Becoming a Mom – A life Altering Experience

Motherhood is, no doubt, Becoming a Mom is  a life changing experience! But  this change in life isn’t limited to just becoming a MOM, or in other words, a 24 hours’ in-service nanny, who takes care of all of baby’s need!

It changes one on the inside…..

Despite EVERYONE saying, how life would become normal once the little munchkin pops out, there is no truth behind it. Unless, of course, they meant to say that you could go back to tying your own shoe lace by yourself and stop from making, like a hundred trips to the loo, each day. You would be a fool if you assume they might be right, otherwise!

So, to keep you clear on that front:

Here is a List of 10 Things, No One Tells you About Becoming a Mom


1. Who’s on Top of that Priority List Now?

From planning out your daily chores, sleeping schedule, working hours to when and where to go, everything now revolves around the baby and his mighty schedule. Who knew a tiny, 18-inch piece of flesh and blood, precisely YOUR flesh and blood, could stir your life’s course with such might. That too, within no time!

But, what’s more surprising, is the fact that you won’t mind it a tad bit. Yup, that’s Motherhood.

2. Did You Just Say You Believe in Love-at-First-Sight?

Becoming a mom can trigger drastic changes in your personality and this, by far,  is the most drastic of them all.

Where once you never believed in Love at all, you now start believing in not only Love at first sight, but also, in the statement – Love is blind.

From the time you see 2 lines on that $2 stick to when you first set your eyes on that tiny munchkin, all you feel for that miraculous creation, is LOVE!

3. Your Body has Changed, Both Inside and Out!

There are a lot of things that have changed in you, but one of the most evident change after becoming a mom for the first time, is your body. Everything from weight gain, stretch marks to stitches, is proof that you carried your bundle of joy, inside yourself for good 9 months.

The weight gain and stretch marks do give you shivers at times, but you and I both know that it’s all worth it, in the end. You wouldn’t swap becoming a mom, for even the slimmest of bodies, out there!

4. You Never Knew, you Could Be that Selfless

That gorgeous clutch you had your eyes on for long, is on sale. Yet, you check out with a spacious, easy-to-wash, baby bag. That’s an entirely new degree of selflessness, you achieved, right there!

Yup, your shopping spree no more limits to just YOU. In fact, it’s mostly for the baby, now. Because watching your bud pose for mama, in that new baby suit is far more exciting than you flaunting your new dress for two minutes, before it gets splattered with poo.

5. Sleeping Like a Baby – NOT ANYMORE!

Remember those times when your partner would tease you that you slept like a baby? Well yeah, you are going to miss those times, A LOT! Because after becoming a mom, you secretly become a ninja too. Because your baby’s tiniest of cries make you jump out of, even the deepest of sleeps.

So if you think you are a deep sleeper, enjoy while there’s still time!

6. Where Did that Lazy Diva, Go?

Well, when one steps into the mom-cave, they magically turn from being a laze around diva, who loves to eat, sleep and repeat, into a fully functioning MOM.

What is more surprising is the fact that this mom works, efficiently enough, even after barely getting 2 to 3 hours of sleep, each night.

Who knew you could do that?

7. Is Socializing Still Your Thing?

Well, despite all odds, you can and you should mingle every once in a while, with friends and family. But once you get to taste motherhood, you aren’t ready to give it up so easily, even if, for a few hours.

Even when socializing, your mind would remain occupied with questions regarding your baby. Such as, ‘if he’s doing okay’? Whether you have fed him enough before stepping out? OR, whether your husband is trained enough to be able to manage a diaper emergency.

Most would call it ‘Over Thinking’ but for me, they are the Real joys of motherhood!

8. Where Did All the Time in the World, go?

All those time you spent procrastinating, seems too precious now, doesn’t it? Because not only do you have the usual chores to do, but also the tedious duty of taking care of that little minion.

Between all the extra loads of laundry, feeding, and nap times, you will be lucky if you get to gobble down, whatever leftovers, down your throat or may be take a shower in peace!

9. You Can’t Stand to See the Baby Cry

Before actually becoming a mom, during the 9 months, you will be suggested by hundreds of people to let the baby cry it out. Despite having made up your mind on doing exactly that, you will see how you would react as the total opposite when your baby cries, his very first cry.

It’s not that the noise irritates you, instead it makes your heart wilt out of pain. It’s more likely that you go through the hassle of co-sleeping, rather than see your little one exhaust himself with excessive crying.

And well, that’s the best thing about being a mom!

10. You Would, No More, Thrive for Perfection

The perfectionist in you disappears far too quickly, after becoming a mom. That too for the better! The hardest thing about becoming a mom is that you have no-more care about your perfect looks, or the perfectly clean and tidy house. All you care about is keeping your baby healthy and happy.

Also, you don’t really have the time to keep yourself looking like all chic and up to date. At least not for the first few months. But you don’t seem to care, either. You are, way, too much in love with your little bundle, to notice any of the flaws.


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