10 drugstore makeup steal under $10!

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10!

Raise your hand if you are a makeup junkie. But after seeing that credit card bill every month, your heart jump out of its place!

Well, we can’t blame anything on us if those gorgeous shades of lip tints, those shimmery eye shadow pallet, and those tinted blush kits are to die for!

They have an unknown power that makes us swipe our cards, without any second thoughts!

It is until almost a month later when the credit card bill arises, we realize that we have overdone it again, despite having promised ourselves not to!

After watching hundreds of promises being broken, one thing was loud and clear that there is NO way, anyone can bring a stop to hoarding all the makeup!  But there is another way as well… strolling by a drugstore makeup aisle, I came across some amazing accessories that are sooo worth it!

From gorgeous lip shades, to glittery eye shades, flawless foundations, bronzers, blushes and even more, there was every makeup product, any girl could ever wish to have!

So here’s a list of top drugstore makeup, all under you budget!

That satisfying feeling of hoarding makeup while saving money at the same is indeed joyous! Here’s our first pick:

A flawless foundation:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 23

If you are looking for a matt foundation that covers all your pores and stays intact all day long, Maybelline Fit-Me foundation is the best pick. And at $8 this top drugstore makeup product is a STEAL!!!

There are two types available:

One that gives a matt everyday look and is recommended for normal to oily skin.

Fit-Me Matte + Poreless

While the other gives a dewy, party look that suits normal to dry skin perfectly.

Fit-Me Dewy + Smooth

A rosy blush:

Blushes are a must-have makeup essential for every makeup look. If you are looking to get elegant look along with a beautiful pop of color on your cheeks, it can cost you as much as 50$. Yup they can be expensive, but not anymore.

Being a die-hard fan for quality blushes myself, I tried tons of drugstore blushes and found the ones stated below as best, for all skin tones.

NYX Cosmetics’ Rouge Cream blush:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 24

Best for all skin tones, especially warm tone. A little amount of this cream blush gives your cheek the right amount of color to rock almost any event. Preferred by most for day to day wear. All for just $ 6.

E.L.F. Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder:


10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 25

This is my go-to kit, when I’m looking for a quick fix. With both bronzer and blush, in one small packaging this makes for a perfect travel companion.

The blush is pigmented and lasts for a good day, though the texture is quite powdery, but it’s all worth it for the price as low as $3.

NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 26

This top drugstore makeup blush is to die for! It serves as a perfect dupe for both high end brands, MAC and NARS, all for just $5.

It’s highly pigmented, which helps attain brightly colored cheeks in just one stroke, making it last even more.

Milani Baked Blush:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 27

This blush is a must have in your makeup stash, if you are all about using darker tones. It is absolutely pigmented and blends away perfectly. The colors pop up gorgeously on cheeks, making it a perfect party wear option!

Costs no more than $9, it is also a possible dupe for ‘You Know What’ blush from NARS.

Wet n Wild color icon blusher:


10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 28

This one is a definite steal! From pigmentation, texture to its price; this top drugstore makeup product is best in all regards. It gives astounding effects to the skin even at night events.

Who knew you can score an absolutely gorgeous, rose tint that too just under $3!

Contour kit for a sleeker face:

Well contour kits are a blessing for all chubby faces. Here’s one that’s truly commendable!

E.L.F Contour pallete: 


10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 29

By far, this pallete has not failed to suit any facial tone. With two highlighting shades and two contour shades, this pallete is perfect for daily usage. The brown shades contour and hide the chubby areas, while the two lighter shades help elevate cheekbones and other features.

At the price of $6, this is the best any of us could ask for!

Another all-time favorite is NYX cosmetics’ Matte bronzer, which is used by all professionals and comes in handy when you want to sharpen your feature and make those cheekbones pop! All at a nominal price of $9.

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 30

Amazingly pigmented lip-colors:


10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 31

If you happen to have a lipstick collection as big as this, I am sure your card limit exceeds every month, despite the gazillions of promises and self-controlling methods you apply to self.

Here are a few drugstore picks that are sure to help limit your credit card billing.

Black Cherry by Revlon:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 32

If you are someone who loves flaunting bold lip colors, this one’s a must fetch. This easy to put on, pigmented texture has made it a go-to lip color! It is deep maroon, with a violet undertone which gives a rich and vibrant feel when you apply it on your lips. All that just under $ 8! Isn’t that just amazing?

Peach Poppy by Maybelline:

10 drugstore makeup steal under $10! 33

This one’s for all the peachy lovers! If bold red lippies aren’t your thing, this peach color with a hint of orange goes perfectly well! Pair it up with bold eye makeup or flaunt it on its own, this lip color is sure to make heads turn, just for $6.99.

Affordable and perfect for all seasons!

So all shoppers, that’s all for today!

Enjoy the hoarding without the frequent trips to Guilt land and thank me later!

Am I missing out on any product? If so, let me know in the comment box below.

Happy Shopping! Cheers!