Most Attractive Face Shape in Women

Most Attractive Face Shape in Women

I like to call this era, the ‘Look Perfect Era’. Where everyone is running after experiencing the perfect life. Whether it be looks, family, work or even food, we want it all to be just Perfect.

In the run for searching for the perfect look, here’s what we found about face shapes and how they can affect your beauty.

Beauty comes from within, but surprisingly, if you have the right face shape, it can elevate your beauty by a good 30 to 40%.

Before we jump into finding the most attractive face shape, let’s talk about the most common types of face shapes:

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– Oval

The oval face shape is longer and less wide. The face is widest at the cheek bones, while the jaw is narrower and sleek, with a forehead slightly broader than the chin.

– Long

Even more long and narrower than the oval shape. With little or no definition at the cheek bones, lengthier forehead and a fairly pointy and noticeable chin.

– Round

Round faces have nearly equal face length and width, which gives it the roundness. While the mass underneath the cheek bones gives the face shape its chubbiness. The forehead and chin are not as noticeable.

– Square

The square face shape usually is shorter and wider than any other kind of face shape. This shape consists of a fairly prominent jaw line, with a forehead as wide as the jaw.

– Heart

Heart shaped faces have broader foreheads and a narrower jawline, with a fairly pointy chin. With cheek bones as wide as the forehead.

– Diamond:

This diamond face shape is characterized with narrower forehead and jawline, while the cheek bones are fairly wide and prominent.

Before we state that one most attractive face shape, loved by all men and women alike, here’s what you should know.

Face shapes are not the ONLY feature that determine one’s beauty. There are other factors involved as well. Such as, other facial features (hair, eyes, nose, smile), personality, body type as well as ethics.

For example, one may have the most attractive facial shape but it is full of blackheads, do you think it will still be referred to as the most attractive?

Or one has the right face shape, but due to lack of sleep or other reasons it is swollen, do you think it will still be attractive enough?

Of course not. One will have to learn how to get rid of blackheads and also how to reduce swelling from face.

Also, where one might find a certain type beautiful, others might not. So individuality and preference also plays a major role.

With a huge population that consists of people from all ages of life and culture, it will be unfair and delusional to state that nothing but only one facial type is attractive, while the others are plain old boring.

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Research shows that square face shapes and heart face shapes are the most in demand, attractive or loved face shapes.

Basically, if you have a broad forehead, angular jawline, pointy chin or razor-sharp cheek bones, you have high chances that people drool over you.

The broader the forehead, the more far apart the eyes will be, making them look bigger and better. the same goes for a broader jawline, it puts all the focus on your smile, making it look more attractive. While the narrowness of the heart shape gives a leaner effect, which is loved and appreciated in most parts of the world.

1. Reese Witherspoon

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2. Scarlett Johansson

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3. Ruby Rose

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1. Olivia Wilde

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2. Angelina Jolie

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3. Lea Michele

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However, things work differently for men. In men, oval face shape are the most preferred face types. Man with fuller lips, bony face structure with high cheek bone but narrower chin and forehead, topped with blue eyes are what women find the most attractive.

Face shapes are purely a work of genes. It is a result of both your parents’ genes. Other factor involved in determining face shape is also your gender. Like any other feature both men and women have a different set of criteria.

Men usually have bigger and bolder features while women have a set of more fragile and softer features. This is usually due to the male and female hormones, estrogen and testosterone, respectively.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t tweak your original face shape.

One way is going under the knife that is, facial surgery. While the other, simpler but slower and more time-consuming way, is exercise. The results however are phenomenal.

Here’s a link to some thoroughly researched, tried and tested facial workouts that can help elevate and change your face shape, making it look more attractive in no more than 2 weeks.

Which facial type do you think is the best? Let us know in the comment box below.