15 Cute DIY Gifts for Girlfriend to make her feel Special

Getting a gift for that one special lady, is never an easy task. But not when you have these amazing ideas lined up that work amazingly well as a Cute DIY gift for girlfriend.

But the common misconception of giving nothing but heavy, materialistic gifts is what often turns down men (and women alike) from giving thoughtful DIY gifts.

You must have heard – the thought is what counts, more than anything. So don’t fret about ‘what if she thinks it doesn’t have any monitory value?’.  Because monitory value doesn’t matter! It’s the emotions and the love that oozes out of the fabulous homemade gifts. It is all that matters!

Another thing, why wait and watch for a special occasion to gift her something and make her feel loved, when you can make every day feel special and worth living!

So don’t hesitate and try these cute DIY gifts for girlfriend ideas, right away and watch her glow!

Well, nothing beats the amazing experience of waking up to a scrumptious breakfast, in bed. Made with absolute love, all set to be devoured!

But what if I tell you, you can make this experience even better?


15 Homemade DIY Gifts for Your Girlfriend

1. Hand crafted breakfast Tray

Be it her birthday, anniversary or just any day, make her feel special by preparing her fav breakfast meal and serve in a hand crafted tray which she can cherish for the rest of her life. Here are 10 incredible designs and ideas for DIY serving trays.


Want to make it all the more special?

You got it!

2. DIY Personalized Mug

Along with her fav pancakes and dip, serve some nicely brewed coffee, or whatever beverage your girl prefers, in a special hand painted mug. Trust me, she will be over the moon! Here’s where you can learn how to the idea rolling.


A bottle of aged wine is never a bad idea, but what if you bring along a nice décor piece, made out of corks of wine bottles that you two had shared together?

Sounds promising enough!

3. A Heart made out of Corks

If you haven’t shared many bottles of wine, or well never thought of collecting corks, begin now! OR just grab any corks lying around and get going. Follow the step-by-step instructions given here and you will be done, in no time.


Cakes and dessert are one of the top 10 things that boyfriends often give to their girlfriends. I mean that’s nice, but if you want to WOW her, you’ll have to think out of the box. But since we all know how lazy boys are when it comes to thinking, I have rounded up two DIY gift ideas that will satisfy your girlfriend’s sweet cravings, but in style!

4. Messenger Meringue Cones

These are amazing for when you want to tell her how you feel about her and at the same time, pamper her with her fav treats. Grab the full tutorial from up Here and let us know how it turned out.

PS. You can switch meringues with mini cupcakes and frosting, depending upon what your girl prefers.


If your girlfriend has a super sweet tooth, then this cute DIY gift for girlfriend is made for her!

5. Jumbo Candy Cake

This super cute DIY gift for a girlfriend requires minimal work. All you need to do is grab her fav candies and set them up like a cake. You will, of course, need a few other essentials to get this DIY gift idea rolling, but all the efforts will be worth it, in the end. Fetch the tutorial from Here and get started.

Flowers are another common way to make your partner feel special. But with these amazing ideas listed below, not only can you make her feel special but also make her fall in love with you, beyond infinity.


Yes, that’s true!

6. Metal Flower Vases

These super chic flower vases are to die for! Pair up a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and watch her jaw drop! The plus point is that they are surprisingly easy to make!

Here’s how to do it!


Flower vases not her thing?

Try this beautiful wall décor idea, which she is definitely going to adore.

7. Flower Initials Frame

Unlike flower bouquets, she can save this frame up for an eternity. Grab the instructions guide from up Here and get started. Don’t be shocked if she asks you, to set it up right away!


Another great idea that makes an amazing gift is a table clock, a personalized one, of course.

DIY Valentine’s Gifts that are Romantic & From the Heart

8. Personalized picture Clock

When it comes to personalizing stuff for your girlfriend, nothing works better than a cute picture of the two of you, paired with a cheesy quote. So grab one of your fav pictures and follow the instructions given Here and your personalized clock will be ticking in no time!


By now you must have gotten the idea that whatever you do, making it all by yourself and adding a personal touch to it, emits volumes of love and thoughtfulness as compared to a regular, shop bought gift.

Scroll down for a few more DIY Gift ideas that are sure to WOW your girlfriend!

9. Framed silhouette of your fav Picture

Getting your favorite picture framed is a great idea, but that’s kind of simple, right? So instead, prepare a silhouette of your picture, frame it and present it to her. Don’t freak out when she shrieks out of pure joy!

Here’s a detailed tutorial of how it’s done.


10. A Cheesy Banner

If your girlfriend is someone who loves to be cheesy, then this cute DIY gift for girlfriend is a total win for you. PLUS, it’s way too easy to make. Check here to learn how to do it.


11. Picture Collage…. With a Twist

Every girl has a profound love for picture collages, especially if it’s been made by her boyfriend. So you can just imagine the amount of joy on her face if you present her these picture collaged, large-scaled Initials. So what are you waiting for, grab your favorite pictures together and get to work. Here’s how it’s done.

12. Origin of love, Mapped. Literally

This is one of my absolute favorites. So easy to make, yet it carries, with it, so much love and emotions. You just need a few essentials and with the elaborated tutorial here, your very own love map will be ready within no time.


13. Gift card snow Globe

This one is a – Christmas gift for girlfriend, DIY ready – special! And is dedicated to all the lazy bums out there who remember at the very last minute that they haven’t prepared any gifts. This is a trick gift, basically. What you are actually gifting is a gift card from her fav store, but nicely tucked in a glittery snow globe, which with the help of step-by-step instructions from up Here, you can make within an hour.


14. Handmade Lyrics Poster

Is your girlfriend a crazy music lover? Grab her fav song’s lyrics and create a poster out of it. No, not just any poster but this amazingly artsy one, which she’ll instantly fall in love with, I’m sure! You can also use this as an opportunity to be poetic and tell her, in the form of song lyrics, how you feel about her. That sure sounds super cute!

To get this cute DIY gift for girlfriend rolling, grab the tutorial from up Here and get started.

15. Vintage Book Lamp

If your Girlfriend is an avid reader, this vintage book lamp is what she NEEDS to have in her life. Not only does it serve the purpose of a light source, but makes for an outstandingly beautiful décor piece! I mean, who doesn’t love vintage!

Here’s where you can find the complete tutorial.

This marks an end to our list of DIY gifts for girlfriend, which are sure to put a big smile on her face.

Now, no need to thank us, instead share these ideas with all your guy friends, to help them out of the agony 😉