9 sanity-keeping baby gadgets all new mums should have!!

Becoming a parent is an entirely new as well as pretty hectic experience, within itself.

Handling the baby alone requires utmost concentration and patience. But as we all know, along with the baby comes a whole lot of other responsibilities. From making bottles, feeding them, taking care of the used smelly diapers, keeping the house germ free to keeping the baby under check at all times; a mom’s life is no less than a ninja!

The list of chores doesn’t seem to end and with a crying baby and a sleep deprived body, the easiest of tasks seem undoable!

But, bless the technological era, there are many cool baby gadgets available now that make baby chores as easy and hassle free as ever so that you can put all your energy into taking care of that bundle of joy and spend quality time with him.

From taking care of the smelly diapers to watching over your little bug at all times, technology has provided us with cool baby gadgets that have proved to be essential for us as well as for our little ones.

1. First up, baby swing set.

Being a mom of a 3-year-old, one thing that I have found the most difficult to do is, putting these little monsters to sleep.

Even when they are tired as anything and their eyes are drooping with sleep, the last thing they want to do is fall asleep, which for obvious reasons makes them all the more tired and cranky.

But this cool baby gadget has broken all boundaries! With its soothing music functionality along with all the different swing modes, this baby gear soothes the baby into falling asleep peacefully.

It also doubles as a bouncing chair for when the baby is in the mood to play!


baby swing set

2. A baby monitor:

Whether you are a working parent or just anxious to keep your baby in sight ALWAYS, you need to get a baby monitor without any further ado.

With this blessing in form of a machine, you can now watch over your baby via an internet connection, even if you are miles apart.

How convenient is that!

9 sanity-keeping baby gadgets all new mums should have!! 5

3. Next, a bottle holder:

For times when you have a lot of work to do, this product is pure ingenious!

These cute little bums don’t develop gripping things so early such as their feeding bottles. So, you obviously have to do the job. But with this bottle holder, you can introduce a little feeding independence. Not only will this enhance their motor skills but also make them feel independent and also give you a few extra minutes to maybe change into a cleaner shirt…….. OR grab a quick bite!

bottle holder


9 sanity-keeping baby gadgets all new mums should have!! 6

4. A formula maker:

Well if your baby is breastfed, you are clear. But if you have opted for the formula, you NEED this in your life!

The second worst thing for me was to hassle with making the formula, while my baby cried on top of his lungs. Cradling him in one arm while measuring formula and pouring water with the other was indeed a rustic task.

But with this gadget, not anymore! The gadget dispenses the exact amount of powder and water needed to make the bottle, just with a push of a button.

formula maker

5. A diaper disposal system:

With the baby comes it sweet, noticeable, baby smell. But along with it also comes the strong stench of dirty diapers, which if not disposed of properly, might lead to a stinky house.

But not when you have one of the nifty diaper pails!

The diaper disposal systems, available in the market, help control the odor and make disposing of these dirty little diapers an easy and yuck-free task.

diaper disposal system

6. Bath thermometer:

If you are a mom, we know, even the smallest of things freak you out. One such being having the water temperature not too hot or too cold for the baby. Though we give very less credit to our strong little buds, but there is no stopping a mom when she freaks out!

This bath thermometer is one cool baby gadget that has allowed me to let go of the habit of checking numerous times with my palm whether the water is of right temperature for my little one. The digital display on this cute little gadget never fails to show the exact temperature.

So, from what it looks like, this gadget is a total win-win baby product!

Bath thermometer

7. A bottle sterilizer:

This little baby gadget is a must hoard if you are planning to introduce a feeder to your baby. Often, doctors look down upon feeders because of their ability to transfer germs to your little one. But with this one gadget, you can render the possibility by a good 75%!

This machine sterilizes bottles with the help of steam, killing bacteria and germs from your little one’s bottles.

bottle sterilizer

8. A breast pump:

These cool baby gadgets have been nothing short of a blessing!

If you are planning on nursing your little one, a breast pump is a must-have whether or not you are planning to work.

This magic machine comes in handy when you are looking to go out on a much-needed date with your husband or a quick grocery trip, without having to worry about your little one’s feedings. Because, you know, you can pump some milk into the bottle so you don’t have to necessarily rush to the nursing area!

breast pump

9. A cushioned bath seat:

This, by far, has been the most useful baby gear I have hoarded, so far.

This blossoming seat can fit into any sink making bath time safe, hassle free and possible in a sink! Which means, no more awkward bending to give your baby a bath. It also means, no more backaches, either!

cushioned bath seat

What baby products do you swear by, when keeping the sanity intact is the agenda of the day?


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