47 Cute Things to do for your Boyfriend that will Amaze Him

We are going to share outstandingly cute things to do for your boyfriend that will amaze him. Let’s make the GF-BF relationship an interesting one!

In short, you have to do something out of the box to get his attention and affection. From sexting to physical teasing, you have to adopt things that’ll make him think that you are a person of great interest and value.

If you think your relationship with your boyfriend is losing its intensity, passion, and excitement; it’s time to do something different. Tease your Boyfriend in cute ways to enhance charm and crisp of your relationship. Moreover, use cute names to call your boyfriend it’s a cute thing to do for your boyfriend that will surely amaze him!


Cute things to draw for your boyfriend

Drawing isn’t simple or easy but we have some great suggestions for you that are not only easy to draw but also very captivating and the fact is, you don’t have to be a drawing expert or painter to draw such things. You can do it on your own without any assistance.

1. Heart from Finger-Prints

The easiest and simplest thing to draw is, pattern of heart from your thumbs. You just need two things for doing this – A white paper and RED ink.

Isn’t it simple and fascinating? I bet it is…!

Dip your thumb into ink and press it firmly over the paper. Again, repeat this procedure but don’t forget to curve your thumb to get look of HEART!

If you want to keep it simple, one heart at the center of paper is enough but, if you your boyfriend likes fancy things you can print multiple hearts on the whole paper by changing position of the thumb impressions.

It’s up to you – You can choose any of the above pattern to get a fine finish!

2. Draw the Word LOVE

You must be thinking, how could you draw the word love?

Normal practice says that you can write the word LOVE, right?

There’s nothing to worry about! You need a geometry box, a box of colors, a blank paper and a LED pencil.

You can draw the words L, V, and E with the help of scale. To word O requires a bit effort – But it isn’t difficult at all! You can draw it by using the D-shaped tool of the box. Place the D on the paper at appropriate position and draw a semi-circle, change directions of the D and complete the circle.

Now, you can beautify the document by using appropriate colors according to you choice.

Tip: To make things more romantic you can add name of your boyfriend!

3. Draw a Heart-Balloon

No doubt, heart-balloon isn’t a distinct thing but you have to keep it in mind that you aren’t purchasing it from the market, you are drawing it by yourself – this’ll make this balloon more special!

Just draw a heart on the paper and attach a tangling line with it – it’ll make it look like a flying balloon! Color the drawing and it is ready to send to your Dream-boy!

4. A Beautiful Red Rose

The cutest thing to draw for your boyfriend is a rose! Rather than purchasing a bunch of flowers which isn’t a bad idea, you can do something unique and creative which will surely bring smile on his face– A Red Rose drawn by you! It is a cute way make him realize how much you love him!

5. Wine bottle with a LOVE Tag

Everyone loves wine, your boyfriend too, right?

So, it is a great idea to draw something he really likes. Since wine bottles are of different shapes therefore you can pick any size and style according to your convenience.

Are you thinking, how will it portray your love and affection?

Add a Label of LOVE around the bottle to give your drawing a touch of romance and warmth!


Cute things to do for your boyfriend just because – you LOVE him

Care and respect are two necessary aspects of every relationship. Any relationship that lacks these qualities – isn’t a relationship!

You can depict your affection by taking care of few things that will make your boyfriend feel special. Cute things to do for your boyfriend just because you love him includes awesome surprises, funny jokes, sweet comments about his personality and looks and, many similar things.

6. Call him with a Cute Nickname

Do you call your boyfriend with his first name? Have you ever used another name to call him?

If NO, you haven’t shown him that you consider him more than a friend!

A pet name that rightly depicts his nature, character or some aspects of his persona is a good gesture and a cute thing to do for your boyfriend that will amaze him. You can choose the best name according to his likings and hobbies from 250 Cute Names to call your Boyfriend.

Try to pick a unique and distinct name that no one else has ever used to call him. Believe me, it really matters!

7. Praise His Looks

Everyone loves appreciation, right?

Oh girl, I know, it’s not easy and it sounds a bit weird too! But don’t forget, you like him and you want him therefore it isn’t a bad thing.

Pass a nice comment if he’s looking good!

8. Always Pass Smile

A smiling face attracts everyone. Since he is the man of your dreams, you must not be hesitant to pass him nice and cute smile. It’ll make him think that you like him!

9. Don’t Forget to Flirt – But Occasionally

I know, it sounds really weird but you can do it occasionally. Don’t make it a habit because if you do it regularly, it’ll cast a negative impact!

10. Tease Your Boyfriend

Teasing is the best way to express your feelings and emotional attachments that you might be hiding from your boyfriend. So tease him to make him realize that you consider him more than just a friend.

Not only tease him in public or in front of his friends but also tease him when there’s no one around. Sexting is the best form of teasing if you want to tease him over chat.

11. Turn off all distractions

In every relationship, time sharing is very important. When you are with your boyfriend, just focus on him and listen to him what he says and respond accordingly. Don’t indulge yourself in mobile phone or computer.

Make it clear on him that he is your first priority!


Cute things to get for your boyfriend on Christmas

Christmas is a busy occasion for everyone. It is your best chance to make him realize that his happiness is far more important for you than anything else. Plan something big, something unique and different, it’ll help you a lot to get his attention.

You can do cute things for your boyfriend on Christmas like an early wish, a surprise gift, some awesome cooking etc. These small acts will help you a lot to attain a special position in his life.

12. An Early Wish

We all wish Christmas to our friends, neighbor, siblings and parents but, it isn’t mandatory to wish everyone beforehand. Since HE means a lot to you, you can send him an early wish.

Keep in mind, your wish must be different from others. You can’t send him a simple message of “HAPPY CHRISTMAS!” Type something out of the order and then send it to him like “Happy Christmas to the most special person of my life”, “Happy Christmas to my DREAM-BOY” etc.

13. A Surprise Gift

Surprise him by gifting something he really likes! Buy him his favorite headphones, watch, tie, favorite perfume, pair of shoes, old edition of a rare book etc. in short, purchase something that he really wants! Moreover, try to gift things which he often uses.

Avoid gifting him gadgets like Coffee-Mug, a decorating piece etc. These things aren’t very helpful to get his attention.

14. Advance Ticket of his Favorite Movie

If he’s a big fan of movies, the best gift and surprise could be in the form of tickets of his favorite movie. He’ll surely love it!

15. Book a TABLE in his favorite Restaurant

It could possibly be the best surprise, almost every restaurant faces accommodation issues because everyone prefers fun-partying and outing on this special occasion.

16. Make a Cake

It’ll a cute thing to do for your boyfriend. Prefer his choice and likings about flavors.


Cute Things to do for your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day

Oh girl! The day of LOVERS!

Isn’t it a magical moment to propose him?

I bet, it is…!

If you don’t wanna propose him yet, it’s OK!

We’ll help you make this day – A Memorable Day!

Follow our versatile list of suggestions to pursue your liking!

17. Happy Valentine Wish

Wish him a ‘HAPPY Valentine,” but don’t just get stuck to common words instead use some catchy phrases to add some crisp in your wish.

Arrange a surprise party for him:

A cute thing to do for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day is, a surprise party in the evening. If you wanna have some lone time, avoid inviting your other friends. Moreover, it’ll make it clear on your boyfriend that you like him more than a friend!

18. Decorate table with Heart-Balloons

You can either use red balloons or Heart-Balloons to decorate the dining table. It’ll be a great way to silently convey a message to your boyfriend that he is as special as the Valentine’s Day.

19. Dance with him

Oh Girl! I can understand your nervous-ness when he touches you. But, you have to be brave! Don’t miss the opportunity to dance with him.

20. Share a ROSE with him

How is it possible to celebrate the Valentine’s Day without ROSES? So, welcome him by giving him a rose. If you don’t wanna do this you can stab a red rose in your hairs!

21. Get two tickets of a romantic block buster

Valentine’s celebrations are incomplete without a romantic movie. Therefore, don’t miss a chance to watch a romantic movie with your boyfriend.

22. Wear his Favorite color

Without any doubt, red is the best color to wear on Valentine’s Day but try to wear color that your boyfriend likes. Mostly, guys like light colors so you can wear a pink wardrobe instead of RED.

23. Spend Valentine’s Day with him

Since you are in LOVE with him, try to spend the whole day with him. Make a proper schedule so that he can’t say you “NO!” keep in mind his interests, likes and dislikes; it’ll be very helpful to engage him throughout the Day.


Cute Things to do for your Boyfriend on Birthday

Besides Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine, his birthday is another best occasion to express your feelings.

24. A 12’O Clock Wish

Like any other event, wish timing is very important in this case too! You can’t wish him his birthday in advance.

Call him right at 12’O clock to wish him the Birthday. You can also write a sweet text message with some splendid pictures. Moreover, wish him through multiple platforms like face book, twitter, call etc.

25. A Surprise Appearance

Visit his place or follow him wherever he is to make a surprise appearance and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Don’t forget to take a CAKE with you if you wanna wish him personally.

26. Be Physical

It’s his Birthday girl!

Don’t be shy to give him a peck on his cheeks! Moreover, don’t refrain from hugging. Let him feel the LUST of your LOVE!

27. Buy a Handsome Gift

Buy a gorgeous gift for your Mr. Handsome! Keep in mind his like and dislikes because it really matters. Choose something useful instead of some decorating CRAP!

28. Arrange a Birthday Party

Surprise him with a wonderful birthday party. Don’t forget to invite mutual friends in this party. It’ll be a good thing to do because he can’t refuse to come to a party which is loaded with all of his friends.


Cute things to say to your boyfriend

Words impacts everyone. Without any doubt, choice of words matters a lot. You must choose you words wisely if you wanna excel your relationship. Say cute things to your boyfriend to praise his personality, nature, and looks.

He’ll surely become a big fan of you if you are able to portray his image as a good person in front of his friends and family.

Let’s make him LOVE you!

29. The way you touch me and talk to me makes me the richest person of this world. When you hold my hand, I feel the safest person of this world.

30. The time when you are not with seems very dull and boring. I feel complete only when you are with me – nothing else makes me so happy that your presence does!

31. If love could be transformed into electricity, believe me, we can supply power to the whole world.

32. You are just like GOOGLE because you always give me the best response, whether I’m in need of something or I’m in trouble – A cute thing to say to your boyfriend if he is really a troubleshooter!

33. Your companionship is just like a chocolate – because you are sweet, enticing, addictive, and you always lift my mood.

34. No one in the world understands me the way you do! I always ask myself, how you guess what I really want! And my heart responds – Because both of you are made for each other!

35. Your memories keep me awake in the night because you are my dream – I want nothing else except YOU!

36. Others may long for diamonds, jewelry, cars and luxurious houses but I only want you because you are the biggest luxury of my life – A cute thing to say to your boyfriend if you consider him above all.

37. When you are around I see nothing else except you! Is it a magic?

38. Every moment without you makes me feel sad because it is not only shortening my life but also makes me feel lonely.

39. You are the color and fun of my life. Without you my life not only becomes black and white but also every moment of loneliness engulfs my pleasures.


Cute Things to Make for your Boyfriend

Naturally women are quite creative in the field of cooking, painting, and drawing etc. So you can do small things to make him happy.

40. Make a Cup of Coffee for him

We all drink coffee, right? Some of us are addicted to coffee that they can’t spend the day without coffee.

Make him a cup of coffee. It doesn’t take much time. This cute thing will make him think you care about his needs and requirements. Moreover, it’ll be an enchanting thing to talk to him while enjoying sips of coffee.

41. Make a Cake on his Birthday

Cake is a mandatory item in a birthday celebration. But, have you ever thought, how special he’ll feel if he’s cutting a cake on his birthday that you have made especially for him? Believe me, it is far better than ordering a cake!

42. Design a Special Greeting Card

If you aren’t a drawing expert; NO problem!

You can use a software and online help to design an awesome greeting card to wish him special occasions like Christmas, Halloween and Birthday etc.

43. Cook his Favorite Dish

There’s an old saying, “Way to a man’s heart passes through his stomach!” It is so true!

Surprise him by cooking his favorite dish. Share it with him and ask him about the taste! It’ll not only give you a chance to talk to him but also you’ll get his attention because you can cook what he LOVES to eat!

44. Make Arrangements for his Meeting

It sounds quite odd but believe me or not, he’ll LOVE to have an arranged stuff when he’s ready to go for a meeting or he is leaving to take class!


Some Other Cute Things to Do for your Boyfriend

45. Gift him car wash coupons. He’ll happily accept this cute gift!

46. Forward him a funny message in the middle of the DAY just to make him realize that you are still thinking about him.

47. Without letting him know, place his favorite chocolate bars or candy bars in his car or bag to amaze him with your caring attitude!

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