40 Cute Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

Transform your feelings into paragraphs and send your love to your cute boyfriend in the form of cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend. Paragraphs will be a messenger of your feelings for your boyfriend and he will surely consider it as a deep love gesture.

Cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend are actually a way to express your love and passion for him. You will find him happy and overwhelmed when he’ll read those nicely crafted cute paragraphs for him.

What your mind says about it? Are you confused regarding the material of the paragraph to send to your boyfriend?  Are you not sure about the essence of the cute paragraphs for him?

If you are not sure about what you want to send! No problem! We are gonna help you out to pick up some catchy phrases and cute sentences to make a complete paragraph to send to your boyfriend that will surely make him a big fan of yours!

Wrap up your emotional attachment in sequences and awesome patterns of words to craft a lovable cute paragraph to send to your boyfriend. We all have words for our loved ones but we find it quite difficult to arrange them in a proper order so we feel quite distracted to send them to the ones whom we care because it’s very hard to phrase our emotions – It’s a fact!

There’s another fact, doesn’t matter how much we show our care for our loved ones, we have to express it in other ways too – a cute paragraph to send to your boyfriend is probably the easiest and suitable way to send your love to your boyfriend.

We have categorized paragraphs into different forms to make it very easy for you to choose the perfect matching paragraph to send to your boyfriend. Let’s roll on – you are gonna have hell fun in exploring such a naughty side of relationship.

Birthday is a special and probably the best occasion to send cute paragraphs to your boyfriend. Besides celebrating this gracious moment with a gift, you can enhance the worth and specialty of this appropriate occasion either by sending him a cute paragraph or speaking few words of love for him.

I would recommend writing a cute paragraph for your boyfriend because it’s a better approach as compared to speaking. Wish him his birthday with some crunchy lines to hit him hard and to let him know about your endless love and affection for him.

Here are some samples that are gonna help you to craft some great lines for your Dream Boy.

The Moon Like

Honey! It may sound crazy right now but I can become a moon for you. I can act like a moon for you. I need your starry nights so that I could play the role of a brighten moon that enriches your life with showers of light and awesomeness. Happy Birthday to my one and only Star – The Mega Star!

True Love

Sweet heart! What are the standards of true LOVE – according to you? Please share with me. I wish to be your true love. My wish is to become the most important and worthy person of life. On your birthday, I’m gonna ask you something, “Will you be mine for the rest of your life?” I LOVE YOU from the depth of my heart. Happy Birthday my heart beat.

The Years

With the passage of each moment, my feelings of love for you are doubling up, my immense affection for you is forcing me to remove the walls of distance, and my heart is getting too much closer to you. I want this relationship to grow forever. Happy Birthday my Love of Life.

The Happy Chic

From the moment I have been seeing you, I am becoming happier and happier. I am getting closer to the good things. Only good things are happening to me. Let me say this to you that I am the happiest chic since I met you. It’s all because of you. You are my happiness machine. May you live long my smile-maker! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to the only one better than Google (The search Engine), you are the only person who suggests me better answers as compared to Google. You are the one and only one who is able to devise a solution where Google itself fails. Happy Birthday my Better Google!

Hard Explanation

For me, it’s really hard to express my feelings for you because I become wordless when I see you or when you are around. Same is the case today, I know it’s a pretty occasion but believe me I am out of words to write something best for you that explain my feelings of happiness. Happy Birthday my dream man! May you live strong as well as long!

Since your feelings has no limit, write a long paragraph to send to your boyfriend. Encapsulate all the emotional stigma and worthy feelings in your paragraph lines to hit him hard and to let him know that he’s a piece of gem for you.

Here’s a sample list of the long paragraphs to send to your boyfriend to give you a better understanding of the text, scenario, and semantics of the paragraph.

All Natural

The mild kisses of the air, the sophisticated warmth of the light of the sun, the fair coldness of the breeze, the fairness of the sky at night, the shine of the stars on a dark night, and sweet chirping of the birds in the morning gives a lighthearted feeling of love and there’s one and only one person that comes into my mind when I hear all of these kind of things – that’s YOU! Because my love for you, my passion to be with you forever, and my humbleness for you – Everything is natural.

Nature and LOVE

My love for you is as natural as blooming of the flowers, as growth of the trees, as greenish touch of the plants, as mild shine of the sun in the morning and just before sunset, as sweetness of the fruits, and most importantly as the rain falls from the clouds! I don’t know what’s your favorite but I love all of these because is the origin of the love – I love you as the nature loves all of us!

Embracement – A beautiful long paragraph to send to your boyfriend

In this text, let the words to become my eyes, let the punctuation marks to be my nose, let the shuffling of the paper to be my ears, and let these thoughts to be my mind. I want to sense you in each and every way so that I could be yours in all aspects, all thoughts, all good things, all bad things, and most importantly, let me be yours with your heart – I LOVE YOU!

The Square Rule

Years ago, I was one (1). Then, I met you. The day I met you I became (2), from that day till now, and for the upcoming years and forever I am yours. Each day and every moment that I spend with you, my love for you doubles up. I am sending this paragraph to ask you a thing from you. Can you please calculate and tell me that how much I love you by calculating the exact figure – because you are well aware of the mathematics rules and regulations. I will wait for your answer – Don’t forget to count the current day in it!

Music Fantasy

Your voice is the beat that makes my heart pump the blood into my body, your pauses are the music that makes my heart feel the comfort of life, you are the one whose walk makes me feel in the sky, you are the one whose talking tones makes my smile come alive, you are the song whose sadness brings tears into my eyes. Let me make a bitter confession that YOU are my LIFE!

Time Flyer

What’s the best sign of love in your perspective regardless the facts? Is it called love if someone feels happiness by staying with you? Is it love if time travels like speed of light? Is it love if time seems like stopped when one person is away from the other? Will it be called love if your sadness makes your partner sad? Before getting your answer, I want to share something with you that I am experiencing all of these things while I am with you or while I am away from you.

Being Thoughtful

My heart can’t be normal when you are not around, my mind seems to be a bit out of the order when you are not with me, my thoughts have no other focus except you when you are not with me, and most importantly, I feel like my heart is missing its beats while my eyes begin the search to find you around. Do you know how these things heal? When they see YOU! Nothing else can make feel better and in order except your presence and worthy conversations with me.

Innocent Surprise – A not to miss long paragraph to send to your boyfriend

My bedroom has a cute picture of you hanging in front of my bed. At night, when I find it hard to sleep without you, I assure myself that you will surely come in the morning to surprise me, it allows me to sleep right away because I can’t afford to miss a glimpse of yours just because I couldn’t get up early – as I slept late at night. Isn’t it possible for you to end this long awaited wait? Or I have to satisfy myself by just looking at your hanging picture…!

My World

If you have been looking for most caring long paragraph to send to your boyfriend then, this paragraph is the right choice for you because of its versatility and awesomeness.

Don’t you know you are my world? Don’t you have any idea that it is probably impossible for me to live without you? The fact is you are my one and only world. You mean everything to me because I have nothing precious other than you. Without you, I will be a lost person in this harsh and cruel world because you are the only person who loves me so much, who show off his care for me in such a unique and lovable way, and most importantly, you are the only one whom I have found always with me despite the fact that no one else was with – I LOVE YOU my soul mate!

Past Depiction

Today, let me confess few facts – Firstly, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, you have treated me in the way that I feel myself a princess and honestly far beyond this, and you have been my shining armor in the dark night. Secondly, our relationship has seen many ups and downs in the recent past but your commitment and wisdom has lead us out of all troubles and problems. Lastly, I LOVE YOU – Be mine, ever and forever!

Things to Cheer about

I love to spend time with you because it gives me a lot of things to cheer about like I love to watch the setting sun with you, I love to have late night conversations with you by sitting on the roof top, I love to hold your hand on busy roads, I love to be with you in the big crowd of the pub, I love to have you with me while we are having a sweet drink of vodka, and I love to be with you all the time. All these things are a big reason for me to cheer about because I have sacrificed a lot to get into touch with these romantic scenarios – That’s why, all of these things are a way for me to cheer about!

Hard Worker

Boy! My love for you is unaccounted but it has reasons. The biggest reason for my love is your commitment, honesty, and hard work. I love you passion and commitment to your work. You look so sexy and hot while you complete your work on the computer. Your hard work has made me a big fan of yours. Moreover, besides the fact that you have been quite busy in your job, you spare time for me – a quality time. I love for all of such respect and LOVE!

Best Person

My Sweet Dream Boy! You have a special place in my heart. It would not be wrong at all if I say that you are my heart beat. For me, you have been a reason to live, a reason to enjoy, and a reason to celebrate every moment. Since, you have come into my life there are smiles and happiness everywhere and all the time. I have started finding reasons to enjoy my life. That’s all because of you.

Love Songs

Have you ever wondered, why am I listening to the love songs so frequently? Honey, it’s all because of you. You made me feel so special and different that I find it hard to get out of this love oriented environment. That’s the only reason, I have been listening love songs since the day I met you – it always makes me feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I listen a love song – it reminds me your face.

A Past Thought

It always makes me feel special as well as happy when I look back in the past to get a glimpse of your affection, love, and care for me. Those small and cute arguments of both of us on very little things bring smile on my face because I can’t stop myself to laugh at your naught and funny accents, your change of tones, and most importantly you way of winking. All of it makes me feel special and organized. I feel like I have no wish in life except you!

Gracious Thanks

Today, I want to say thanks to you from the core of my heart for all the pretty and precious memories of my life. I also want to say thanks to you for you categorical and whole love and affection for me. I want to say thanks to you for you undeniable affection, captivation and strong bond of friendship. You were a perfect soul mate, you are a perfect soul mate, and you will be the one and only one forever.


Honey! I don’t know, what’s your inspiration for life…? But, I know very well about mine – you are my inspiration and motivation. The satisfaction I get by sharing my issues with you as well as listening to your solutions isn’t ordinary. The positive-ness of the healing effect is far beyond your imagination. I always feel very relax and calm once sharing my problem with you. Your humbleness and calmness makes me realize that this problem isn’t as large as I am considering it.

The Right Choice

I have chosen you in the past, I am choosing you in my present, and I will choose you for the rest of my life. I will choose in the interval of my heart eat, I will choose you in a glimpse of eye blink, and I will choose you all the time. Don’t know why? You are the rightest choice I have ever made and you are the only choice to be my soul mate. Thanks for being mine and stay mine!

Missing your boyfriend in the morning? Pick up your cell and write few mind-tangling lines to form a paragraph to send to your boyfriend to wake him up. It’s a best way to start your day because you will be able to get in touch with the person whom you have given your heart.

Worried? What to text him? No Problem! Share your night with him, share your dream with him, share your emotions for him, and share you concerns and lonely night.

Don’t get the point? Here’s a versatile and whole list of cute paragraphs to send to your boyfriend to wake him up that will help you to disclose your feelings and morning freshness with your boyfriend.

The Best Start

What could possibly be the best start according to you? Mine is to get a good morning message from you while I get up in the morning. I always check my phone for this miracle but that’s perfectly alright because I refresh myself texting you and saying – GOOD MORNING!

Stupid Smile

I don’t know how to say it but I am saying it – May you see a charismatic and hilariously stupid smile on my face while I am chatting with you because that’s a fact that my stomach feels a lot of butterflies in it either I am talking to you or I am texting you!

A Blind Truth

I love you beyond your imagination just like the width and versatility of the universe is beyond our imagination. My love for you is the same – No limits! Also, I have been failing badly in search of appropriate words to say this to you.

Black Hole

I want to become a black hole because I have learnt that it has ability to attract everything, I just want one person to come inside my heart and that’s YOU! May I get such a strong affection for you that you could come inside my heart!

Rule of Three

I want to disclose three fact oriented rules in front of through this text. Firstly, let me make it clear on you that you are the only person in this world whose delayed texts makes me nervous. Secondly, you are the only one whose texts make me feel in the sky. Lastly, I LOVE YOU!

The First Meeting

Did you remember our first meeting? I haven’t forget that! But, I wasn’t aware that you are going to be the most important aspect of my life. I wasn’t aware that you were going to become the most important part of my life. All of it makes me feel naughty and happy inside.

Oh Girl! The day of lovers! The day to show care, affection, and harmony to your lover, what a day valentine day is! Your words could better express your idea of love to your boyfriend so, write a cute paragraph for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day so that he could get the warmth of your love and intense affection for him!

Here’s a list of best written cute paragraphs for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day – Don’t miss any of these to get a better analysis, what should you send to your boyfriend!

Love Jammer

The day, you have come into my life my love seems to be jammed for you because I have stopped my search for the best partner for me because no one else can be better than you! Happy Valentine’s Day my love jammer!

Faithful Promise

I promise to be yours for every moment and for rest of the life because I am in LOVE with you. It was mandatory to let you know because I was waiting this day of lovers (Valentine’s Day) to disclose my feelings of intimacy and love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day to the prince of my heart and king of my life.

A Nice Pair

I pondered a lot about what could be the best about a nice pair! The answers I got was faithful love, respect, care, honor, and abundance of feelings and emotional attachment – All of these are present in our relationship therefore, let me say this to you in person and I will also say this in front of the whole world that we are a nice pair and I LOVE YOU!

A secret

I have some secrets for you that are mandatory to disclose upon you because it will be helpful for us in our upcoming life. Firstly, I stare at you while you are looking somewhere else or talking to someone else – especially female. Secondly, I can’t take my eyes off from you while you are with me. Lastly, I LOVE YOU – I know, you already knew this and it is not a secret for you.

A Hidden Wish

It feels very nice and awesome when you call me cute, I feel really great when you choose the word HOT for me especially in front of your guys and all the friends. But, there’s a thing that will let me feel far more special, don’t you know that? That is – you are mine. It’s a thing I want from you. Since it is Valentine’s Day, should I expect to hear it from you?

Loved Disturbance

Baby! Do you know, you snore a lot while you sleep? At first, it was a bit difficult for me to make an adjustment but as the time passed your sleeping voices became an enjoyable music and now I LOVE it – just as I LOVE YOU. Happy Valentine’s Day.


In the beginning, I only looked at you just as a friend until unless I realized that you are the guy for whom my heart has fallen. Then, you became the most important person of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day my heart-thief!

Distance Factor

I believe distance is the best way to get an understanding about the worthiness of someone. My love for you have increased and enhanced with no limits since went out of town for your job. I LOVE you even more because I miss you from the core of my heart. A cutest paragraph to send to your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day if he’s out of town.

Easy Job

Thinking about you is the easiest way to bring happiness in my life. It is enough to bring smile on my face. It is enough to make sadness go away. In short, it is the best remedy for me in all the rough and tough situations. Happy Valentine’s Day to smile maker.

Real Love

    • A true lover must have these things to show off his/her love i.e.
    • Should call you even if there’s nothing important to say or to discuss.
    • Should text you to say HI even he/she feels you could have been busy.
    • Should have eagerness and hearted wish to see you and meet you irrespective of the time i.e. day or night, no problem at all.
    • Should get a bit jealous if you are preferring someone else.
    • Should be quite over protective in your case.
    • Should show care for you without considering the scenario or situation.

The purpose of letting you know this is, I have all of these things for you. I LOVE you my sweet heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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