Here’s all that you need to know about Nina Dobrev’s cameo in TVD season 7 finale

Before we begin, here’s a heads up: Apart from some surprising news, this article contains spoilers from TVD season 7’s finale episode, which aired last Friday. So make sure to read at your own risk.

Well the cutting edge show it is, we all were expecting some twists and turns. But who expected Elena’s revive? Well,partial revive.

The season 7 finale episode of The Vampire diaries, featured Elena’s imploring voice, which made most TVD fans jump out of their seats, thinking if Elena had finally made a comeback.

But sadly, No.

Turns out, it was just her voice that was put to use by the mysteriously powerful villain, behind the Armory vault entity, to successfully trap Damon.

The curious cats we are, we dug deeper to find out the tale behind the surprising cameo:


We were over the moon, just by the mere voice comeback of our ever fav, Elena. Which led us to think, if she had actually come in to record the ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) or had the producers re-mixed and put old dialogues to use?

The answer to this we found via TVD’s executive producer, Julie Plec, who in an Interview with TV Line told, how she reached out to Nina Dobrev and asked her if she was interested in recording a dialogue for TVD season 7’s Finale, also offering her a chance to meet again with her former crew members on the set.

Turns out, Nina agreed to it and soon stopped by the studio, stepping into the beloved character of ELENA, after almost a year.

As Julie says,

“She chose to do it in person, which was great, because it was a nice little personal Nina visit.”

Hearing Elena’s voice echo in the vault was definitely the most surprising and emotional scene TVD fans, came across in a while, but what is more exciting is the fact that Nina came in to do the dialogue herself, which if she hadn’t, could have been extracted out of previous dialogues without much hassle.


Upon asking further, regarding Elena’s actual revival, Julie seemed determined to stick to her plan, which she had mentioned earlier in an interview with vulture. (Here’s where you can get in on the details.)

Plec mentioned, how ever since Nina left, they had a definite ending in mind, which involved having her back in the series finale. Though Plec, is more than happy to welcome her before the series finale, but Nina Dobrev seems to be busy and pretty content with what she is doing. Plec also mentioned how there may be chances of things being changed, but until then, she will happily stick to her side of the deal and work on bringing Nina back in the series finale, as promised.

From a scale of 1 to 10, how excited were you upon hearing the familiar voice echo from the vault? Because, we surely were somewhere beyond 20!

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