13 Incredible Signs a Shy Guy Likes You

While you are looking out in the wild for the prince charming, who will ‘oh so bravely’ come to you and swish you off your feet within seconds. There is someone out there, thinking a hundred times, before gathering the courage to come to you, to just say hello.

In the world where women are known to send mixed signals, there are plenty of men who do the same. Especially when it comes to interacting with that special person. Want to know if there is someone out there, waiting to be given attention?

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Here’s a list of 13 signs a shy guy likes you. And by that I mean, REALLY likes you.

How to Tell if a guy Likes you

1. He may be acting silly around you

If a guy likes you, he will act strange around you. You may find him completely normal with his friends, while around you he will act all clumsy. Not that he’s doing that on purpose. It just shows that you’re making him nervous.

2. He’ll be around

You may never have noticed this soul, but now he may be hanging around quite a lot. May be not too close to you. But you will most definitely find him in all the mutual parties and hangouts. Not because he has become social all of a sudden, but because he just can’t miss out on the chance to meet you.

3. He’ll try to go unnoticed

A shy guy would usually take the back seat and let things flow. He’ll make every possible move to make sure nobody notices him. Not even you. He’ll notice your every move from afar. Taking notes in his mind.

4. He goes out of his way for you

Ask him for a favor, and you’ll be surprised to see how excitedly he’ll do it for you. May even thank you by the end of it. even if he has to go out of his way for you, he will.

Pssst. Don’t miss use him though.

5. He’ll show interest in what you do

Even when nobody is listening to you, he will. Even if no one’s interested in knowing what you grabbed on your last shopping spree, he will want to hear it all. He just likes to know your thoughts.

6. He will know tiny details about you

What’s your favorite salad, fav topping or fav drink, every little detail is sketched on his mind.

7. His friends will tease him whenever you are around

If you see his friends giving naughty looks to him, when you are around, boy you should know, he’s the one.

You might be thinking, he should have confessed in you, why his friends? Well, he didn’t tell them either. But you know how friends are, they know every little detail about you, without even telling.

8. He’ll be a different person over chat

An introvert, would always be more comfortable from talking behind the screen. Don’t be shocked if he confesses he likes you from behind the screen and not in person. Talking over texts, is way easier for them than in person. They are less conscious and fear no judgment.

Signs a shy guys like you – Body Language

9. He will be fidgeting a lot

If a shy guys likes you, you can know with his body language. If you see him, fidgeting with his hair or if he keeps moving his hands, while talking to you. Girl, he’s falling for you.

10. He smiles way too much

He doesn’t smile because he’s crazy, but he’s falling for you, even more, each passing moment. He may not know it yet, but he is probably lost in your thoughts. And that’s enough to put a giddy smile on his face.

And you know what will make his world spin out of joy? If you smile back.

11. He’ll be glancing at you secretly

Every chance he gets; he will be looking at you. Taking in all the good, he sees in you. Also, he will be sure that you don’t notice. You would be lucky if you catch him peeking those adorable glances at you.

However if you do get a chance to catch him, he’ll make sure to signal a smile, to let you know he likes you. But that’s of course, IF you catch him.

12. He’ll remain quiet when you are around

Even if he is a chatter box, when he’s with his friends, around you he’ll remain quiet. Not that he doesn’t like making conversation, with you. He wants to, really. But since he’s shy, he’s just being conscious.

13. He avoids making eye-contact

Even when he does make little conversation with you, he makes sure his eyes are somewhere else. It’s not that he doesn’t find you attractive enough. He finds you way too attractive. He’s just being shy.

Also know that he will jump right out of this phase, once he has gotten comfortable around you and knows that you like him back. It may take him time, but he will step right out. Don’t push him, make sure he does it, at his own pace.

So, next time if you see a cute guy acting all clumsy around you, don’t wait it out. Look for these signs.


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