8 Things You Can Relate To IF you Wear the Same Makeup Look, ALWAYS!

8 Things You Can Relate To IF you Wear the Same Makeup Look, ALWAYS!

So, there are three types of women in this world:

    • Those who love buying all sorts of makeup and experimenting with it.

buying all sorts of makeup

    • Those who have no more than 5 essential makeup products, which they contently use.


5 essential makeup products

    • But then are those, such as me, who love hoarding all sorts of makeup products but have been using no more than four products every day, for the past 5 years.

If you fall into the category of such women who love hoarding makeup and, despite watching hundreds of makeup Gurus on Youtube, you end up following your age-old, Everyday Makeup Routine, I feel you!

1. Despite having a drawer full of makeup, the only things that you use are the three essentials; eye liner, blush, and a lipstick. Mascara too probably….. on days when you feel your everyday makeup routine needs a bit of re-vamping.


 eye liner, blush, and a lipstick


2. Whether or not you use it, your love for buying makeup products never, and I repeat NEVER, subsides. But that’s not it!

buying makeup products


3. A new makeup trick in town?

Even though you are all 110% sure that you’ll never try this trick on yourself, you always have a strong urge to be the first one to learn it, nonetheless.


Strobing 101

4. By now you are well aware of your addiction to ‘everyday makeup routine’, but you can never stop yourself from watching those makeup tutorials.

everyday makeup routine

5. You won’t hesitate to spend hours looking up for new makeup pallets and learning new tricks, but when it comes to applying it on yourself, you back-out in a heartbeat!

new makeup pallets

6. You always go back on your promises that you make every time. This relates to you to be standing in line to buy a new makeup product, which you deep down know that you’ll never ever put to use. Instead, it will rest in your makeup drawer, like all other makeup hauls, am I right?

7. Even if you do experiment with the new stuff, you always end up hating it for some or the other reason. And most of the times, these reasons are pretty stupid.

8. Or maybe you love your everyday makeup routine a bit too much and just the mere thought of making changes to it makes your heart sink.

9. All the little changes that you do make in your everyday makeup routine are unnoticeable to others, of course!

10. This might be one other reason why you hate change because you think no-one appreciates it or notices it, whereas the changes you bring in, itself, are too mere to be noticed and complimented *and the efforts go down the drain*

11. To you, change means nothing more than wearing just one tone lighter of the same color, be it a lipstick or an eyeshadow.

one tone lighter

12. You buy all sorts of eye shade pallets but when it comes to using them, you end up using just one color, out of them all.

eye shade pallets


13. Despite zillions of other products lying in your stash, the panic attack you get when you run out of any one of your everyday makeup look products is downright painful. *tears*

14. You cannot work with any dupes, you need the same freakin’ product no matter what!

15. That is the only reason why I have a separate drawer where I store spares for all my makeup essentials, so if God forbid, war strikes I will have no problem surviving good 10 years without having to buy my makeup essentials, which I proudly use 365 days a year.

16. What’s more surprising is the fact that I find my makeup looks better each time, despite having done anything out of the routine. Do you feel the same?

17. HH, you may know just a few card tricks, but nevertheless, you know them like a perfectionist.

18. Even if your everyday makeup routine requires only three steps, you have mastered them like a pro.

19. This means you can sleep an extra thirty minutes in the morning, compared to other girls who have to wake up early, for a new look every day.

20. Though you admire them a lot and hope you could ace your everyday makeup game, like they do.

21. But it’s not like you didn’t try, you did what you could, and now you know it’s not meant for you. You have made peace with it.

Because after all what matters more, is that you should feel comfortable wearing it.

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