20 Guaranteed Ways to Get Over Breakup

Getting over a breakup is probably one of the most hideous, difficult as well as a disrupting task. Upon breakup, people suffer from various kind of emotional issues and social insecurities. Life becomes a bit harder for those who are suffering from the betrayal of false Love.

Moving on and getting over the harmful emotional impacts of the breakup isn’t an easy to do job. You needs to show mental as well as emotional strength in order to get rid of the after effects of the break up.

This piece of writing will disclose some of the guaranteed ways to get over breakup. In this article, we are gonna enlist some key ways that will enable you to get rid of the restlessness, emotional instability and insecurity that a breakup causes – most of the times.

20 Best Ways to Get Over Breakup

There are various simple yet useful ways to get over the after effects of the breakup. Making changes to the daily life routine, adopting some different habits, and making changes to the life plan can make you feel better as well as comforted.

Let me share all of these useful ways with you that will surely enable you get over the breakup.


1. Maintain a Fair Distance – An important one

If you have separated your ways with your ex, what’s the point to stay in touch with him? Is it seems logical? Will it be OK?

I bet it won’t be right…!

Staying in touch with your ex through any means can hurt you, and in most of the cases, it is a major barrier for the people who wants to get over the breakup.


2. Ensure Removal of all the Emotional Triggers

You have to make a promise to yourself that you will not get sad by reminding that person who has broken your heart. Can you do this favor to yourself?

I know, I know, it sounds a bit tough but you have to do this.

It’s not the only but it’s probably the best way to get over the breakup. Make yourself strong enough that you could hold yourself in crunch moments of sorrow and stress.

Don’t…! Don’t ever get emotional by listening to a song that you had listened with your ex and many similar things like this. In short, you have to remove him/her from your daily life if you wanna make sure that he/she couldn’t disturb you in any way!


3. Get Rid of His / Her Gifts – A crap to keep

You must organize yourself if you are looking for a way to get over the breakup and after effects of the breakup. Dispose of all those things that remind you that once you were in Love with a heart-breaker.

Yes! It is time to throw all the crap. If your ex isn’t with you anymore, what’s the point to keeping his/her gifts and memories – just wash those moments!


4. Alter the settings of your LIVING ROOM

Research has shown that most of the couples think about each other while they are in their bed or living room. Since, it is time to kick off all those bad memories and disturbing stuff therefore you have to do changings to the setting of the living room.

Do it as soon as possible. Try to make necessary changings like position of the bed, sofas, style of curtains, and pattern of bed sheets etc.

In short, alter all those things that associates you with your ex – whether that is the ambiance of your living room or your make up collections.


5. Revive your Personality Traits – A best way to get over the breakup

Revival of your personality is very important if you want to get over the breakup. You have to focus on the changings that you have committed after the breakup.

Make a comparison of yourself before and after the breakup. You can do this by analyzing your attitude, behavior with others, and commitment towards your life goals.

You will surely feel a difference. Your task must be to identify your changings and to get rid of them because those changings are stopping you to achieve your potential.


6. Get Out With Friends

There’s nothing beautiful in this world than a friend’s company. Therefore, don’t hide yourself from the world by staying in the same room or house.

Go, get out to enjoy the beauty of friendship with your buddies. Share your breakup issues with them and let them know your views and thoughts about that particular person.

Your companion’s circle will help you to get over the breakup. In the company of friends, you will surely feel lighthearted. Their presence will surely bring smile on your face and you will push yourself in a comfort zone.


7. Visit Your Favorite Places

A best way to get over the breakup is to visit those places that you like. Do things that matches your interests and likings. You’ll feel easy as well as light.

ps: Avoid visiting places that you might have visited with your Ex because it can make you sad.


8. Visit a Park

Get some fresh air to switch your mood. Try to visit a park on regular basis. It will help you to get out of the severe circumstances of your life.

Moreover, nature has a healing power and you need it. It’ll divert your attention from all of the things that possibly makes you sad.


9. Eat a balanced Diet

Food is another way to get healed. Mostly, people quit taking proper care of themselves after breakup. I believe it’s a bad approach.

Just forget, what has happened!

You must take good care of yourself by having a balanced diet. It’ll prevent you to go towards sleeping pills and other anti-depression meds.

Eat proper – you will surely live healthy.


10. Do Some Swimming

Swimming makes your body feel relax. Moreover, it gives you a way to cash out all of your depression and anger.

Therefore, it’s a best way to get over breakup. It’ll also distract you from the people and the whole world around you.

Just you – water and your feelings. Let’s kill the depressing moments!


11. Take a break – From hectic routine

The best thing to get over breakup and to prevent yourself from the immediate after effects of the breakup is to take a break from the daily routine.

Let your body sooth and relax in the loneliness without getting rushed and pained. Give yourself a lone time so that you could think and revive from the harmful effects of the breakup.


12. Don’t stop yourself from weeping

If your eyes are dripping tears, it’s a good sign – at least you are not hiding your emotional situation. Suppressing your emotional condition can bounce back most of the times. Therefore, crying is a good sign for your emotional stability.

The more you cry, the faster you will get better!


13. Spend Time with Your Family – An Ultimate way to get over breakup

Your family can better understand your feelings and emotional situation. Therefore, if you are suffering from breakup, try to spend as much time with your family as you can.

You will surely feel confident, lighthearted, and happy as well.


14. Get Closer to the Nature

Nature has its own charm. Nature is lovable, charming, and relaxing as well. Pack your bag and go out for some lone time. Do any of your favorite hobbies like boating, hiking, fishing etc. In short, divert your attention towards nature and let nature do the rest!


15. Write whatever you want to write

Writing is another way to express your emotional restlessness. Rather than teasing or hurting someone with your angry words, it is better to write them on paper.

At least, you will feel relax. Moreover, the greater benefit of writing is, no one knows about what have you written. No one gets the glimpse of your sadness and anger.

In short, on paper, you are free to write whatever you want – The diary is your kingdom – Rule it in the way you want and no one will ask a single question. How amazing…!!!


16. A Psychologist isn’t a bad option

If after doing all the hard work, you are still unable to get over the breakup, visiting a psychologist is the best as well as the most appropriate way to fight against the encroaching depression, emotional unbalance, and high level of anger.

Some other Ways to Get Over the Breakup


    • Make your Ex’s image as a bad person in your mind. Revive his/her negative traits and bad habits. The more you hate, the better are the chances to get over the breakup.
    • Back up yourself and made it clear in your mind that you have made a right decision – there’s nothing wrong in it. It will help you to grasp the situation and you will not lose your emotional stability.
    • Don’t hesitate to consider few facts – how your life is better without him / her. It’ll at least give you a hope that it’s in your favor to get rid of him / her.
    • Make it clear on yourself that you don’t have any guilt in losing him / her. Ensure your brain and heart that it wasn’t all your fault. You tried your best – the rest depends upon the fate. That’s it!



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