5 classic wardrobe essentials ALL women need!

5 classic wardrobe essentials ALL women need!

Every once in a while, you find yourself whining about never having enough clothes to wear, despite the fact that most of your credit card bills are named after one or the other clothes store and you no more have closet space, to fit in more clothes, you hoard every month!

But with these must-have classic wardrobe essentials, dressing up is not a problem anymore!

Let’s begin, with the utmost necessary wardrobe basics.

1. A finely stitched Black trouser


stitched Black trouser

This classic wardrobe essential is a must-fetch as they are perfect for every occasion. These are a perfect mix between your usual trousers and leggings. We prefer you get a slim cut, black pant, but if you are comfortable with a black flapper, there is no stopping you!

Here are some ideas, how you can pair it with almost anything in your wardrobe:

    • – Mix and match the top with a button down dress shirt, classic black pumps and a coat for a formal attire, suitable for any business-like event.
    • – Pair these black trousers up with a bold colored blouse, killer ankle boots and a blazer for an elegant attire, perfect for both daylight as well as night events.
    • – Wear the most blingy top out of your wardrobe, paired with the black pants, without looking too fancy for a night out! Wear a sexy pair of heels and a matching clutch to enhance the look, even more!

2. A black colored, evening dress

This is one of those fashion essentials that never go out of style and can be styled to fit in, with almost any occasion. Be it a cocktail affair, a black tie dinner or a casual night out with friends, having this dress in your wardrobe means, you are just about ready for anything!

Here’s how you can style it:

    • – Pair the dress up with everything black, for an ultimate chic look. Black heels, sheer hose in shade black and a black tote. Pair it up with a volumized hair-do and you are ready to rock almost any event!
    • – For a pop of color, pair the dress up with a red accessory. Red heels, red clutch or a red lip color, they all look stunningly good when paired with this wardrobe basic.
    • – For a formal, Hollywood-style affair, wear gold accessories with the dress. Such as a gold clutch, gold jewelry, and gold heels, for an ultimate look that is perfect for a formal dinner or a black tie affair.
    • – If looking chic is the agenda for today, pair the dress up with a statement neckpiece and killer heels, making it a perfect attire for a girl’s night out! Make sure to not keep other accessories to a nil, in order to let the neckpiece be the center of attention. Here’s one neckpiece from Forever21, that is, without a doubt, drool worthy!

3. An all-rounder, day dress

All-rounder, day dress

This closet essential is what you need for all day-time events. Ranging from luncheons to office work, these are perfect for almost anything. Pair them up with appropriate accessory and you are ready to rock.

Pssst! They are super comfortable and it takes no more than a minute to slip into this, which means extra 15 minutes in bed!

Here’s how you can look fashionably forward with a day dress:

    • – Day dresses look amazingly chic on their own, but to add an extra layer of sheer awesomeness, pair them up with a pair of gorgeous heels.
    • – For a casual affair, where keeping it simple yet surprisingly good looking is the agenda for the day, pair the dress up with leather footwear and you are ready.
    • – If it’s something more formal, pair the dress up with striking jewelry and high heeled, ankle tops.

4. A tailored suit

Tailored suit

A tailored suit is more of a business essential but little did we know that this can look amazing even outside the business boundaries! This classic wardrobe essential is, no doubt, perfect for all business events. Surpassing meetings, luncheons or if your budget allows, for everyday office wear.

These can be exceptionally expensive, but are definitely all worth it! It makes you look modern, professional and fashionably forward, all in one glance.

    • – A suit rarely requires any accessories. It looks amazing as it is. The most you can do to vamp up your attire in a tailored suit is, pair it up with pumps and a sleek bun, in the case of long hair, which is suitable for all work affairs.
    • – If work is not on your list, you can revamp your look, with a sleek hair setting paired with peep toe heels, making it work for almost any event, especially a luncheon or brunch that you have planned!

5. French-cuffed tailored dress shirt


French-cuffed tailored dress shirt


Well, dress shirts are the chicest article of clothing, which can be paired and, let me add, flaunted with almost anything. Be it a straight cut pant, a skirt, blazer or just on its own, the shirt is downright killer!!

Here are a few looks that you can wear:

    • – If you are looking to host a brunch or luncheon, you need to fetch this shirt right away! Not only is it light and airy but perfect for a daylight event, when paired with a boot cut pant and killer pumps.
    • –  If it is a work affair, where you want to show off this tailored closet staple, pair it up with a straight cut pant and work wedges.
    • –  If you want to flaunt these at a party tonight, pair it up with a pencil skirt and peep-toe heels, perfect attire for an all-nighter.
    • – Whereas if it’s just a girls-night-out and you are planning to shop and dine than pair the pencil skirt and French-cuffed shirt with knee-length boots and a short jacket.

For all the husbands out there, get these closet staples for your wife and bid farewell to all the ‘I don’t have anything to wear for today’ whining!

What else do you think should a woman own? Let us know in the comment box below and win a chance to be featured on our portal!