25 Surprisingly Easy DIY Leather Craft Ideas

If you are a leather fanatic, like me, you don’t need any introduction to this divine material. For those who don’t know, leather is a material, best known for its durability, versatility and in today’s world, also its edginess. A century or two ago, leather was mostly associated with gangs, bikers and pop stars alone. But fortunately, not anymore!

The use of leather has been increasing by each passing day, mainly due to the durability of the material, its long reliable age and of course, its BEAUTY!

From Home décor, accessorizing to organizing, leather can be used in a million possible ways. So, without further ado, here are ideas for some insanely creative, Leather craft projects you probably never thought of.

Neck Pieces


This gold-leather, studded neck piece is my fav. Perfect DIY Leather craft idea, to bring some glitz to your outfit!
Here is how to do it.



Do you love pairing funky accessories with your outfit? Well, then this DIY Diamond Leather Pendant, is necessary for you. This piece of art is both, simple to make and edgy enough to amp up your entire look!
Here is how to do it.



Thinking about changing your plain shirt into something interesting? Well, if that is the case then this glam leather collar is what you need. It gives your boring top a glam look without being too bling-y!
Here is how to do it.

Hair Accessories


Whether you are planning to party all night or just are trying to glam up your look, this leather craft idea is worth taking a shot. With the help of step by step instructions, you will be ready to rock this star studded hair band within no time!
Here is how to do it.



Who knew that you could also accessorize your little one with leather goods! With this amazingly creative idea about leather crafts, you can now make cute leathered hair clips for yourself and your little princess.
Here is how to do it.

Hand Accessories



If, like me, you adore flower bracelets and corsages, this DIY leather crafts idea for floral leather corsage is sure to blow you away. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about keeping it fresh, unlike the ones made out of real flowers. Ironic enough to comprehend but we would suggest using low quality leather in this DIY for best results.
Here is how to do it.


Want to gift your best friend something chic and meaningful at the same time? Look no further than this, DIY Leather wrap bracelet is your key to unlock best BFF gift. To make it meaningful, all you need to do is, search for the right ‘quote’ to put on.
Here is how to do it.

Other Wearables



Enough DIY for the women, now, this one is especially for men out there!

Gift your man these beautiful pair of initialed cufflinks, which we bet, he will instantly fall in love with!
Here is how to do it.


This is one of the DIY leather projects to love! As you must know, leather belts are must in every wardrobe, thus there was no reason I could avoid making one for myself, especially this Leather Bow belt.
Here is how to do it.

Hand Bags


This pyramid shaped leather pouch is perfect for a night out. The amazing shape creates enough space to stuff in all of your essentials while the hand strap makes it easy for you to carry!
Here is how to do it.



If you are all about pairing funky bags with your outfit then this DIY leather cat purse is what you are going to fall in love with. Easy to make and tremendously stylish to carry!


Leather and fringes go hand in hand. And this leather craft idea for a clutch, uses both. Hence, this DIY leather clutch is definitely to die for!
Here is how to do it.


Book Marks

Are you an avid reader? Or know someone who is? Then, these DIY leather bookmarks are something you won’t be able to ignore. Make them for your self or for readers around you as a token of appreciation. Either way, you are bound to fall in love with them!

How to do it.

How to do it.

How to do it.


Home Décor


Want to revamp your curtains? Add these easy to make leather curtain tie backs which looks surprisingly classy. The tassels add enough color and fanciness!
How to do it.

How to do it

How to do it.

Well-designed Leather coasters are another thing that add a flair to the table. It can be used as a perfect housewarming gift or to impress your guests. And surprisingly, they can be designed in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes.


This one of a kind, leather wall clock idea is downright amazing yet so easy to make. Works amazingly well as a Housewarming present or when placed in your study or office.
How to do it.


Shelves are commonly found in every house but none look as amazing as these DIY leather strap shelves. They are perfect to give your plain walls, a cutting edge formation!
How to do it.


Who knew! One can easily create a stunning wall mount that works as both, an exquisite wall décor as well as storage for bottled wine! When are you making one?
How to do it.

Tech Organizers


When it came to keeping my charger and earphones organized, nothing seemed to fit right. Until I came across this amazing leather cord organizer which not only kept all my cords organized but in one place! Now, isn’t that amazing?
How to do it.



With this amazing leather laptop sleeve, carry your laptop with absolute style, almost anywhere!
How to do it (Laptop Case, Camp-Inspired, Laptop Sleeve)

Other rganizers


When traveling, your first priority is to keep all your essential documents in one place and this DIY leather craft idea does exactly so! From passport, tickets to all your ID cards, this organizer has enough slots and spaces to keep all of them tucked in nice and safe. Did I mention, it looks absolutely stunning when carried?
How to do it.



Organizing your makeup is one thing, but keeping your makeup brushes aligned and safe from damage is another! They require far more care than any other makeup essential and for me, this DIY Leather roll, works just fine!
How to do it.

I hope these are enough DIY Leather Craft projects to keep your creative-self occupied for the while!