5 Successful Dating Tips for Men

If you are a 90’s kid, or older; you truly know the struggle of dating.

You have seen the days, when wanting to talk to your crush was not as easy as a “text message” or a “poke” on Facebook, (that’s very cheap BTW…poking )

A guy had to wait outside her house like a homeless kid, hide from the undertaker who brought her up (the mom, not the dad; moms are deadlier, trust me!), pretend to be the plumber; just to slip inside her room to fix whatever she wants you to fix (even if it’s her toilet), and most importantly make sure she never recognizes you (because if she does, she sure as hell won’t date you!).

I mean who dates a creepy stalker? Oh! But! Isn’t that what kids now a days do? Except today; the stalking happens on Facebook……awkward!


There are days, when you have to ask your parents for permission to go on a trip with friends. It’s not easy! Parents can get very stubborn about certain things and trips are precisely one of those!

You make a script!

You practise for several days; outside the house, while you’re taking a dump, under the dinner table, inside the biology lab. Practise! Practise! Practise!

And the day comes; you bend down on your knees, your parents have that death stare! You beg and beg until they say yes. And they eventually do….well mostly, right?!

But asking a girl on a date? It’s not as simple.

It’s the mother of all permissions!

It’s the mega mother! The lion of the love business!

The ultimate source of losing all respect in front of your friends (because they are for sure betting on her to say no!)

THE TARZAN OF THE JUNGLE! Ok, never mind! I’ve just been obsessing over Alexander Skarsgard!

The point being! Asking someone on a date is ridiculously difficult, and can haunt you for the rest of your life (even in your dreams).

Since you’re already on this article, you either have doubts on your “game”, or you just want to generally improve…..you know..…for….public service?

So here it is!

Steps to Successful Dating

1. Be a Man!

This stereotypical statement mostly comes across as someone telling you to man up and not cry, or not be emotional.

I absolutely disregard that way of thinking! ‘Be a man’ is about being respectful. It’s about being gentle and caring. It’s about understanding a woman’s needs and most eminently; standing by her through thick and thin.

If you really want to be that “dude” that gets the girls on dates…be a man, and respect them.

2. The scientific theory behind Scent

Every time a man passes by; leaving alluring scent in the air, I want to turn around and let him take me home.

I swear it’s something that happens inside me. Its science! We women have perfume hormones or something!

Yes. That’s how much girls LOVE good smell!

Buy them breathtaking scents and be the girl magnet!

P.s: Please don’t get carried away and empty perfume bottles before dates. It gets suffocating and nauseous!

3. Gifts!

The creator of language, paid very close attention to Girls and Gifts, and after a lot of in-depth study, he/she created both the words with the same letter.

Girls LOVE gifts!

But please don’t mistake me with expensive, lavish gifts. While there are many girls who would absolutely flaunt a man who buys them extravagant goodies, there are MANY girls, who would love a sweet thoughtful card, some beautiful flowers or even a hand written note.

Be creative. Surprise her with your ideas!

4. Intellect and Intimate

Like Girls and Gifts, intellect and intimate fall under the same letter umbrella for a very bright reason.

Intelligent, witty and intellectual guys are very VERY sexy!

With that being said, don’t start bragging about your degree being from Oxford, or your name in the deans list.

As much as we like men with knowledge, we absolutely loathe men who can’t stop talking about their academic awesomeness.

On a date, we quite don’t want to know how impressed your history teacher was with your answers, or how jealous the hot hunk of the school was with your education.

Nope! The spicy bar BBQ chicken in front of us, is much more interesting than your high school Excellency!

Be a subtly educated man. If that makes sense!

5. Be Protective

OKAY! This is very important!

Girls ADORE men who make them feel safe. And if most of you are thinking that means “beating other men for her” than, boy you need lessons! Beating other men, while you’ve come on a date with her, is disrespectful and disregarding.

It will never make her feel safe; it might freak her out, in fact.

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Some Other Dating Tips for Men


    • If you see a guy staring at her bare hands, give her your jacket/coat.
    • If you see men commenting on her privates, give them a look or move out of that setting.
    • Don’t take her to unsafe locations and, if she asks you to take her to a spot you think is not secure, explain that to her. She’ll understand, and she’ll respect you for that.
    • Know when to hug her tight. Hugs make us women feel very secure!
    • Don’t try to get into her pants without warning. Ask her if she’s comfortable.

These are few of the MANY things you can do to make her feel protected. Just remember to be alert and keep in mind that she probably has a protocol of men who would beat the life out of you if you let something happen to her!

Dear men and women! Dating is indeed amusing, but at the same time risky and complicated. You might be having “fun” with someone, who’s sitting on the other side of the table, looking at you and making life-long plans with you by their side.

Enjoy your days, but at the same time, keep reminding yourself that you’re not a person who would hurt someone’s feelings.

Dating doesn’t have to be a mystery. It doesn’t even need to be complicated. It just takes a bit of thought and effort – and a touch of courage too!


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