Could shaping eyebrows get any easier than THIS!!

Could shaping eyebrows get any easier than THIS!!

The eyebrows play a great role in adding beauty to our look. They have the power to enhance our appearance and they also put a direct impact on our facial shape. The type of eyebrows you have says a lot about you. So, if you have never plucked your eyebrows and they are a mess, you need to grab a tweezer and take off the extra hair. On the other hand, if you have very thin eyebrows, you might need to fill them up with pencils.

In any case, you can get perfectly shaped eyebrows!

Following tips will help you find a perfect shape for your eyebrows.


Find out what shape suits you best

This is very important to determine in order to get perfectly shaped eyebrows. These steps would guide you to find out which shape is best for you.


Step 1: Determine length of inner eyebrow


The first step to finding out the perfect shape of your eyebrows is to find out where your inner eyebrow should end. The best technique is to hold some straight edged eyebrow pencil or ruler and hold it in front of your face in vertical position.

    • If you require your eyebrows to be far away, make a line which touches the outermost edge of your nose and inside of your eye.
    • If you require your eyebrows to be closer to each other, make a line up with the straight edge and one side of the septum. These lines are basically for determining where your inner eyebrow should start.
    • A dot should be placed on that particular spot using the eyebrow pencil.
    • Repeat the same step for another eye.


Step 2: Determine the right spot of arch


Try adjusting the angle at the straight edge so that it is lined up with the outer edge of your nose and then adjust it with the outer edge of your pupil. It is imperative to remember as you will be looking straight ahead while doing this. Your eyes and your face must be pointed at mirror directly.

    • The point where the line intersects at your eyebrow is the spot where the peak of the arch should begin (At the top border of your eyebrow)
    • Mark that point using the eyebrow pencil
    • Do same with another eye


Step 3: Determine spot of outer eyebrow



This can be found by adjusting the angle at the straight edge so that it touches the outer edge of your nose and passes through the outer edge of your eye.

    • This is the place where your eyebrow should end
    • Mark this point using eyebrow pencil
    • Repeat the step for the other eye


Step 4: Make dots meet

Draw a line using the dots and it’d determine the thickness of your eyebrows. It also requires you to follow the natural curvature of your brow.


Step 5: Pluck hair


Now it’s time for the actual work! You have to pluck all the hair that has fallen below or above the line.

Follow these guidelines.

    • – The width of your eyebrows shows be 1/4 – /1/2 inch (0.5 – 1 cm). Not thicker than this
    • – Don’t pluck too much above the eyebrow. This might affect your perfect arch. So, only tweeze stray hair above the eyebrow
    • – You can try shaping your eyes without plucking hair
    • – You can use ice to numb the area if plucking or tweezing hurts you a lot


Managing the shape

Once you have achieved a perfect shape, it is important that you keep up that shape as you might easily lose your shape. Follow these guidelines.



You might find hair growing back to the way they were.

Just keep your eyebrows clean by trimming the hair as they grow. You can use an eyebrow brush and cut the additional hair growing above the natural line.

Sometimes, no matter how much you try, you’ll always find something missing. It is, therefore, important that you keep eyebrow pencils that match your color tone and fill in spaces that require filling.

Sometimes you cut off extra hair thus eyebrows shape can get disturbed. Filling in spaces is a good idea until your eyebrow hair grows back. Make sure to blend and try soft strokes between the two edges of space.


Clear gel is great for keeping your eyebrows have an edgy look. Just use the clear gel to set eyebrows in the right direction. Your eyebrows will remain pointed for as long as you want once you apply the gel. You can use clear mascara too.

Always find time for your eyebrows because when you take them for granted, they get out of shape and make your face dull!

Develop a routine to check in for extra hair growth and give proper time to your eyebrows!