Buying the perfect, Yet Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Under $20

Buying the perfect, Yet Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Under $20

When we talk about, deciding the wedding day attire, the first and foremost, and the probably only thing that comes to mind is the bridal dress. We spend almost half our lives fantasizing about the perfect fit and color, while the other half, goes into searching for that very dress.

If you have ever married or been on a bridal dress shopping spree, you would know how exhausting a task it truly is. Amidst the search for that one bridal dress, we often forget the importance of another tiny little dress. That’s right, the FLOWER GIRL DRESS.

The dress wearer may be tiny and not require the perfect fit, unlike the bride. But she clearly has the most important of tasks, to do on the wedding day. And believe it or not, she will be the only one around, who gets complimented, may be even more than the bride herself.

So while, you go crazy searching for unique wedding day dresses for brides, make sure to keep an eye out for the most adorable cheap flower girl dresses.

How to Make Cheap Flower Girl Dresses

Dress shopping for weddings can get unnecessarily expensive. Where the bridal dress may be worth it, a flower girl dress for $100 or more is a total waste. Specially because the little girl would soon grow out of it, rendering the expensive dress, unused.

You would be surprised to know that you can design your own cheap flower girl dress under $20:

    • This tutu dress can double as a flower girl dress, without spending hundreds of dollars. All it requires is a bit of time and a flair for creativity.

If red seems too loud, for the wedding, switch it with trendy wedding colors such as peach or coral.

    • Here’s another similar tutorial. The detailed video guidance, will help attain an adorable dress in no time.

And you know what’s more exciting? Both of the dress tutorials mentioned, do not require sewing. So it’s a definite win-win!


Top 9 Cheap Flower Girl Dresses for Less

If you are short on time, or DIY-ing is just not your thing, don’t worry. We have an easier way out for you. And no, that doesn’t involve putting a dent through your wallet.


1. Clearance Flower Girl Dresses

Finding cheap flower girl dresses for less, is not hard but rather time-consuming. Stores such as target and Walmart have tremendous ready to wear collections, which are often put on clearance sale.

Such as this white petal flower girl dress form walmart, for no more than $25.99, which helps you save almost $30.


2. Cheap Flower Girl Dress Online

Shopping online, is super convenient, but often not very safe and realistic. The pictures and description given are often false. But not when you shop at

The site offers amazingly priced dresses, which look darn right adorable. This is our ultimate fav. Available in the hues of fuchsia, lilac, black, grape, fire red, candy pink and sky blue.

3. Cheap Flower Girl Dress Under $30

Looking for a classy, tutu-styled dress for your tiny flower girl? Forever21’s Crochet dress, is sure to make heads turn. This dress is a definite steal, at the price of $22.90! grab yours now.

4. Inexpensive Flower Girl Dresses

Are you in search of a place where you could find several styles of flower girl dresses, all in one place? Moreover, with surprisingly reasonable prices? Sounds like a far-fetched dream!

But not anymore.

Head out to This online store and select what you like best, for your flower girl.

5. Cheap White Flower Girl Dresses

Is your little angel adamant on wearing a classic white dress, just as yours? But getting it from the same place as yours, is making you run out of budget? Well, in that case, Forever21 has an amazing white lace baby doll dress that is sure to suit your flower girl.

6. Affordable Flower Girl Dresses

Want to adorn your tiny little flower girl in an adorable dress, without poking holes through your pocket? Well, Walmart is definitely the place to be. From ruffled, layered to bowed, they have it all. The best part? They are all priced between $15 to $50.


7. Floor Length Flower Girl Dresses

Floor-length dresses are a little difficult to find, on budget. But we have got your back. If you have decided on making your flower girl wear a full-length gown, Ebay is the place to be.

A quick suggestion – if your flower girl is a toddler or near that age, avoid a full length gown. Because for obvious reasons, you wouldn’t want her tripping down the aisle! Short dresses may not look as ‘classy’, but lengthier one aren’t worth the risk, right?

8. Gold Flower Girl Dresses – CHEAP

Flower dresses may be easy to find, but finding one in gold, not so much. Especially if you are on a budget. So we did a bit of research and found Amazon, to be quite helpful in this regard. Amongst all, it had the most variety of gold, flower girl dresses, all in amazing cuts and designs. The one I liked best is the gold sequins and tulle gown.

And you know what, the prices are UNBELIEVABLE!

9. Cheap Blue Flower Girl Dresses

Flower girl dresses come in all colors and sizes, but nowadays, the most trending of colors has been blue. Probably after the whole ‘Frozen’ fiasco. But ever since then, most of the blue tulle gowns remind me of nothing but Elsa and her unbelievable powers.

Thus this, no-tulle, jeweled, wrap around dress has topped my list of blue flower girl dresses this season, and I am sure it will, yours too.