Awesome DIY Hair Chalk Ideas for Stunning Look

Hair chalking is fun do and adds color to your plain look. These temporary coloring DIY hair chalk ideas will transform your appearance effortlessly and right away.

Who doesn’t love the funky blues, pinks and purples? Hair chalking is not a new thing, it’s been around for a couple of years now. The reason why this trend is still well-liked by many is because its eye catching, convenient and above all, it’s an easy on the pocket way to re-transform your hair. Since, it is not long-lasting which adds some bonus point to it. Therefore, can be washed off painlessly if you are not happy with the dyed color or want to give several shades a try.

Highlighting hair strands or dyeing only tips of hair looks best using DIY hair chalks. You may leave your hair as it is after chalking or even go for some trendy hair styles. To dye your hair in some perfect pastels, we have gathered all the necessary information for you. It will teach you how to chalk your hair. Moreover, if you can’t find your perfect shade at market you can also make DIY hair chalks at home by using our mentioned below tricks.

How to use Hair Chalk


This rather easy-peasy hair dying technique can be done anytime with no professional help. All you need are some hair chalks which you can find easily in market. Once you get hands on it, pick your favorite color. Make sure to wear an old shirt before starting because the process can be a bit messy. Now put gloves on, twist 1-2 inch hair strand and start rubbing hair chalk on it. As the result of twisting, hair color will pick more intensity. Wipe the chalk twice or thrice on each strand, one by one based on your desired pigmentation and brush away the excess color.


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Now, take your hot straightening iron or curling rod depending on your mood, and curl or straight the dyed hair to lock the color. To make the color last long, use hair spray at the end. Voila!

DIY Hair Chalk for Dark Hair

DIY hair chalk can be a bit trickier on darker hair. The colors might not show up vibrant, hence thought-fully choose the colors, and go for lighter and brighter shades. Brighter shades will stand out better on darker color.


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For dark hair it is crucial to wet your hair before getting hands on chalk. Then repeat the same above mentioned steps of twisting and rubbing. Ensure that after rubbing chalk, hair should air dry. Try not to use blow dryer, it might dust away the chalked colors. Once your hair are 90% air dried now you may go ahead and lock it with hot iron and hair spray. DO NOT wet your hair if you are blonde because it might stain hair for long time.

DIY Hair Chalking Tips

1. For an extra creative look, use tie and dye method and practice double shades instead of one, on an individual strand, especially if you have plans to leave your hair free.


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2. Hair chalking fits the most with braids and up-dos. Funky hair strands peeking through braids look terrific.


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3. If you have darker hair and cannot get enough pigmentation even after soaking hair, try using white hair chalk as a base and then apply your desired color on top. It will help!


4. Hair chalks usually take 3 days to fade away. To wash away your hair color completely use a clarifying shampoo. Applying conditioner is a must also, because of it will restore the moisture sucked by hair chalks.


5. Do not use hair chalk quite frequently. They are powdered pigments and might take away loads of moisture leaving your hair frizzy.

How to make your own Hair Chalk

Despite the fact that hair chalks are easily up for grab on market, yet if you are not able to get your hands on them, the best alternative would be soft pastels. Get them from your local crafts store (do not get it confused with oil pastels).  Besides that, we have an extra option for you if you want to make your DIY hair chalk at home.


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You might own some yellows and purples eye shadows which are too funky to be used on eyes but wait, you can use them as hair chalk. Eye shadows will give you the same effect as hair chalks but make sure that they are pigmented enough for dying. Take your hair strand, get your eye shadow and rub it directly on wet hair. You might need to go over again several times. Finish it by locking the color using Iron and hair spray as in hair chalking process. You may also use the tie and dye technique with eye shadows.

Other Alternatives of Temporary Hair Coloring

There might be a possibility that chalk hair dye won’t work for you. You might not like the finished off look or it can be a too drying or rough for your hair. However, there are other options out there, if you are fond of colored dying you may choose an alternative temporary coloring technique.  Have a Look!

· Colored Hair Spray

Coloring with hair spray is a great substitute. Wear an old tee, take a piece of hair you want to dye, hold the spray few inches away from hair. Now spray until you get the desired pigmentation. Make sure to protect your face while spraying.


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· Color Rub

Color Rub is a chalk paint for hair, made by a brand Hair Flairs. These are identical to eye shadows, except that they are better pigmented and specifically formulated for hair dying. They can be applied directly as hair chalk and gives same effect as you get using hair chalks.


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· Colored Hair Extensions

Hair extensions is a top of the line replacement of DIY hair chalk. It is one easiest way of temporary hair coloring. It doesn’t damage your hair, it is no sweat to apply and doesn’t create any of a mess like hair dying.


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