20 Amazing DIY Ideas About Garage Storage and Organization

If you belong to a family as huge as mine, having a clean and clutter free garage must sound like a far-fetched dream.

But all it takes is the will to do it, and I did.

I had two choices:

1. Shell hundreds of bucks and hire professional help.

2. Or make the best of my DIY skills.

Without doubt, I chose the latter. Because for obvious reasons, if I spend hundreds on my garage, who would pay for my next Sephora splurge?

As we know, a garage is an extremely functional, versatile area of the house, which is used for several purposes. From storing food, house ware, seasonal décor, hardware tools, vehicles, gardening tools to a whole other bunch of stuff!

A space like such, should by all means be well organized.

So without further ado, let’s get you in on some creative DIY garage organization storage ideas and projects, I found to be the most helpful, in decluttering my garage.

Here are 20 DIY Ideas About Garage Storage and Organization

1. Begin, by SORTING things out

The worst you could do to your garage is, not keep things sorted. Make sure all your things are either sorted according to task, season or usage.

Such as if there are winter clothes and winter décor, it all needs to go in one shelf.

This hack alone, gives your garage a good enough shape. Trust me.

2. Don’t forget to Label

Labelling everything makes the garage more reachable. You wouldn’t have to go through boxes or drawers, looking for what you need.

Label the box of tools, with ‘TOOLS’ and also enlist whatever tools you have kept in it, to make things easier.

3. Use Less Floor Space, and More Wall Space

Ever heard of vertical storage? Instead of occupying floor space, put the walls to use.

Like instead of parking your bicycle, you can mount it on the wall.

Here’s one way of doing it:

4. Make Use of the Ceiling

DIY Overhead garage storage is the new way to declutter your garage.

It helps give your otherwise small and shabby garage extra space and keeps all the extra stuff out of the way.

Such as these sliding overhead bins.

5. A Foldable Workspace

A work space is a must in a garage. But if you are short on space, having one that folds in and out according to need, is the best solution.

6. Divide and Conquer

Dividing the garage into specific areas of task, makes it clutter free. It makes working in the garage easier.

Gardening station is the best example, in this case. Here’s a full fledge tutorial.

Peg board organizers are a hit when it comes to keeping tools and other materials, at hand yet neatly organized, without taking up too much of space. So stated below are a few DIY garage storage ideas using peg boards:

7. Peg Board Tool Carrier

A tool kit is a must in all households, but a clean and well-organized one, is seldom found. If you too are a sucker for keeping your tools organized, rather than filed up haphazardly in a huge case, then this Peg board tool organizer will make you drool.

8. Peg Board garden Supplies Organizer

When it comes to keeping the rakes, spades and other gardening supplies aligned, nothing works better than a Peg board organizer. The best part is that it can be designed according to your needs and requirements and is quite easy to assemble.

Here’s how you can make your own pegboard organizing system.

Diy Garage Storage Shelves

DIY garage storage shelves are another way to keep the garage organized and free of unwanted clutter. What is even better, is the fact that you can build all sorts of shelves according to your necessity without much hassle. Here are a few examples:

9. Wall-lined Shelves

Shelves make storage easier, organized and in sight, especially when labelled profoundly. The most basic of shelves are the ones aligned against the wall. Which help keep all your belongings stacked neatly, against the wall. Using less floor space.

10. Overhead Storage Shelves

Overhead storage shelves are the most space saving. Neither occupying floor space nor walls. Also, when it comes to hiding unwanted stuff, such as seasonal décor or clothes etc. overhead shelves help keep them safely, out of reach.

11. Under-the-bench Shelves

These are the types of shelves that keep your belongings hidden from plain sight but well within reach. You won’t have to attach separate shelves for it, but instead make use of the space under your work bench.

12. Moveable Shelves

Like any other shelves these too, would help store belongings in an orderly manner. However, the difference will be that these shelves will have mobility, unlike others. You can move them wherever you want, according to your usage and requirement.

Dispensers of all sorts help keep supplies such as tapes, garbage bags, pet food, batteries etc. always within reach and ready to use when required.

Here are a few cheap garage organizing ideas, for making dispensers:

13. Jumbo Tape Dispenser

Don’t we all just hate it when the tape’s end goes missing? Well, not anymore! from keeping the tape’s end from getting lost, cutting the tape, to keeping all your tape rolls in one place, this jumbo tape dispenser will do it all!

14. Garbage Bag Dispenser

This one’s way easier than you thought. All you need is a kitchen towel hanger and instead of keeping kitchen towels in it, fix a roll of garbage bags and you are good to go!

15. Battery Dispenser

Battery dispenser helps keep all the batteries aligned and accessible, whenever required. No more rummaging through the drawers, just draw as many out of the dispenser, within seconds.

16. Pet food Dispenser

Hate, bags of pet food lying around? Well, here’s a creative DIY garage storage, organizing idea for pet food. Get rid of the bags, as well as the spooky smell.

17. DIY Cord Hanger

Like most houses, I too had a trunk full of tangled cords. But not after I found this super easy, cord hanger. Which helps keep the cords tangle free and always within reach.

18. Slide and lock Wheelbarrow Hang

Hate to see the wheel barrow lying around in the middle of your garage? Keep it steady against the wall, with this easy to assemble, slide and lock technique.

19. Screw Organizer

How annoying it is to fetch the right size of screw, especially when there are hundreds of sizes and types all mixed together in one box! Not anymore!

With jars from a dollar store, you can stock different sizes of screws, bolts, nuts etc. separately. And with this DIY rack, you can keep all the jars from taking up counter space.Here’s how.

20. Wire basket Organizer

When it comes to storing food, the best way to keep them organized in a garage, is lined in a set of detachable wire baskets, hanging around the wall.

Once you are done with your garage, check out our Kitchen, Car and Fridge organizing series and say goodbye to all the clutter, once and for all!


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