5 outfits to rock on a date!

Raise your hand, if you want to look refreshingly chic, fashionably forward and comfortable in your style of clothes, this season! Especially on all those dates, the two of you have decided on doing, together.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a date, it can get pretty intense! Especially when you want to impress him but not go overboard with the idea, either. As much as you are looking to wear something entirely chic and flawless, you are also concerned about the fact that whether or not you will be comfortable in the outfit. Because the last thing you want to be on a date is uncomfortable!

So here are a few ideas to achieve ultimately cute date outfits, which you can surely rock on all sorts of dates. What is more fun is the fact that we have styled clothes according to the type and time of date, making them look favorable and amazing, no matter what!

Let’s begin!

1. A picnic in the park date:

The most common venue for dates happens to be a nice and cozy spot in the park, especially in summers. A hearty lunch meal followed by a stroll in the park.

For dates, like these, a super chic, floral summer dress with a pair of sandals and glasses work best. But the best thing about such dates is that they give you a wide variety of options when it comes to dressing up.

floral summer dress

If floral summer dresses are not your type, you can also go for a brightly colored jumpsuit, paired with a slight pair of wedges.

brightly colored jumpsuit

Another option includes a flared, knee-length skirt, paired with a statement t-shirt and sneakers.

flared knee-length skirt

Here are a few rules for park dates that you should keep in mind, and dressing up, accordingly, won’t be any problem:

    • Wear something that is flowy and light.
    • Choose a footwear that you are most comfortable in. Since the date usually involves a lot of walking, you wouldn’t want to tire yourself or God forbid, trip!
    • Last up, choose a hairstyle that doesn’t let your hair fall onto your face. Go for a hairstyle which is somewhat wind-proof.

2. A romantic Dinner-date:

Well, dinner dates are fairly common and by far, the easiest to dress up for. But several times, women get concerned about taking things overboard.

But with these set of rules, not anymore:

    • Dinner dates are usually formal and require balance to dress accordingly. We suggest an attire that is neither too heavy for a dinner nor too simple for the evening.
    • Wear something that has amazing drapes and cuts.
    • Pair it with killer heels.
    • Add a flaunting hair do.

Here are some cute date outfits that we have listed down:

A pastel toned, flared short dress, with a pair of killer heels and a matching clutch.


Romantic Dinner-date


If short dresses are not what you are looking for, as a dinner date outfit, long maxi dresses look good. Pair it up with a jacket, pointed-toe heels, and a designer clutch. Pair the outfit up with a side-swept ponytail and you are ready to make heads turn.

long maxi dresses

If flared dresses are not your style, you can also opt for a fitted mini dress. I personally love, one toned dress paired with beautiful heels and a statement neckpiece. Ear pieces also add an extra bling, when paired with loosely curled or blow-dried locks.

3. A weekend brunch date:

Cute, date outfits can sometimes be very hard to find. Especially if you are planning to go for a brunch, over the weekend.

    • First things first, since brunch is a day event, keep in mind to keep it simple.
    • Wear colors that aren’t too striking for the sunny morning. Pastels work best, but cool colors, such as hues of blues, greens and grays always do well.
    • Accessorize well. Accessories such as sunglasses and a hat work best. Delicate rings, studs, and necklaces also look good but avoid any extra bling.

A white, slip dress – short or long – is usually the best choice. Pair it up with a short body coat, a headpiece, and flat pumps and you are all ready to hit the brunch!


white slip dress

If slip dresses aren’t really your style, a flowy long dress paired with sandals can never go wrong. Pair the outfit with a wide-brimmed hat and you are good to go.

flowy long dress

If you are looking to keep your brunch date outfit casual, you can never go wrong with a faded jeans and white top, paired with black heels or wedges!

faded jeans and white top

Though, if you want to make a killer statement, pair your flared flapper pants with a crop top, pastel pumps and a crossbody clutch, to achieve the ultimate chic look!

flared flapper pants with a crop top

4. A movie night:

Movie night is the ultimate way to start your weekends. But it is often hard to determine what to wear. Since movie night is always followed by dinner or starts with dinner, getting an outfit that is both, well enough for a dinner date while also comfy enough to watch a movie, seems like a hell of a decision to make.

But with these tips, you are going to kill it!

    • Remember, you can vamp up any outfit just with a pair of shoes.
    • Add a lovely hair makeover

Since movie night is a mix of different things, here are a few ideas for cute date outfits that go well with each:

A pair of jeans, with a white tank top, paired with a studded coat blazer. Vamp the outfit with a killer, studded pair of heels or ankle boots, a matching bag, and studs to go with the beautiful up-do. (Up-do because, this would work well with both the dinner date and later on during the movie as well)


Pair of jeans, with a white tank top, paired with a studded coat blazer

Or if the blazer isn’t your style, go with a ruffled tank top, deep blue jeans, tear-drop earrings, a necklace and matching wedges. Loosely curl your hair and let them sit around on your shoulder for dinner, while during the movie, tie them up into a side swept ponytail or a messy bun!

Ruffled tank top, deep blue jeans, tear-drop earrings, a necklace and matching wedges.

5. Coffee house date:

Coffee dates are a typical casual event, but since it’s a date, you want to look as dashing as you were off to Milan fashion week while keeping it casual!

Well, that seems like a hell of a task!

Since it’s a casual event, we would suggest you keep it low. But that certainly does not mean you can’t look dashing.

    • Keep the makeup and hair do as simple and casual, as possible.
    • Keep the outfit casual too
    • Pair it with a nice purse and killer shoes to give your look the much-needed enhancement, without making it look like you over-did it.

Here are some outfit options that are sure to set a statement:

White pants with a white embroidered top accessorized with a pink handbag and killer heels. A dark lipstick with sleek hair gives the right amount of enhancement to your outfit.

White pants with a white embroidered top accessorized with a pink handbag and killer heels

Another cute date outfit that never fails to disappoint us, is a dark colored mini skirt paired with a black long sleeved shirt and knee length boots. Hairs set on the shoulder along with a cross body bag makes this, the perfect outfit for a coffee date!

Dark colored mini skirt paired with a black long sleeved shirt and knee length boots

Another look that we completely love and adore is a surprisingly simple yet enchantingly beautiful outfit. A button down, electric blue top tucked into a washed out blue jeans. This look is paired up with a striking pair of pink pumps and a clutch. Oh and don’t forget to add a brown belt to give your outfit a little break.

A button down, electric blue top tucked into a washed out blue jeans.

That’s about it for today! Let us know which outfit you loved best, in the comments section below and win a chance to be featured on our portal!

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