Has Research Revealed the Perfect Age Gap in Relationships?

After nights of research on the best age gap in relationships controversy, I came across the magical “Dating age range formula.”

Subtract 7 from your current age, and multiply the remaining by two. The answer is the oldest age you can date, SUCCESSFULLY. For the youngest, inverse the formula.

If the findings of this are correct, I believe I can marry a man currently 49 years old, which is only 10 years younger than my father, OR, a boy who hasn’t probably hit puberty yet being the age of 14. Interesting!

With divorce being on the roll faster than new born babies coming to life, couples are worried about their future together. This stress, has got them so anxious, anything concerned with a healthier love life attracts them like magnet. Keeping which in mind, I am here to share my rulings and recommendations concerning age gap in relationships.

Ideal Age Gap in Relationships

(Analysing surveys conducted worldwide)

A recent survey was released, stating the perfect age gap for a long lasting couple.

It suggests 4 years and wait for it….4 months (it’s the even number superstition I believe) with men being the older ones is ideal for relationships.

With that being said, couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who recently separated had a difference of 12 years, Donald and Melanie trump 24 years, Beyonce and Jay Z 12 years, Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds 11 years. All of these couples have had a smooth and joyful affair; which makes the authenticity of this survey quite questionable.

Another interesting tidbit I gathered from this survey, disclosed most women preferred an older man. This was further linked to the very debatable outcome where 55% of the women wanted an older man so that their rent, mortgage and other finances could be taken care of. If this is true, with the rise of feminism and women in the work force, is age disparity in romance likely to decrease overtime?

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Biology and the Age Structure:

I have been told since a very tender age, girls mature faster than men. I don’t know if it’s the hormones, the motherly God Gifted instincts, or the responsibilities most women are handled over younger. But being in relationships has made me accept this difference.

P.s: this doesn’t go for all men, but most.

This is more of a reason for me to vouch for an older man than him taking care of my finances. Perhaps that’s no reason at all for me. However, I do understand the financial struggle and it’s correlation to marriage or love.

Moving on, biologically a man who’s 35 will be more at ease to marry a 25 year old, because he doesn’t have to worry about his eggs running out. While, a woman who’s 35 will have this concern.

A psychology based research carried out before asserts; men are generally attracted to younger women, as most men prefer youthfulness, while most women are attracted to older men as they seek comfort and security. It also voiced a change in trend since many women (as mentioned earlier) have put their foot forward in the workforce, which has led to lesser demands of security. However! Only till a certain extent.

With all of this being said! I know beautifully happy couples with vast age differences. I also know strong bonds where the man is younger. Which has led me to conclude, to love someone, is to connect with them in a garden where age, size, height, color, race is prohibited to enter.

Therefore, if you love someone who is absolutely amazing at heart and connects with you like no other, let not the age gap keep you apart. It’s just a God forsaken number after all.

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right doing, there’s a field. I’ll meet you there”- Rumi

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