10 Undeniable Signs that he

10 Undeniable Signs that he’s Cheating on You

Caution: In case any one of the 10 signs he’s cheating on you is relatable, avoid the nasty phone call your mind and heart are telling you to make. ABORT mission.

Now that that’s done and dusted;

Before I begin to enlighten you with the pre requisites needed to be checked out to confirm a cheaters truth. I want to shake you and tell you to accept it. Most women, especially in the case of long-term relationships, blindside themselves from the truth. But honey it’s still true once the blindfold slips off. And in such a case, it hurts even worse.

Don’t get me wrong. I personally suck at relationships, which explains why I’m not just 22 and virgin, but 22 and extremely single. However, I’ve had exceedingly close encounters of cheating men, and so I’ve learned the techniques.

Moving back to the acceptance bit. Look, first off it’s bloody common! So yes it can happen to you. I’ve heard many women cry over “how did this happen with me?”

No, God didn’t spend a night planning your misery because he hates you specifically. It’s just many men end up loosing interest in their current affair and it can happen to anyone. In fact it’s happening to many women at this very moment while I’m sipping my tea in peace. Yes rude! But I don’t get all the relationship candies either. So truce!

Point being, ACCEPT THAT THE MAN YOU LOVE IS TWO-TIMMING WITH YOU! And maybe he’s making the biggest mistake of his life, but he is sane enough to choose it, so it’s time you LET HIM GO.


10 Signs he’s cheating on You


1. I Want My Privacy

There is no such thing as privacy in a relationship, unless it has to do with pubic hair and farting. That too becomes open after a while. So lady, if your man is hiding his passwords, or telling you to stop asking him questions like who it was on the phone, too often; it’s a SIGN.


2. I’ll be late…Again

No doubt your boyfriend/husband is a hardworking gentleman, but realistically who stays late for work thrice a week? And that to for hours and hours!


3. You Smell Different Today

“Oh darling, it’s probably my Gucci mixed with sweat” he replies. NO A****** it’s her F******* CHANNEL ON YOU! Once or twice noticing the same smell is okay, but almost every other day. MISSION KILL HIM.


4. Recurring Baseless Fights

When someone’s in simple words “done with you or over you.” Everything about you starts annoying them. Even the previously declared cute little things, like pulling his cheeks or joking about his beard start to bother him. Thus! If the man is unnecessarily declaring war, it’s time to build your army.


5. She’s Just A Friend

It’s Saturday night, and you both are headed to his colleagues’ party. All’s well, until you start noticing him being too chummy with that lady in green.

“Can I have a word with you my love” you say, while pulling him on the side (gently of course) “Sure, what’s up?” He replies with a smile, as if her corky joke hasn’t left his filthy little brain yet.

“Who is she?” “Oh my next door colleague, honey! Did you eat? Go eat..don’t worry about me”

Uhh what? Go eat, or do whatever you want, while I seduce my “next door colleague?”

S*** face!

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6. When the Phone Screen Makes Him Smile

It’s a casual dinner at home, when he receives a message which makes him smile, and again, and again.

“What’s funny?” you ask in your innocent voice. “uh nothing, let’s eat” he says. After he has gathered his breath from the fantasy land you walked him out of.

Yup, it’s a sign sweetie.


7. Warnings!

It’s almost impossible to cheat without leaving imprints. Someone or the other will see you.

Keeping that in mind, has any of his friend or anyone you know, been warning you directly or indirectly of your counterparts whereabouts?

If yes, then I believe you’re not taking them seriously, but truth be told, you really should.

Note: The next 3 signs are within you to find…


8. Intuition

“The heart feels what the mind cannot see”

They say, when two people have shared deep love, their bond becomes such if one is hurt; the pain is felt by both.

So if your intuition constantly seems to be alarming you. It could be a sign


9. Has He Stopped Noticing You?

Ask yourself of the last time he complemented you. We get so busy in surviving in a relationship; we forget to live through it. If your heart says he hasn’t been paying attention to you, it’s a sign.


10. Does it not Feel the Same Way?

When he touches you, or tries to make love. Do you feel the same passion?

If not, it’s again. a sign.

Dear gorgeous ladies, choosing to spend the rest of your life with a man is one of the most important decision we make, and choosing to leave that very man, one of the most difficult. Which is why, no matter how many signs that he’s cheating on you, become visible.

Talk about it.

For most of you, it’ll be true. He will be cheating. But for many, it may just be a womans possessive-insecure-naïve side acting up.

While cheating is the worst crime ever, sometimes something’s are amendable. However, definitely not over your dignity and self worth. Choose your battle, but choose wisely, and please never forget to confront and discuss. regardless of what the impulse is screaming, confront, confront confront!

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