6 Signs Your Heart Has Fallen

Are you in love?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with an increased heart rate?

Do you find it difficult to fall asleep on every night ? Do you feel lost all day long? Is your bank balance going nil?

Does your stomach tingle, and itch every now and then?


Then ask yourself!

Is your final exam close by ? Do you have an upset stomach?

Have you eaten anything all day long?

Are you a night owl? Most importantly, are you constipated?

Because, these are the only possible conclusions to your symptoms mentioned above.

You’re definitely not in love!

Be sure to sit in open air; because you sure will need to breathe this out!


Falling in love, is so much more real and perhaps scary, than how they are shown in the movies; where there’s music, beautiful moments, perfectly build situations and flawlessly dressed girls.

In reality, indeed there are beautiful moments, but they’re not scripted. They…just happen!

Full of mistakes, bloopers and embarrassment.

But that’s what makes it true, doesn’t it?

Signs you’re in love with Him/Her

Sign 1 : Phone obsession!


6 Signs Your Heart Has Fallen 7

Did he message me? Omg he messaged me!

Has he replied yet? Why would he not reply?

Does he even like me? Am I going crazy?

Should I call him? Should I send him a message to make sure he didn’t die on me?

Is he okay?

Is he cheating on our not so official-in my head-absolutely unreal-made up, relationship? I think I should forward him a joke! ……..

If you’re obsessing over your phone, and you brain is racing with these questions. Yup! You’re in love.

Sign 2 : Everything’s about him/her

“That dress is so cute! It would look great on her”. Awww *looks at a random guy drinking water* “he must drink water too!”

Literally everything is about them! From the songs you’ve started listening to, to the pages you share on Facebook, to the friends you choose to hang out with, to the spots you pick for your night time chilling.


If you’re doing this lately, Oh boy! Love has happened!


Sign 3 : You have memorized their messages!

“I have exactly 2 minutes till class starts! Okay great time to re-read his messages.”

*best friend calls*

Best friend: “hey babe, free?”

You: “No man, super busy”

Best friend: “with what?”

You: “umm, uh… ahhh, just readinghismessages, okay bye”

Love! Love! Love! Can smell it from over here!


Sign 4 :You’d do anything to meet them!

You have 2 assignments, 3 quizzes, 4 exams and lots of chores to do. “Hey you free tonight” “oh you bet I am!”

If you’re cancelling all your plans, failing your exams, and ruining your meetings. You know you’re in love!


Sign 5 : The social media madness!

If you know what he did in the summers of 2008, then Congratulations! You are now officially the obsessive, weird, crazy, stalker lover!

P.s: Because you don’t want them to know that you’re a crazy freak, be very careful with the like button on social media. Mistakes happen…believe me!

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Sign 6 : You’re happier than ever!

6 Signs Your Heart Has Fallen 8

Now here’s where science steps in!

Did you know? That our brain appears to be different when we fall in love! Which does NOT AT ALL MEAN that you start getting CT SCANS every time you date a guy.


There are certain reactions that happen in the brain when you fall in love. A chemical “dopamine” is released, which triggers happy hormones, the feeling of panic, and a weird sensation in the stomach.

So if you’re tingling in the tummy, and you think it’s because you need to let lose of the bladder, than darling no. It’s just love!


6 Signs Your Heart Has Fallen 9

If you search on Google about the signs that tell you whether or not you’ve fallen in love, you will end up falling out of it.

So if you really want to know what’s going on in your heart, ask yourself!

Sometimes, all we need is 5 minutes away from the noisy world out there, to figure out our true feelings. Give yourself that time and space and closely hear your heart talk. I promise; you’ll be amazed!

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