30 Incredible Ideas to Cover-up Name Tattoos of your Ex

30 Incredible Ideas to Cover-up Name Tattoos of your Ex

They say, Love is forever.

They also say, tattoos are permanent.

Sadly, they only last until you no longer want them. And that goes for both, tattoos as well as lovers.

The teenage affair you had, may or may not last your whole life. Hell, even the one you had at 30s might not end up so well. But the giddy feeling in your stomach, that you take for love, makes you do stupid things. Such as getting HIS/HER name tattooed across your body.

But lucky you, you get a second chance at this, unlike that sucked up relationship.

You have several options,


    • Find a soulmate named after your Ex.


    • In case you have already found a soulmate, Change their name to your Ex’s.


    • Cut off the part of the body where that tattoo is embedded.



    • Patch up with you Ex and make your life a living hell.


Problem solved.


In case the above-mentioned options don’t excite you, we have a couple more.


    1. Laser removal


    1. Tattoo Cover-up or Tattoo renovation

We would have asked you to go for the fore mentioned options, but you look saner, so the latter will be good.

But before we move on to show some amazing before and after of cover-up name tattoos, here are a few things you should know:

Somethings age beautifully. Such as wine. However, somethings get worst with each passing minute. Such as that low tattoo job you got done from that tattoo parlor in that shady neighborhood.

One needs to understand that tattoo is a form of art. Just because they know how to handle that needle, doesn’t make them an artist you could trust blindly.

Creativity and Visualization come first. Then does handling the needle.

And since this time you are looking to renew the last time’s dirt, you need to be extra cautious.


    • Do yourself a favor and go to an artist that knows his job. Often cover-ups turn into a mess, not because ‘it’s a cover-up tattoo, we can’t do much.’ But because the artist you chose knows little about how to do it.


Here’s an example of how an amazing artist can do wonders.



While the average artist made a sketch of Pikachu that looked like my 2-year-old niece drew. The other one chose to take an absolutely amazing take on it, turning it into a master piece.



    • That being said, it will cost you. Much more than it did earlier. Much, much more. But the final result will be worth it.

Such as this one;





    • Now you see every tattoo has a meaning or a story behind it. Make sure yours does too. Why? Because, that will lessen your chances of screwing up again and regretting later. Along with the breakup comes a whole lot of emotions which include anger and frustration as well. With these wobbly emotions, you might end up getting a cover up name tattoo such as this;





While what you should be getting is something like this;



Which has such an amazing, powerful and realistic meaning. The tattoo indicates a scratched wound – the breakup. But instead of bleeding or flesh, the insides are shown as sturdy steel, meaning the breakup may have teared up the flesh, but inside they are steel. Stronger than ever.


We have plenty more powerful and meaningful tattoo ideas for women.


    • Take time before you decide to re-do that tattoo. Because as mentioned above, your emotions are in full swing. It’s the second and probably the last chance you have at this. Cover ups require a lot of space and coloring, so if you screw it up again, you will probably be screwed for life.
    • Now patching up with your Ex, might make more sense to you, rather than taking up all this hassle, but trust us it will be worth every minute and dime.



Cover up Name tattoos – Before and After



1. The sweet Angela




2. For the most heart-wrenching Breakup




3. Flowers make the best Cover up tattoos




4. To freedom and new beginnings




5. When creativity strikes


If you are someone who believes that mistakes are a part of life and we should not get rid of them or conceal them, but accept them. Here’s how you need to get the tattoo renovation job done!




6. A burnin’ skull




Cover up Name tattoos on Arm



1. Be as fierce as a black jaguar!





2. A Dove, to Replace the Shackles




3. Because Roses make everything heal




4. Or wear your list of mistakes on your arm?




5. Polish that jewel!




6. If you went as far as to get her sketch made on your bicep, this is it!!




Cover up name tattoo on Wrist



1. A Henna Inspired Tattoo




2. A RiRi Inspired, Lotus Flower Tattoo






3. No Better way to Express Freedom, than Flying Flock of Birds




4. Finding solace, Under my Umbrella




5. Nothing better than flowers and butterflies




6. When music drove you away from all the madness




Cover up name Tattoos on Chest



1. A feather of the dancing Peacock.




2. A fierce Chinese dragon.




3. A fragile feather.



4. A hallowing skull.




5. A winged heart!




Cover up name Tattoos on Neck



1. A mandala




2. A 3D Lotus




3. A dancing Ballerina




4. Galaxy under my ear




Cover up name Tattoos on Lower back


1. A tale of Guns and Roses




2. Lilies to cover up the pain




3. Patch it up, funky!




If you are into, a tattoo sleeve, here’s where you can find the most ravishing Tattoo sleeve ideas for women.