7 reasons why long distance relationships are good

I’m sure you have heard all sorts of horrendous, long distance relationship stories about how much they are screwed.

But if you have an amazing job offer that encourages you to move to another city, you should not have double doubts about your relationship.

Well here’s something we have learned about why long distance relationships are good, and they are so worth it!

Yes, there will be a fair share of difficulties, like in every other relationship, but at the end of the day, LOVE always wins!

So here it is:


No borders can restrain love

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If it’s true love you are talking about, then hear me clear, it cannot be restricted by any border. Love is the most powerful of forces and even if you’re a thousand miles apart, it cannot weaken against your will.

Yes, the borders may become a physical hindrance for you, but as we said, no force, no hindrance can take away your love!

Those special meetups

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Yes, you may not be able to meet up so often, but whenever you do, you know that it’s always a treat.

The memories you make will be cherished every day by both of you, whenever miles apart. Those memories will make you stronger and make you fall in love deeper!


The key to a good relationship is giving each other “space”

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Well, maybe not THIS much space. But on the bright side, long distance relationships help bring out the best in each of us.

Yes, each of you both has the time and energy to put into yourself and your career which can sometimes be a little difficult when together.

Plus, long lasting relations help you grow, on your own without being dependent on each other, which means exploring a world of possibilities for each of yourselves.

Emotionally partnered yet not going socially overboard

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Well, this one’s true and pretty exciting. Both of you have a partner with whom you connect to on an emotional level, yet have a completely vivid social life, each of your own.

When living together, the concept of mingling with friends seems to take a back seat, replacing it with PJs and Netflix but not when in a long distance relation.

In such cases, you force yourself to get out and connect with your friends yet when you are back, you know there is that special someone who is ready to listen to what you did, all night long!

Fun facts about long distance relationships

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Well, this you gotta be thankful for! A recently conducted poll suggests 75% couples complain about how the romance in their relation has taken a back seat just after 2 years of being together. But not in long distance relationships!

As we said earlier, sometimes space keeps the passion alive. The less you meet, the more your passion grows.

Yes, we do agree that it’s hard to stay away, but it’s all worth it at the end of the day!


Conversing over messages all day long

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This too is a keeper. Once you start living together, conversing over messages means asking for your partner to bring along eggs on his way or telling him you will be out till late etc.

But when living borders apart, messaging becomes a need. You keep on your texts, snap chats and WhatsApp all day long and update each other of every relevant information. This makes you feel close.

You start building trust

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When it comes to trusting each other, nothing tests it better than a long distance relationship. It makes you realize the depth of your love.

It brings out vibes that even miles apart, beyond your sight, you trust them without a doubt in your mind. And when such is the case, be sure to know you two were meant to be together and there is no stopping you!

Here’s a little long distance relationship advice that will make living miles apart better for you and your significant other:

  • Do not blame being far apart, as the one and only motive of your problems. This will make living and making the relationship look like a burden to you, even if it isn’t.
  • Keep in mind, living apart can and will be difficult. Try to accept the fact rather than putting up a fight. It will be much easier to compromise on some grounds. Fighting will make you nothing but aggressive and that is the last thing you want to be, trust me!
  • Never and I repeat NEVER, compare your relationship with others. This will worsen the situation that you are already in. Keep in mind that not all relations face the same problems, but they do face problems and there is no shame in accepting that.
  • Last but definitely not the least, patience. Know that patience is the key to every lock when it comes to sustaining a long distance relationship. So remember to keep it close by, always.

Remember, at the end of the day, you will emerge victorious with the love of your life standing right by your side. The memories you make, even while staying miles apart, will be the most cherished of memories you two have shared together.

And years later, the struggle the two of you put up will keep you bonded together because you know that you can survive through anything, together!

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