45 Awesome Love Songs to Dedicate to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

45 Awesome Love Songs to Dedicate to your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Is it a good idea to dedicate a love song to your Boyfriend? Will it cause any harm to your relationship if you dedicate a love song to your Girlfriend? Isn’t it bad to listen awesome love songs to dedicate to your loved ones?

The answer to all the questions is NO except the first one. I believe, dedicating a love song either to your boyfriend of girlfriend isn’t gonna cast any bad impact on your relationship.  Moreover, listening any awesome love song to dedicate to your loved one or listing it by sitting with him/her isn’t bad at all.

Coming back to the first question, YES, It’s indeed a perfect idea to dedicate a love song to your boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner.

The point I want to make by disclosing these questions upon you is, there can’t be a problem if you are dedicating a love song to your partner. In fact, it will show your deep interest and affection for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or life partner.

The person will get to know that how he/she matters for you because dedicating a love song will depict the importance, natural connection, and abundance of love that you have in your heart for that particular person.

We have categorized the love songs keeping in mind the nature of relationship, the importance of that person for you, and especially to show your endless affection for him/her.

Cute Love Songs to Dedicate to Your Boyfriend

Similar to finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend, choosing an awesome love song to dedicate to your boyfriend isn’t an easy to do thing. There are various aspects that you must keep in mind being a female to give the right indication from the words of the dedicated song.

We are sharing a versatile list of awesome compilations and loveable songs to dedicate to your boyfriend. You are surely gonna love it.

Let’s dive deeper!

Make You Feel My Love – Adele

This delightful compilation of the Adele will rock your boyfriends mind. The whole theme of the song is to let your LOVE know about the extremes and deep intensity of your love. The way Adele sings, “To make you feel My LOVE!” you are surely gonna like that feeling and so do your boyfriend. It is top on our list just because of the emotion filled lyrics, awesome vocal skills of Adele, and most importantly, the tempo of the whole song showers the ultimate truth of love and deepest affection.


Can’t Take My Eyes Of YOU – Frankie Valli

Wow – It is the only word that your whole body will speak. The deeper connection of the beauty of your boyfriend, the words you can’t say directly to your boyfriend, and most importantly the acceptance of the fact that he is your life long crush. This song has such completeness that it can’t be missed. I’m concluding my discussion for this song by just saying that if you want to say your dude “You are so hot and dashing” – Dedicate this song to him because it has all the beauty and wordy commitment to say these things even without saying them.


I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis

You want to propose for your boyfriend and you are looking for a love song to dedicate your boyfriend while you disclose your love – This song is the optimum way to reveal your feelings of LOVE and crush. “You have got me almost melting away!” –  This is the one line that could be rated as the best line of this song which reveals all the emotional charisma and your long term affection for your boyfriend.


Forever and Ever Amen – Randy Travis

Commitment is probably the most important aspect of any relationship irrespective the fact that whether that relationship is a long term relationship or just for some time. If it lacks commitment, it can never be called a relationship. Coming to point, if you wanna disclose on your boyfriend how committed and selfless you are for him, this song is the best choice. He’ll surely get your point that you are committed for an everlasting relationship and your goal is a life long haul with him.


Come Away With Me – Norah Jones

Does it sound strange? Believe me, its music, its lyrics, and captioning power of the vocals of the Norah Jones will make you a big fan of this awesome love song. The motto of the song isn’t about running from the world, instead the wordy arguments are a symbolic sampling of saying, “Don’t leave me ever!” I have fallen for the beauty of these sweetly sung lines i.e. “While I’m safe there in your arms, so all I ask is for you to” In short, this song has all the pumping trauma that will enable you guy to get your point that you love him from the core of your heart.


I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith

A pleasant vocal, rhythmic music, and awesomeness of the lyrics will let you and your boyfriend feel the truthfulness and strength of your affection with him. I don’t recommend you to listen this song alone. Let you boyfriend know about this beautiful piece of music as well as you emotional connectivity with him. He’s surely gonna love it and so do you while you will sing the lyrics of this song with him.

P.S: Don’t miss a bit of it. Let him come closer because he will not be able to stop himself.


No One – Alicia Keys

Shower the ultimate depth of your lifelong love for your boyfriend by dedicating this love song to your boyfriend. If you wanna let him know that how hard was it for you to be with him when things were not very good, this song is the best way to disclose your entire affection for him. Moreover, the words NO ONE will ignite the strength of your commitment. “No One can get in the way” is the best extract and ultimate indication of your love that Alicia Keys has showered from her words.


Breathe – Faith Hills

The core component of this song is LOVE and the feelings that are associated with this beautiful feeling. Without any doubt, in real life we face many occasions when we want to say something, when we are in a mood of listening to someone, and when we want someone to speak for us but we just can’t say him by our own words. In short, we all feel the incompleteness of the certain events and specific aspects of life. That’s the whole theme of this amazing song. Believe me, this song has a kind of magical power to let you feel calm and peaceful.


When You Say Nothing At All – Alisson Krauss

If you wanna share your views with your boyfriend that you are in LOVE with him and you also know his hidden feelings and LOVE for you, this song is probably the best love song to dedicate to your boyfriend. Moreover, if your guy doesn’t speak a lot or he is a bit hesitant in revealing his inner feelings for you, it is the best way to carve out his hidden love.

P.S: This song always works. Even if he doesn’t say he love you, he will surely leave some definite signs that he LOVES you.


Fine by ME – Andy Grammar

The only aspect I want to disclose regarding this awesomely crafted song is, it is a special song for the new love birds who have just started their love journey or a new best friends. This song will give you a heavenly feeling that will ensure your love demonstration and internal satisfaction.

P.S: It is a must listen song. Don’t miss it.


I’m yours – Justine Skye

If you are a bear lover, you must have heard this song before, because it is an important part of the bar’s playlist. As it is believed that people don’t hesitate to say the truth when they are drunk, probably that’s the reason behind being this song a mandatory part of the Bar’s Playlist. The whole theme of this song is to revolutionize your thought and search for finding the right mate for you. Moreover, it shows how you can give yourself, your emotions, your happiness, your actions, your anger, your beauty, and your soul to the man of your dreams. In short, it’s about the truth and LOVE!


All of Me – John Legend

As the title depicts, this song is about letting him know that all of your body, soul, beauty, emotions, actions, happiness, sadness, and dreams are related to him. It’s a perfect way to associate your LOVE and affection with him.


Crystal Heart – Jasmine Thompson

The fun oriented lyrics, upbeat music, and most importantly the optimistic approach are some key factors that makes this songs a loveable track to enjoy and to dedicate it to your boyfriend. This track lets you show the openness and closeness you have with the guy of your dreams because we are optimistic only for those whom we love from the core of our heart and those who matters for us. In short, the song demonstrate the inner side of your heart that discloses the fact that you have lowered all of your boundaries to let your love flow for your boyfriend.


Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

You wanna spend rest of your life with the guy of your dreams, right? It is a perfect song to let him know this FACT! Because this song shares some upcoming events and emotional connections that will let you and your boyfriend feel the heat of your love and temptation for one another. This song is collection of the promises, a depiction of the fact that you are with him and most importantly your love will never change for him even if he’s old or sick. The whole story is, you want to spend rest of your life with him by facing all the thick and thins of the life brave heartedly – Because you have him as your strength and motivation to move forward.


Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney

Sharing your love with your boyfriend to let him know that he has the highest place in your heart can sometimes be awkward because choice of words matters a lot! But, if you want to get rid of all of the choosiness, dedicating this love song to your boyfriend can exactly show what you want to say to him – what exactly your heart has for him.


Everything I Do (I Do it for you) – Bryan Adams

Isn’t it a fact? Isn’t it true? I am sure, the one who is in love do only the things that are important for his/her counterpart. Importance is the key aspect of the awesome song. If you are looking for something really emotional and heartedly spoken, I probably recommend you this awesome love song to dedicate to your boyfriend because all of its lyrics has that kind of captivation, power, and stigma that is required to depict your emotional attachment with the man of your dreams.


I will always love you – Whitney Houston

Do you feel the main aspect of this isn’t clear by the tag line? I hope, you will surely answer that it tells all the story. Beautiful and captivating lyrics of this song are enough to put you and your boyfriend in a mind tangling situation of admitting the aspect that you love him. Leaving no doubt, it will make it clear on him that you are in love with him and your emotional attachment has no boundaries or restriction to LOVE him.


From the Ground up – Dan and Shay

Have you ever heard of a dream life? If yes, this song is absolutely a way to guide your relationship towards a dream life. What could be a dream life for you? What could be the best life for you? I’m damn sure that spending you whole life with the guy of your dreams could only be a dream life for you. The whole story of this song revolves around the life setup and whole life spending with your love. if you really wanna give him a message that you are always available for him, you are the one who is ready to make him happy, you are the one who can never turn him down, and you are the one who wants to see him rest of your life, dedicate this song to him so that he could be your man of dreams.


I won’t give up – Jason Mraz

Every relationship passes through many even and odds of life, every relationship has to go through numerous thick and thins of life, but what can’t hurt any relationship is the ultimate factor of love and mere commitment because it is the only thing that cannot let anyone to alter your relationship. This song is all about lifelong relationships and ultimate bonding of one loved one with the other.


Stay with me – Sam Smith

First of all this is not a request, it is a way of committing the fact that even if I have everything but you are not with me, the life is empty. I will feel I have nothing because you are everything for me, my hopes lies upon you, my dreams are about you, my life is linked with you, and my heart beat is for you. In short, this song is about to tell him that if he is with you, you have no fear of life no matter how hard the situation is! But, if he’s not with you and even you have everything, your life will be incomplete. It is enough to let him know that he is more than a friend.


How Do I Live – Trisha Yearwood

If your boyfriend is the one who is your love of life, you must dedicate this love song to him because it has all the affection and love symptoms that you wanna disclose upon your boyfriend. The theme of this song is about the things we want to say but we are just unable to say just because we don’t have that kind temperament – at that moment. Moreover, this song also captures the instinct that your love might be very strong but there are no words to describe it.


Your everything – Keith Urban

Isn’t it true that your boyfriend has made you a better person in numerous ways? I bet, it is so true! Well, this song is about to thank him for his pleasant existence and valuable contributions for you and your happiness. Moreover, this song also depicts your emotional attachment with him, and a promise that you can do anything for him because he has already done a lot for you which is enough to prove that he is not only a faithful friend but also a nice person – the best person!


You are the sun – Lionel Ritchie

Sun is among the most powerful symbolic object that most of the lyric creator use to talk in codes about the love. Since sun is a source of energy, light, and probably the reason in ripening of the crops therefore, the lyrics of this song relates all of these kind of aspects with your boyfriend just to make sure that he’s the light of your life, your energy, and the guarantee of your mature and faithful love. In short, if you want to give a poetic touch to your relationship, this song is the best option to get things going.


I want to hold your hand – The Beatles

True enough to depict on your love of life that his presence is mandatory for you. The song is all about endless love and deep affection that your heart has for him. Keep in mind that this song is not all about physical touch, instead, it is about being in a sincere relationship with your loved one.


Thank You – Dido

Ever wondered, is there anyone or anything that helps you to feel like air? Do you have companionship of a person with whom you feel so relaxed, secure, and loved? Look around and if you find all of these qualities in your boyfriend, don’t hesitate to dedicate this awesome love song to your boyfriend because he’s the rightest choice you have ever made!

Exchange of gifts strengthens the mutual understanding as well as bonding between boyfriend and girlfriend. Choosing a right thing for your girlfriend is very important because it will depict the level of your attachment with her.

If you are able to pick anything that is according to her expectations and nature, she’ll love it. Same is the case with song dedication, if you are dedicating her a love song that matches with the current circumstances or nature of your relationship, it will lead your relationship towards a positive growth.

We are going to share with you a vital and versatile list of splendid love songs to dedicate to your girlfriend. You can choose the right one, keeping in mind the place, your attachment with the chic, and her adaptability.


I want to hold your hand – The Beatles

Probably a right choice for the girl who is a bit touchy and emotional regarding music. This song has all the emotional charisma to let her feel the heat of your intensions of love. As this song also withholds some promises therefore, it isn’t a bad option at all to use this one for disclosing your emotional attachment for her.


Until it beats no more – J. Lo

An awesome compilation, best music, and super emotional lyrics of this beautiful love song are a masterpiece to catch the affection as well as attraction of the chic because words of this love song have their own depth and heart hitting capability.


Because you loved me – Celine Dion

Aren’t you aware that whether she loves you or not? Let her listen this song by dedicating this awesome love song to your girlfriend and watch for her reactions especially on the romantic and touchy phrases of this captivating song. If you feel that she is a bit shy and a bit hesitant to make proper eye contact, it is a best sing for you that she loves you deeply and a clear indication that she wants to be more than friends.


Saving All My Love for You – Whitney Houston

Isn’t it a fact? I bet, it is so true that you have saved all of your love only for the one person i.e. your dream girl. This song is to let her know that she is very special for you, she is the most important thing for you, and you have strong feelings of love for her. Moreover, this song has a further commitment that you have not included anyone else with her because your heart has fallen for her and she’s the only person with whom you wanna stay faithful and connected throughout your life.


I got you babe – Sonny and Cher

Are you satisfied with your relationship with your girlfriend? Are you feeling the heat that she love you? Are you in a position to say her I LOVE YOU? If answer to all of these questions is YES, what are you waiting for! Dedicate this love song to your girlfriend to get her answer because only she can give you the right answer!


In your room – The Bangles

Have you forgotten those exotic moments that you have spent with your girlfriend in a room – you and she alone? I bet, you cannot forget them. This song is just a reminder about those awesome moments and happy memories that lead you towards a long-lasting relationship with your GF. If you feel it is a time to freshen up those awesome memories, play this song and enjoy its every beat because you are gonna love it especially when you are listening it with the right person.


Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

These are probably the everlasting qualities that a women want to hear from her counterpart! If you wants to be her man of dreams you must be able to convey your message of love through your actions and voice. Listening this song with her will surely give her a straight answer that she is your dream girl – because a man can say Young and Beautiful to only that girl with whom he finds himself young and dashing. In short, this song is all about praising her looks and all those things that are related to her.


Be my Baby – The Ronettes

If you are looking for a song to propose her in a funny and different way, dedicate this love song to your girlfriend, because it has a best question to ask, “Will you be my baby?” She’s gonna love this song and way of proposing because no one proposes a girl with some drizzling hot music. So be different!


I think I love you – The Partridge Family

If it is about making fun and to get her attention, this song is the right way to move forward because it has all the cheesy stuff to remind her that you love him. It clearly shows off your intentions of love and intense affection for her.


Hooked on a Feeling – Blue Swede

Probably the funniest song to dedicate to your girlfriend because of its hip hop music and outstanding composition. If you are looking for a fun mingled way to let her feel the existence of your love and emotional attachment, this song is the best way to convey your love message in a naughty and lighthearted way.


You’re the First, My Last, My Everything – Barry White

I don’t know how to explain this simplest way of telling her I LOVE YOU! Heart touching lyrics of this song are very clear in their meaning. This song is best to send a proposal to a girl who isn’t very fond of music. Since lyrics are very clear and music is very light therefore, there are high chances of getting a YES or positive response in the sense that music choice was right!


You are so beautiful – Joe Cocker

Women just love appreciation, whether that is for their appearance, dress choice, color combination preferences, or makeup, they just have a natural acceptance of appreciation. If you wanna let your girlfriend know that she is so beautiful that you just can’t take your eyes off from her, this song is the best option because it has covered every aspect of the women beauty therefore you will find it quite helpful.


I want to know what LOVE is – Foreigner

Psychologists believe that love is probably the most unknown aspect of our life. It is very hard to understand because expression of feelings of love varies from person to person. Dedicating this song to your GD is a nice way to get into her heart to get to know how she feels for you! Moreover, this song also describes some emotional aspects of sacrifice, selflessness, and honor.


Crazy for You – Madonna

No doubt love makes us crazy – creepy enough to destroy our life. This super hit song of the Madonna gives a glimpse of the intense affections and psychological encounters that love can give you. It’s very hard to find and understand how things work in the background because what’s going in your mind is a thing that is hard to crack. Enjoy this beat-full song to carve out the deliberation and awesomeness that love offers.


As long as you LOVE me – Backstreet Boys

WOW! These are the only words that I want to say for this song. Have ever seen someone making promise going beyond his/her limits? If NO, this song will certainly allow you to do this because of its cracking lyrics “I don’t care, who you are? Where are you from? As long as you LOVE me!” Girls want honesty, a girl wish for faithfulness, and uniqueness; this song is all about trust, honor, and respect. Go Get Your Chic!


Baby I Love your way – Peter Frampton

Is there any aspect of your dream girl that let you feel that you don’t like her or you don’t love her? I bet, search and you will fail every time to get one! This sing by Peter Frampton is depiction of those aspects that are never said commonly yet they exists. Don’t you love the way she talks? Don’t you die on the way she walks? Don’t you feel your heart pumping out of your body when she touches? Don’t you consider it true her smile makes you feel alive? In short, there’s no end to the ways and things that compel you to love your dream girl – This song discloses most of these aspects.


Love Story – Taylor Swift

A modernized depiction of the love and betrayal is hidden in this heart touching love song. You are surely gonna love the touchy aspects of this cute love song, the ultimate singing voice of the taylor swift, and red hot lyrics of this best composition.


I can’t fight this feeling anymore – REO Speedwagon

Have you ever tried to limit your love and affection for your love of life? If YES, how was that? I assure you, it must has been very rough and tough experience. Do you wonder, why? Because our mind and soul have a dedication for the things we love or want the most therefore, when we try to play with this natural affection and attraction, our body denies to accept the change. That’s all this song encapsulates in its theme.


Beautiful Soul – Jesse McCartney

Isn’t it a fact that she is so beautiful that you cannot take into account any negative aspect that might lead you towards the opposite side of love? This song clearly describes aspects that makes her special, unique, and different among all. In short, the whole theme of the song summarizes an aspect that love is beyond the physical connection and physical appearance.


At Last – Etta James

Did you ever feel lonely while you were with the girl of your dreams? It can’t be possible to feel lonely while you have everything in front of you. “My Lonely days are over!” A beautiful abstraction from this awesome song is enough to make it clear on you that Love is the thing that completes us, if we lack love, we lack everything. Let your girl becomes yours by proposing her – with this song in the background.