News Confirmed Finally: Nina Dobrev is coming back to The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev is coming back to The Vampire Diaries

Did you see it? Nina Dobrev specially appeared in the season 7 finale of “The Vampire Dairies”, she kind of did. You recall?

How in the final of “Gods and Monsters” Damon was trapped in to the vault by the force of mysterious creature who pretended to be Elena.

The voice said to Damon

“Please help me, I am so alone and I need you”

he thought it was Elena and he dumped every rationalism and went running to the voice. He didn’t know that he was being trapped in to cave by the evil spirit.

Now that the vampire diaries ending, we got to find out that this scene wasn’t just made up of previous material. It was totally a brand new audio. The pretty lady Nina Dobrev specially took time out of her rather busy schedule to record this brand new audio. She paid visit to Atlanta to meet up her TVD family and record this brand new audio for the series.

Well can we figure out from it that Nina might show her pretty face in Mystic Falls in next episodes?

Just confirmed, as per the answer by Julie Plec the answer is just a big “Yes”.

The vampire diaries lead actress Nina Dobrev is planning to return to the finale of the vampire diaries to give a great ending to her part in the series.

That’s how the news was confirmed by the chief producer in the recent interview with TVLine.

As per the interview the producer stated

“Yes, things can take turns with time, if show continues to thrive longer than we expect or if just make decision that we need to bring her back earlier and if she agrees”


she said

“but according to me, she exactly knew what she wanted to do in the next phase of her life and she is even doing great effort to achieve it. Thus, I’m still with my plan which is to bring her back in the ending episode of the vampire diaries”

This was a very sad idea that TVD is ending and we were hardly living through it but now that Nina is coming back with her role as Elena Gilbert, we surely look forward to seeing her back again. It has even brought us some joy among all the nostalgia.

Do you think so ?

Are you as excited as we are to get the much talented Nina back in the show? Of course the answer would be Yes.