30 DIY Easy Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Crocheting and knitting patterns are lost art that really anyone of you can learn in no time. Yes, it does require basic skills, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems. All it requires is learning easy knitting stitches and practice, to make one perfectly capable of excelling this long forgotten form of art.

What is more delighting, is the fact that once you get the hang of it, you can nearly make anything you want. From gorgeous neck wraps, head accessories, mug warmers to anything as basic as a document holder.

Now isn’t that aspiring? I mean, who knew a pair of needles and yarn could create such magic!

Now before I disclose, 30 easy knitting patterns ideas, its necessary that you know the basics of knitting.

The revival of this beautiful craft was begun nearly a few years back and since then it has become a staple craft in the American society. Benefiting both consumers and craftsmen.

For you to begin exploring this art, you will first need to learn the basics. Which includes knowledge of the tools used, handling the tools, basic knitting stitches and the likes.

You can either take courses or learn through this amazing website, I found when I started knitting back in the days. Learn2knit is an astounding website that helps one learn not only the basics, but every little fact required to excel in this particular art of knitting.

Once you have completely understood the skills required and methods used to knit, its time to begin practice. Like most skills, even knitting requires utmost practice to bring out the best.

After you have thoroughly studied the stitches and practiced them, it’s time for you to start your first project. As its going to be your very first project, you wouldn’t want to pursue anything complicated.

So here’s a list of some interesting yet easy knitting patterns that will be easy to follow but the end product will just be beyond amazing.

So, you ready for it?

Let’s get to it!

Beginner Knitting Patterns Scarf  Ideas

This is one of the simplest patterns of knitting, perfect for all newbies.

Here are 4 of my favorite styles:

1. Tri-colored scarf

Choose three different colors of yarn and make sure to count rows for an even pattern, [Here] is how.

2. Fisherman’s rib pattern scarf

As the name suggests, this particular scarf uses a fisherman rib stitch, resulting in a beautifully crocheted scarf to rock this winter season!

[Here] is how to do it.

3. Gryffindor scarf

If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, you’ll start at this project, right away! There’s no particular science behind the method, except that you will have to add tussles or fringes at the end, [Here] is how to do it.

4. A 15 minute, Arm knitted Infinity scarf

Perfect for when you are short on time. Looks absolutely gorgeous and is one of the easiest and most popular knitting patterns, one could come across, [Here] is how.

Table Accessories Knitting Patterns

5. Fringed Table Runner

This beautiful fringed runner is easy to knit and has the power to add enough class to any plain and boring table!

[Here] is how to do it.

6. Two-toned Napkin Rings

Want to impress guests with your knitting, this festive season? This in detail video tutorial will get what you are looking for!

7. Knitted candle light Covers

This quick and easy project requires less than 10 yards of yarn. It is the perfect project to add tiny details to your dinner table that will surely put a lasting impact on your guests, trust me! [Here] is how to do it.

8. Knitted Coasters

There are never enough coasters in my house! Every second project I do, is of coasters! Yeah, sounds crazy but these tiny little piece of craft can speak volumes when it comes to décor! So instead of one or two tutorials, presenting to you, 10 of my favorite coaster knitting patterns of all times! [Here] is how to do it.


Christmas inspired Easy Knitting Patterns

Since the festive season is right around the corner, what could be better than having some creative knitted décor?

9. Mini Christmas tree ornament

Nothings more beautiful, than a hand knitted Christmas ornament. This cute Christmas tree is going to give your tree the star-studded shine it lacks! More importantly, it is super easy to make and [Here] is how!

10. Christmas tree gift Tags

Want to add a personal flair to each gift? With [This] super easy and quick knitting pattern, you can make personalized gift tags, even if you are super short on time! alternatively, you can make a few spare tags and use them to decorate the Christmas tree.

11. Knitted Christmas ball Ornaments


Tired of the same old, shiny ball ornaments for your Christmas tree? Customize them with a full blown yarn makeover. That’s right, knitted Christmas balls are easy to make and can give your otherwise boring tree décor, a fabulous upgrade! [Here] is how.

12. Personalized Christmas décor

Unable to find gifts for your loved ones? Whether you are running short on dollars or time, [This] creative and personalized bauble decoration, makes for a perfect gift this Christmas season!

13. Chunky knit Christmas Stockings

Nothing says Christmas better than hand knitted décor. And [This] easy knitting pattern for stockings makes for both a personalized gift as well as décor!

14. Knitted Christmas Wreath

Tired of using the same old wreath every Christmas? Amp your décor up, with [This] beautiful yet so easy to make, Christmas wreath! Also works amazingly well as a gift for someone who loves or inspired you to knit.

15. The 15-minute ear Warmer

Winters call for warm clothing, and nothings warmer than a finger knit ear-warmer that doubles as a chic headband! How cool is that!

[Here] is how to do it.

Some Other Easy Knitting Patterns Ideas

That’s not all, the list for easy knitting patterns, for beginners is far too vast. Stated below are a few more projects that one can make with utmost ease.

16. The slouched beanie

17. Knitted hand warmers

18. Knitted cable knot headband

19. Knitted mug warmer

20. Crocheted cuff bracelets

21. Coffee cozy with slots (for sweetener and dairy)

22. Super Easy Monster baby bibs

23. Knitted envelope

24. DIY knitted slip-ons

25. Crocheted hanging lamp shades

26. Knitted egg-plant hat

27. Knitted hand clutch

28. Knitted donut keychain

29. Super cute baby Uggs

30. Beautifully Crocheted roses


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