Why Game of Thrones is most criticized show ever!!

 Game of thrones is like one of the best TV series ever!


The series attracts millions of fans from all over the globe.

The popularity of the show is not depleting anytime soon. Despite the visual violence, evident filth, and nudity; this show has been among the top favourites of people since its launch.

There is no competition when it comes to Games of thrones. Each of its episodes is worth much money.

But, there is more which makes this show the best. The costumes, the cast, the dialect, the bitter realities and what not is there to love!

However, while there are uncountable fans, critics say that this TV show is nothing but sexist and there is much more that critics have to say about the show.


1. Too much nudity


Why Game of Thrones is most criticized show ever!! 11


While it keeps the spirit of the show alive along with a powerful storyline, critics claim that it’ll always be a show that you just can’t watch with your family. Well, no doubt that people who are against the nudity must have stopped watching the show or at least must stop now but it doesn’t happen.

Critics keep telling that this much nudity is undesirable and yet the show claims that these scenes are necessary for keeping the story going as it is a fiction.


2. Too much violence


Why Game of Thrones is most criticized show ever!! 12


People against violence must have stopped watching the show from the first episode. Critics say that it is never ending torture which keeps on progressing. The ultimate example of violence in this show was when “Theon Greyjoy” was tortured by “Ramsay Snow”.

There is even worst examples present when this show literally blew minds and forced the eyes to be closed. Still, the show depicts the times when illiteracy and ignorance had been common and there was no sensitivity for human lives.


3. Too much racism


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The show has depicted quite much slavery and racism according to the critics. The show has constantly kept the racist attitude and is continuing to do so.

There are many scenes where slavery and racism reach its peaks. The slaves are considered insignificant while racism is also quite serious when especially when people from same tribes don’t get to ride horses. Most people just have the facility to walk while only the significant others are blessed with horses.

These criticisms are never ending, while slavery and racism both have an enormous history in the formation of today’s mankind.


4. Too many characters


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It is also a point raised by critics which are totally irrelevant according to the plotting of the show. The show is designed to accommodate many characters. The interesting thing is that the show has successfully introduced all the characters to the viewers and managed to keep the spark despite so many characters.


5. The most criticized point is that “show is too much sexist”


Why Game of Thrones is most criticized show ever!! 15


Since its launch, the show has hugely faced the criticism of being sexist. There is visible evidence present that there was a difference in the previous society and gender discrimination and has roots beyond that. Even in today’s societies, patriarchy is one of the most powerful factors.

However, the show took these critics very well and did not stop even after that. The good point is that the show introduced the bitter realities that existed in our society since the Stone Age. Men and women have never been considered equal


The GOT star “Emilia Clarks” responded to the critics who claim that the show is way too sexist

The character of Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarks is quite a strong female character in the show and some even believe that this character might make it till the end of the show. The star has responded to the critics who claim that Game of Thrones is sexist.


She said that she doesn’t believe that there is any strong point behind this criticism. The actress said that Game of thrones is a diverse show which covers various aspects of male and female development. She explains further by saying that there are female characters with zero value, some are only sex tools, some are queens of their kings and some are absolutely unstoppable like the Daenerys Targaryen herself.


According to the critics, during Game of thrones season 5, women were largely disrespected, caved and sentenced.

Emilia Clarks said that she is really disappointed to hear such claims about the show because it shows that women are present with men in different walks and that’s the range of things that happen to women and ultimately they rise and show up equal to males.


Final words

This show is absolutely loved despite the critics and if just talked about being sexist, the female characters in the show have been depicted to be quite powerful not only in the field but domestically too. Cersei has been shown powerful since season one. Women have been shown as great warriors and survivors. There is no way that Game of Thrones is sexist!


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