10 psychological love facts you must know

“And when love speaks, the voice of all the Gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony” William Shakespeare.

Perhaps love is a language. A language one doesn’t need to learn, for it’s instinctively within us. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Some love facts suggest when you see your lover, your heart may start to beat ridiculously and you may feel a tingling sensation.

Is it so? Because the only tingling feeling I experience when I go on a date is my stomach growling since I starved it the whole day to avoid any extra un-attractive kgs.

All those classic love stories speaking of how a lover mourns in pain and how the touch of his beloved whispers away all aches.is it not an illusion? A mirage built through the sleepless nights of best friends watching romantic movies and dreaming of the not-so-real-never-going-to-happen-romance. Yeah, that’s what I thought too, before I got my hands on the truth about psychology and love.

10 psychological love facts

The endorphin theory of  love

Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins are neurotransmitters get triggered in the brain when one falls in love. These chemicals are the reason we feel happiness, excitement and all the many emotions around that “special someone”


Yes! There’s a name for that urge to keep staring at someone you’re terribly attracted to. The good news is, all those times when you couldn’t stop stalking this one man on Facebook, thinking you were loosing it to the hands of obsessive compulsive disorder, you weren’t. Limerence is the very 1st stage of make your crush fall in love with you. This is when you feel that spine-chilling, heart twisting feeling, where you just can’t stop admiring a person’s charisma and personality.

Let love be thou antidepressant (don’t know how Shakespeare does it so flawlessly)

One of the most interesting love facts is it serves as an antidepressant. The notion of love releases hormones that counter depression. For most people, depression is a feeling of being un-loved. It’s the need for approval, someone to remind them of their beauty in and out and that’s what lovers do. They bring out the best in you, hence leaving you free of depression.

The calming effect

Psychologists suggest that the process of falling in love has a calming effect on the mind and body. This effect boasts nerve growth for the two people involved and enhances their power of thinking.

4 minutes to infinity

Whether or not two people are going to fall in love depends on the first 4 minutes of their meeting. Apparently, it only takes 4 minutes to decide if the person is “your type”, so the next time you meet someone, be sure to keep a time check.

The cocaine effect

Psychologists have said, falling in love has the same effect as of getting high on cocaine. I wonder how they know.

Pain reliever

Cuddling, holding hands, looking at the picture of someone you love, all are said to relieve both physical and mental pain, which in turn makes your body lighter and gives you the feeling of energy.

The dangerous eye to eye

Consciously or unconsciously when you look into someone’s eye, the body produces phenyl ethylamine. This chemical is also known as the “love chemical” of the brain which releases love hormones in your body. Indeed eyes are the door to your soul, be careful who you look at!

Situational analysis

These analyses have suggested in the past, if a man meets a woman or vice versa in a dangerous situation, they are more likely to fall in love, than if they were to meet in a rather harmless situation.

The broken heart syndrome

Saving best for the last, this love fact proves that heart breaks are real. When breakup happens, one feels chest pains and shortness of breath. Don’t worry; it’s not a heart attack or acidity for that matter. It’s a break-up attack.

This world is an awful ugly place to not have someone to love. Amidst all the evil that exits, love is the only light we have to survive with strength and happiness, so hold your loved ones tight and never let them go.

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