SnapChat Fans, This may come as a BIG surprise to you!

Who doesn’t love snap chat?

When the app rolled in, it didn’t receive much of appreciation. People complained that an app like this one can never take a place of traditional messaging applications. It was a legit excuse, as you aren’t always ready for a picture. While all snap chat asks you is the damn live shot!

Like many others, I didn’t like the application either but now I’m the one more surprised as I’m one of the biggest fans. My day isn’t complete without snap chats. I totally love it!

I’m not yet able to understand its full features but it is quite complicated compared to other apps.

The most unusual yet amusing thing is that people can know when you take screenshots of their stories.

Well, the thing I’m greatly amazed about is that …


“You can actually go to prison for taking screenshots of stories”

This fact will obviously make you wander before you take a screenshot of any girl’s Snapchat and show it to your buddies.

It has been declared that taking screenshots from Snapchat picture stories and showing them to your buddies without the owner’s consent is totally illegal. It is even a bigger problem when the screenshot is that of a girl’s snap chat.

Anyone who took a screenshot of a snap chat message and shared it with people can face a lawsuit by the original owner of that picture, while the culprit can face a prison sentence of up to two years.

For now, this is only true for the UK as it has already been legalized there but the word has it that a few states in the US have already started making efforts to formulate this as copyright law passes in the United States.


The original purpose of snap chat was only the 10-second image

The highlighted feature of Snapchat has always been that once your clip was viewed for a certain amount of time, it’d disappear forever.

The problem actually highlighted when people used the smartphone feature of “screenshot” for saving the pictures shared by their contacts.


The UK has legalized the prison sentence for all the screenshots of Snapchat clips taken without the consent of an owner


The law has been passed and cleared, according to the UK copyright law

It is totally illegal and unlawful for a Snapchat user to save the image and spread it in public without the permission of the original owner of the snap”; this statement had been given by a minister.

He further said that the owner of the image would be fully capable of filing a lawsuit against any such person for copyright infringement.

Snapchat pictures are automatically lost after 10 seconds. The Snapchat privacy law states that if the app owners in any way, detect that certain user has taken a screenshot of the image, they will inform the original owner of the snap right away.


Image title


This is true for both chats and stories.


Snapchat is very careful about how users treat pictures of other people. This is what makes Snapchat so trustable and that’s why it has millions of fans around the globe.


The owners of the pictures, however, must be careful about the content they share!

The Snapchat users are strictly advised to avoid sharing content which they don’t want others to save. All the lawsuit can be avoided with a little care.

Sharing the snap chat content of others is not only violation of copyrights but anyone who passes the images with nudity or sexual content without consent are on the risk to face more years of prison sentence. Because Snapchat is just way too careful about its users!


Minimum two years prison is what you exactly are getting into when taking a screenshot

People who commit this crime can face straight two years of prison sentence. Even the copyright violation itself is punishable by 10 years in prison with an unlimited fine.

So, think hard before getting yourself into this stuff because it can cost you more than what you can imagine.


Final Thoughts

Snapchat is a modern and revolutionary form of social media. Despite its specifications, it is loved all over the globe. People use it to share their happenings. By the way, their camera is fun and tries it’s best to make you look fancy and all pretty.

However, use social media with complete responsibility and reasonability. Social media is a great way to share and communicate. Violations anywhere and anytime can cause you more damage than you can think of! Use the app as it is made to be used and you would have all the satisfaction technology can give. Remember, as much as social media helps, it can cause you the trouble you probably wouldn’t be able to get out off.

Respect technology and it will respect you even more!


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