give The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend good viewership after being lined up after TVD, due to the high amounts of women viewership it (TVD) gets.

As for the Originals, after having a season spinoff earlier this year, the producers at CW have planned to shift it even further, up to midseason. Do you think it will help boost the crazy ex-girlfriend viewership even further?

Well are you, ready to say goodbye to the mystic falls finest or like the rest of the fandom, you too are wishing upon a star, just so you can enjoy the bubbling chemistry, intense drama, and the thrilling energy this show holds within, a little longer!