5 Tips You Need to Know About How to Flirt with a Girl

There is an old saying, “Hit the iron when it is hot!” A flirter does the same!

Flirting is an art. If you know, how to flirt with a girl, you are a successful person (in dating’s perspective).

Believe me or not, we all have crush for someone in our heart and mind, right?

I know, I know… A person’s foggy image occupied your imagination as you read the word “someone,” right?


Isn’t it magical?

YES! It is…!

Flirting helps you to get attention of your crush, right?

A flattering comment, a sensual touch, or a cute smile with eye-contact, all express you SOO have feelings for that person.

Flirting is natural! If you like someone, you will try your best to get close to that person. You will do different things to impress your counterpart. It happens to everyone…… for anyone!

This article will teach you, how to flirt? Ahem…!

Let’s get started!


5 Best Ways to Flirt with a Girl

1. Pass a Smile: The first step

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The first and foremost step to flirt is a smile. It is a natural way of nonverbal interaction. A smiling face attracts everyone.

Smile creates a positive image and triggers a spontaneous nonverbal conversation.

Believe me or not, it works…… with everyone!

Establish an eye-contact, and focus on face and lips. These signs will depict that you are interested in the girl.

Can you guess, what will be the response of the girl if she is interested in you, too?


She will also pass you a SMILE!

2. Flattering Compliments

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Every female loves admiration of her beauty. This is the best way to flirt with a girl, because, she will accept it with open heart!

But, the question is… How to flirt with the help of compliments?

Surely, it is important to know!

Admire her dressing, and praise her hairstyle. Also, pass flattering comments about her voice.

You may praise her by saying, “You are looking very hot in this skinny dress!” Moreover, “You are looking pretty in this hair-do!”

These comments will depict that you are interested in her. Maintain an eye-contact and pass a smile while you are praising her beauty!

3. Friendly Conversations

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A friendly conversation is necessary to build up a relationship. Discuss various topics with your girl and ask her about her interests, likes and dislikes.

It will help you to understand her nature. Listen to her carefully and make comments to show that you are listening. Keep her interested by asking relevant questions and encourage her to talk.

These small actions will portray your image as a good person. She will definitely consider you a friend, or more!

But, choose your words carefully. Do not use seductive and abusive words.

4. Make Physical Contact

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A flirt without touch is worth nothing. Therefore, create chances to touch her. For example, hold her hand and you can share these beautiful lines from the movie ‘unfaithful’, “your eyes are amazing, do you know that? You should NEVER shut them, even at night!”

Such flattering lines will allow you to come closer to your partner. She will surely take it as a compliment, and this is your chance, hug her or kiss her, whatever you feel better, at that moment! But never try to force any action on her if she is unwilling, never shatter her delicate trust!

Also, in the beginning, avoid bold comments and sensuous touch. But later, if you feel the girl will not oppose such things, you can move on!

5. Flirt While Chatting

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You can show your feelings by eye-contact, touch and smile, only if your girl is with you. But, what if your girl is not with you? How to flirt with a girl over text?

You can flirt over text only if you are well-aware about psyche of the girl. You must choose words carefully.

For example, if the girl tells you that she is watching a movie. Ask her some funny questions!

Like, OMG! Are you watching a funny movie? I hope the actor is not as handsome as me or I will beat the guy *smirk face*. Such conversations will also make the girl get an idea that you are trying to get serious with her.

You will surely get funny replies from your girl. It will enhance frankness and mutual understanding.

Here is the complete guide about How to Text Girls to Get Their Attention

Some Other Things about How to flirt with a girl

  • Never force her to do anything.
  • Never flirt with other girls in front of your girl.
  • Work on your looks to be her hero.
  • Be bold, but polite.
  • Win her trust.
  • Exchange gifts.
  • Never over-dress. Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Do not make fun of her.
  • Ask her opinion on various issues.
  • Respect her friends too.

In short, only a nice person can become a good flirter. So, change yourself to become the best option for your girl.

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