60 Cute Paragraphs for Her

Words are probably the best way to express your emotions and feelings for her. Trigger her emotional intimacy and hidden feelings by sharing cute paragraphs and nicely crafted lines for her.

We all have hidden fears especially related to our loved ones, right?

To get rid of the nervousness and anxiety of things we can’t express face to face, writing them in the form of cute paragraphs for her is an easiest as well as suitable way.

Whether you want to apologize upon your mistake or you are willing to express your emotional attachment, love, care, and feelings for your crush; write cute paragraphs for her because it’s undoubtedly the best way to express what you want to express!

Moreover, there’s no doubt that words have their own impact and efficacy in all kind of relationships and we can’t ignore the power and outcome of a well-crafted combination of words!

We are going to enlist some awesome paragraphs for her that’ll help you to shower your love and care in a different as well as lighthearted manner.

You can’t get a girl’s attention by showing your love and affection for her in the form of good deeds and acts of kindness.

Instead, you have to make her feel special and different and this can be best done by scripting a cute paragraph for her!


The Feelings Match

When you are sad, your sadness makes me sad! When you are happy, your happiness makes me happy! When you smile, I can’t stop myself from smiling! I believe, we are a perfect match! Don’t YOU…?


The Caring One

I believe I have born to see smile on your face and to make you feel happy. I can’t see any other purpose of my life. No matter, what the circumstances are! You’ll always find me behind your back!


The Courage Source

You are and have been my source of inspiration! I can’t imagine fighting alone with all the hardships that I had faced, I’m facing, and those that I will have to face in the future! You’ll be my source of inspiration. You are the only one whom I can count on!


The Completeness

Although, there’s a lot missing in my life but when you are around I feel like I have everything and there’s nothing else I need! My life seems to be completed and contented. There’s no other thing that gives me such peace! It’s only YOU!


No Regret

I have regrets regarding many things from my past as well as present! But, loving you is probably the most worthy feeling for me. It’s the only thing about which I have no regret! Everything seems so clear, decent, and beautiful when you are around!

Morning is the best time to remind her how much love and care you have for her! Write cute paragraphs for her to wake her up with a reminder that there’s someone who wants to fill her every day and each morning with blessings and happiness.

Try to use a different and cute name to call your girlfriend in every paragraph. It’ll cast your image as a gentle and loving person.


The Life Reason

Every morning I wake up with new dreams and eagerness to achieve life goals just to see happiness and smile on a person’s face – that’s YOU! Thanks for being a motivation, a reason for me to stay happy and hopeful and beyond all of these bundle of thanks for being my DREAMBOAT!


Life Goal

I work beyond my limits, I think beyond my imagination, and most importantly I pray GOD to keep both of us together because I can’t imagine a moment without you! You are my life goal. You are probably the best thing I could think or work to achieve – You are my one and only one goal of life.


The Dream Sharing

Every night I dream about you. I feel you are lying beside me and I just can’t stop my hands from cuddling you! I am anxiously waiting for that moment when it will not be a dream anymore!


My Morning Tune

The singing of birds, smoothness of the morning breeze, and mildness of the sun could be the best things for everyone but for me voice of your laughs, glimpse of your smile, and sweetness of your talks are the lifelines. I can’t think of a moment in the whole night when I haven’t missed you!  You are my only love – you will always be!



Wake up Dear! Open your window, listen to the melody of birds, judge the beauty of sun, and feel the coldness of morning breeze! I bet, you are more beautiful in all aspects! The freshness of this whole environment resembles with you – but isn’t beautiful than you!

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Depict your intimacy, love, and affection for your crush by sending her these cute as well as sweet paragraphs for her!

Let your crush know how much and deeply you love her!


The Luckiest Person

I have a feeling that I am the luckiest person of this planet! I’ve a nice family, a great job, peace of mind, and most importantly, a person on whom I can count upon! You are the one with whom I want to spend the rest of my life.

You are CRUSH!

You are my LOVE!

You are my LIFE!

You are my LUCK!


The Ultimate Promise – A cutest Paragraph for Her

I promise, I will always give the best things of this world, I will not include any one else in the best moments of my life except YOU!

I wish to share my whole life with you. I just want your companionship! I want your love! I want your love – Nothing else is my desire!


The addiction

Your smile stops my heart beat, your talk makes everything else vague in my mind, your touch makes me the richest person on this planet, and most importantly, your thoughts give me a chance to smile. I confess, I am an addict – You are my addiction.


The Love Meter

No one can measure the love I have for you! My love for you is deeper than the depth of the sea, sweeter than sweetness of the honey, stronger than strength of the bulky mountains, and hotter than the hotness of SUN! I don’t have words to say, “I Love You!”


A Thankful Note

When it comes to best relationships people give names of the family, friends, and lover. I find all of these relationships in one person – that’s you! I can’t ask GOD for anything else because I have what others wish – Thanks for being my love of life and ultimate attachment!


A Lasting Love

When you feel stumbled, you can count on my hands. Even when you show up with the worse getup, my eyes will find your look the most promising one! Even when you feel the loneliest person on this planet, you will find me standing right behind your back! I will always be there to remind you that I LOVE YOU!


The Billions Affections

Billions of people around the world and billions of reason to love them all. Combining all those reasons and multiplying them with billion, you’ll get the reasons I love you and will always be with you. Stay blessed and mine!


The change

In the beginning, I flirted you because you were the most beautiful and charming girl. But now, I love you because you are the most clean-hearted, nice, and sweetest person I have ever met! It’s only my luck that you are with me.


Commitment Phobia

Before knowing you and starting a relationship with you, I was suffering from a commitment phobia. It got away after I got into a long term relationship with you because you are the only commitment I can never break. With the passage of time, it transformed into an addiction – Now, I am an addict of your personality!


All Day’s Search

Every day, I opt for your smile, I work for your happiness, I wish for your companionship, and I ask GOD for your affection and love. My day starts with your thoughts and ends with a complete satisfaction that you are with me!


Emptiness Filler

I can’t even imagine a life where you aren’t with me. I can’t imagine a loneliness where I can’t think about you. I can’t imagine a dream which doesn’t encircle you. In short, you are the only one who can fill emptiness of my heart.

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Don’t let her mind ignore you even at night. Remind her that your feelings are true and there’s no replacement except her.

Here are some cute goodnight paragraphs for her that’ll depict your deep affection and emotional attachment with your Dream Girl.


Missing Part of Heart

When I’m not with you, I assure you that there’s a part of my heart that keeps beating on your name. Every beat of my heart creates a node of your name. It’s just to remind you that I will always be with you. Good Night. Have sweet dreams.


Kissy Miss – A Sensational Paragraph for Her

My cheeks are missing the texture of your lips. My lips are missing the taste of your tongue. My arms are missing the softness of your hug. My heart is missing the peace of your presence but my mind is quiet because it knows you will come in my dream – Good Night.


A Tough Moment

Knowing you was probably the easiest part of our relationship but separation of a moment is the hardest part of my life. I can’t bear distance from you. Promise me, you will fill my dreams with fragrance of your love – Good Night.


The Dreamy Look

In my dreams, you look more beautiful, you voice triggers the sensations in my mind, and the way you touch, it makes me feel that I’m the most blessed person in this world. I wish, this could become an everlasting reality.

Let her feel the warmth of your love by sharing your caring perspective and ultimate affection. These Love paragraphs translate your feelings into words – just don’t hesitate to express what you really feel!


Happiness Guider

I faced many moments in my life when there was nothing left to smile upon. Then, my mind casted an image of you in my thoughts and I just can’t stop myself from smiling. Thanks for being a sorrow solver as well as a happiness guider!


Truly Loved

It’s hard to judge whether you are in true love or not! The only thing that depicts your love as TRUE is the sleepless nights, desperation of loneliness (when your love isn’t with you) and feelings of ultimate excitement when that person is with you. It’s just a confirmation call that I LOVE YOU!


The Pinching Fact

I so often dream about you that sometimes I have to pinch myself to confirm that I’m not sleeping and your presence isn’t a dream. For me, it isn’t hard to figure it out that I LOVE YOU!


Missing Norm

All my routines seem to be complete and on schedule except the fact that I miss you all the time. I don’t have a second of spare time – because I always think about you. All my thoughts leads me towards you. You seems to be my ultimate destination.



Everyone says love is hard to get. Seeing you sitting beside me ensures that love isn’t difficult to get if you really LOVE. I always look forward to the day when you will be mine – forever!

Don’t hesitate to show off your feelings and emotions if you love her. You can use these cute paragraphs to touch her heart. Don’t fear about the response. Just take a step and let her know someone loves her from the core of his heart. Best of Luck!

Women love it when someone appreciates their work, or praises their looks, or admires anything that directly or indirectly belongs to them. The point is, writing a sweet paragraph for her is important and mandatory up to some extent because it will at least let her know that she is special, cute, and beautiful in multiple aspects.

If you have ability to admire and to say sweet things to your girlfriend, you certainly have capability to start of a long lasting and happy going relationship.

In sweet paragraphs for her, you can talk about her good habits, her amazing perspectives, her kindness, her humble attitude, her greatness, her faithfulness etc. In short, you can share with her whatever you want but just keep in mind the flow of the things and most importantly the nature of your relationship with her.


The Perfect Match                                           

You have been so supportive, so different, so unique, and so naughty that I can’t think of anyone else except you. You seems like a perfect match because the kind of understanding, respect, and honor I have for you isn’t possible for anyone else. You are a right choice for me and it is a fact too that you have everything that a man can wish.


Steady Feeling

Life moves on, things change, perceptions are revised, habits replace one another but considering the kind and nature of relationship with you, it is impossible for me to move on without you because you are my strength, you are stairs, you are a way that leads me towards happiness and peace of mind. In short, you are the one and only one steady feeling.


Best Acceptance

You accepted my anger when I was talking too loud, you hold my hand when I felt like being lonely, you showered your trust when I was lacking the trust factor, and most importantly, you kept me and my thoughts align while I wasn’t feeling well about myself. You have been the best acceptor and I love your sweet acceptance.


Mutual Bonding

Your way of coping with the awkward situations, your awesomeness of dealing with the rough moments, and your acts of kindness and mutual respect makes me feel like the most special person of this world because this shows the strength of mutual understanding between you and me.


The Fullest Life

People desire to live their life in the best possible way they can! I can say this to the whole world that I am living my life at my best because I have the fullest feeling, the perfect friends, and most importantly a partner that never lets me and my morale down. Thank you honey for being the perfection and keeping my life full of happiness.


The Superhot

You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Every time I see you, I feel a lot of changes in myself, I feel weakness in my knees, and my legs seem to be shiver a bit. In short, I want to say you that you are a superhot person that I have ever seen in my life.


My Fairy Tale

I never believed in the fairy tales but when I saw you my mind enforced a thinking that YES, fairy tale is possible. It rattled my mind, my wishes seem to come true, and you became my one and only one fairy tale.


Silly Thoughts

Your love and affection has given a way to silly thoughts in my mind. Your behavior and caring is different than everything. It makes me think that you are the one who is so s-e-x-y that it is hard to avoid or to ignore you.

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If you are in love with your girlfriend, there is no restriction in being naughty with her. To create fun and to be naughty with her you can write cute naughty paragraphs for her.

Women love those who are fun creator and those who like being funny. Therefore, feel free to send your girlfriend a cute naughty paragraph for her.

Let’s move on!


Tie Breaker

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you proper time because of my busy and hectic routine for the past few days. I’m not saying it to tease you or to remind you that I have ignored you a bit. I am just saying it because I am ready to go out with you at some place very lonely and very dark – where no one could disturb us. I’ll be ready to feel the warmness of your body and temptation of your love.


Better Way

Living up the life in dog-gy style, or cow style, or in your most favorite position i.e. mission-ary position. You have plenty of options to choose and work upon. You can choose which one suits your needs and which one you would like to try! Hey Honey! There’s no restriction in being creative. We can also try something different.


Unleashed Hotness

This text is to inform you that my heart rate is going up, my muscles are feeling stretched, my arms are feeling lonely, my breath is a bit heavy, and my mind is forcing me to leave everything and to go and hug you, kiss you, and …!


Mind Reading Machine

I feel you are a mind reading machine and so do my lower body parts. Both of you have a strong connection. Some muscles of my body gets too stiff when I see you while you make the coffee. Believe me, you look damn hot than the coffee.


Coffee Machine Replacement

Baby, I have an idea in my mind that will surely be very helpful for you i.e. we must discard our coffee maker because it cannot produce a hottest cup of coffee. I have a replacement for it – YOU. Because, your hotness is far more than the hot coffee which is made using coffee maker. This machine must be replaced.

When you are sending her a cute paragraph, length of the paragraph doesn’t matter. You can choose cute long paragraphs for her from our list to send her. The purpose of these paragraphs isn’t to promote boredom instead, you can use these paragraphs to impress her by letting her know how much she matters for you.

Long paragraphs for her are a best way to express your heartiest feelings and deep connection that you have for her.  Making your relationship glorious isn’t an easy to do thing because you have to go out of your limits to devise reasons and opportunities that will ultimately strengthen your relationship with the girl of your dreams.

If we are talking about ways and means, a long paragraph for her is probably the best way to express your feelings because words have their own impact!


Finding Sleep

It’s been quite difficult to find sleep last night. I tried to figure out the reason of such restlessness but failed almost every time, in the morning a fact came to my mind that I am away from a special person. Last night, I was feeling lonely that’s why I couldn’t sleep! I missed a lot of things. I missed the charm of encircling your arms around my body, I missed the smoothness of your hairs, I missed your beautiful gestures, I missed your smile, and the fact is I missed everything that belongs to you.


The Ultimate Day Starter

Can you start your day without coffee? Can you spend your day without eating anything? Can you spend your day without breathing? Can you live if your heart stops working? Can you feel happy if you are feeling too much alone – even in the public? The fact is, we cannot do anything at all if we are lacking any of the above-mentioned aspects. Same happened with me today, I just can’t start my day because I was missing my ultimate day starter – YOU and YOUR SMILE!


The Best Thing

I can’t ask anything else from you because you have already given me the best thing i.e. your heart. You are the one whose presence and absence affects me, you are the one whose smile forces me to smile, you are the one whose sadness makes me sad, and you are the one without whom I am incomplete. I can’t think of a life without you because you are the best thing I have, you are the precious thing I can count on, and you are the one and only LOVE of my life.


Indescribable LOVE

People say LOVE is a feeling, some say it is a kind of emotional attachment, few say it is an endless bond with your counterpart, and I believe that it is the only thing that no one can describe in words. It is the only thing that can take any form. It can put you in a situation to hate others because they have no respect for your love, it can lead you to love others if they have respect for you as well as your love of life, it can make you feel happy, it can be the reason behind your sadness etc. In short, the only thing that can’t be described or explained is the ultimate feeling of LOVE and affection.


Hearted Appreciation

Billions of people in the world but my soul find peace in you, numerous faces in this world but my heart beats for you, and most important thing is, plenty of things to be happy but this heart only pumps the blood of happiness, energy and love when you are around. I appreciate your feelings for me, I love the way you respect my feelings, and I LOVE YOU because there’s no one else in the world who is so much beautiful, honest, and respectful – You are the only person in this world who has all of these characteristics.


A Permission

Allow this text to be my voice so that I could talk to you and you could listen to me, allow the mobile to be my eyes so that I could see you and you could see me, and most importantly, allow your lips to get a smile for me so that I could see you smiling. In short, I want to get a way to your heart. Can you give me this most precious path so that I could start my life journey with you because you are the only road in this world that is also a destination?


More than Girlfriend

I want to make a confession, it will be totally wrong if I call you my girlfriend because you aren’t just my girlfriend, you are far more than that! People say they need money and they want best lifestyle but I opt for YOU. You are the only thing that I have ever wished. You are the only person with whom I want to spend rest of my life. You are the girl of my dreams. You are the one with whom I feel complete. You are the reason of my life. You are my life. You are more than just a friend or girlfriend because you are my heart beat.


Happiness Time

I do many things in the whole day but, all of that time I spend away from you doesn’t make me happy or contented at all. You are the one and only with whom when I spend my time, I get to know what happiness is! The time I spend with you makes me feel proud. The time I spend with you makes me a happy man. The time I spend with you seems to be the best time of my life because it always gives me ultimate pleasure and inner satisfaction.


The Soul Connector

I tried different things to stay contented and happy, I failed badly. Then, you came and my life filled with unbounded happiness and pleasure. You are a path that lead me to a way where I could meet my own soul. You are the evergreen destination that filled me pride and honor. You are the best source that helped me to find myself and my own lost soul. Since you have been my soul connector, will you be my soul mate? Will you wish to continue a lifelong relationship of honor, respect, and mutual understanding?


A Soundless Deceleration

Whether it was day or night, whether I was in the public or alone, whether you were with me or not, whenever I think about you, my heart beats at its best. Every morning, you are the first thought of my mind and I grab my phone to see the good morning text. Every night, I sleep thinking about you because I want to sleep in peace. Every moment, my heart asks about you. In short, I want to make a silent deceleration that my life encircles around you and your thoughts.


The Life Changer

YES! You are the one who has changed my life. You are the one who has made me a man of reality. You are the one who has altered my thinking from negative to positive. You are one who taught me to live the moments. You are the one and only who shared the best with me. You are the one whom I think as a role model. You are the one who gave me reason to strive for the best. In short, you have planted a hope of life in me. Everything has changed, my opinion, my perspective to live and enjoy life, and my thoughts. You are my life changer – An angel.


Best Happening

You are the one who has planted a life hope in me. For sure, you are the best thing that has ever happened with me. You behavior has been outstanding, you know very well how to give and take respect! You have treated me the way a male wishes for. You unlimited respect, your too much caring, your endless love, your ultimate closeness, and everything that belongs to you is a thing that makes me the best person. Undoubtedly, you are the best incident of my life and let me confess that you are the best part of my life.


Right Line

I asked myself numerous times about the turning point of my life, and every time, my heart loudly spoken one name – your name. It reminded me all the events, and thick and thins of life when everyone was against me but there was one and only one person who said, “I am behind your back, don’t worry!” I came to a conclusion that my life would have been totally creepy if I look it without you. You have put me on the right track. You have let me choose the best. Will you be my best for the rest of your life?


My World

It is a fact that I LOVE YOU. You have become a mandatory aspect of my life. Let me confess that I don’t have words to be thankful and grateful for your kind support, love, and humble association with me. My world starts at YOU – It also ends upon YOU. Your companionship has triggered an emotional stability and keenness in me. You have become an outstanding part of my world. It would not be wrong at all if I disclose the fact that you are my world.


Magnificent Feeling

The way you hold my hand, the way you touch, the way you say “how are you?” The way you show me your love and respect for me. The way you call my name. The way you come closer to me, the way you smile, the way you listen me, the way you stare at me, and the way you made eye contact puts me in a love oriented position. All of these things always give me pleasure, calmness, and most importantly, I feel myself the luckiest person of this world because I have so many magnificent feelings and things to cheer about that it is hard to keep track of everything.


Love Boundaries

Isn’t it a fact that love has no limit? Isn’t it a fact that love has no boundary? Isn’t it a fact that love is hard to get? I know, the answer to all of these questions is YES! But, let me confess that being in love with you has let me create a boundary for myself, I have been limiting my surrounding and companionship; it is not because I have any issue with you. It is just because I don’t want anyone to disturb us. For me, you are everything and I don’t want anyone to steal you from me. My love for you is limitless but I just wanted it to limited to me! That’s it!


No Comparison

There are millions of women on the planet but no one can be compared with you because you have the best sense of humor, kind attitude, and above all you are the love of my life. No one be compared with you. You have a charming personality, beautiful looks, and sizzling body gestures – OMG! Your every smile pulls my heart out of me because it is the best I have ever seen. You partnership is what is have wished throughout my life. Will you be my babes for the rest of your life – I want your companionship, ready?

Don’t hesitate to show off your feelings and emotions if you love her. You can use these cute paragraphs to touch her heart. Don’t fear about the response. Just take a step and let her know someone loves her from the core of his heart. Best of Luck!




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