How to Grow Your Nails Faster?!

Nails enhance beauty; healthy nails are important for good health! If you’re looking for how to grow your Nails Faster, then you’re on right place.

The best thing about nails is that they are strong and even grow fast. They are like the beauty boosters for the hands. Nails are made up of same proteins as of hair, which is known as keratin. Keratin helps nails grow faster. However, fingernails grow even faster while the growth of toenails is quite slow. Usually, fingernails grow almost tenth of an inch per month. Sometimes the growth can be slower.

Many factors are responsible for such slow growth of nails and they include:


    1. Aging


    1. Hormone changes


    1. Health issues


    1. Chemotherapy or radiation


    1. Medications


    1. Nutritional deficiencies

Moreover, nails can grow fast because of factors like puberty in children and hormonal changes during pregnant conditions. We have some amazing tips which can help your nails grow very fast.

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Follow these tips in order to ensure the fast growth of your nails!


1. Don’t Bite Your Nails


Don’t bite your nails


Nail-biters have extremely slow nail growth and whatever growth is achieved, gets diminished by biting. So, if you are a nail-biter, consider it a very bad habit because it’ll do you no good.

Here how you can stop doing it.



    • Keep your nails polished (you surely don’t want to eat processed chemicals in nail colour)


    • Equip your nails with nail art (so, you try to keep the nails fancy)


    • Move slowly to eventually not biting nails at all (choose nails one-by-one that you wouldn’t bite)


    • Don’t bite the skin surrounded by your nails because the saliva will harm the roots of nails and make them weak


    • Keep a chewing gum and chew it when you feel like biting your nails.


    • See a therapist if you do it out of any anxiety disorder


2. Don’t Chip off Nail Polish


Don’t chip off nail polish


Chipping off your nail polish is a very bad sign and it even removes the top healthy layer of your nails leaving the weaker layer exposed. So, next time if you want to chip off your nail, think of the damage you are going to cause.

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3. Always Use the Base Coat and Top Coat


Always use the base coat and top coat 


Whenever in a hurry, you want to rush out so bad that you forget the important stuff i.e., proper nail polish application method. When you skip the proper nail polish procedure including all the coats, you are exposing yourself to the damage that is likely going to happen to your nails. The coats are important because they help the nails to stay stain free. Also, they help the nail polish to stick to your nails for a long period of time. If the nail polish chips off in less quantity, you are likely to reduce the damage that comes from chipping off the nails.




    • Whenever the nail polish starts to chip off, you can remove it instantly and for that you need pre-moist cotton balls. This can help you save your nails from any further damage.


4. Don’t Use Your Nails as Tools


Don’t use your nails as tools 


We tend to use our nails as tools. So, whenever anything isn’t opening or there’s no space; you just look at your nail and insert it in. This counts majorly for opening cans where nails are used as screws! We even use nails to scrape during dish washing and all. This makes our nails much weaker.


The best technique to stop doing this is slowing down. Tools like scissors and screws must be within reach. Nails are not your substitute for tools. You can also keep tools that help in opening, scraping, peeling and all others you need during a normal routine.

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5. How to Grow Nails Fast with Diet


Improve diet


By diet, we mean the foods which contain more folic acid and vitamin B9. These vitamins help the nerve cells to grow and prevent the further damage of cells. They keep the red blood cells healthy. These are the best vitamins for nail growth. You can’t, however, take these in toxic amounts. But the normal limit will usually keep your nails healthy!

Vitamin A is also great for your nails and the recommended intake is 700-900mg per day.

Vitamin C is another recommended nutrient for nail growth as it helps in recovering and strengthening the immune system. It works in recovering the body from the inside.



    • Eat the food sources like fish, red meat, cheese, and other fortified soy products which are high in folic acid.


    • Eat food sources like sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and leafy greens which are rich in Vitamin A.


    • Eat food sources like Oranges, kale, strawberries, and bell peppers which are high in Vitamin C.

These recommendations have been tested and they proved for having a great effect in growing your nails faster.

Follow these with proper care and have good nail time people!




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