Here are 100 ‘Happy New Year 2017’ Wishes for Lovers

New Year is approaching, what are your plans for the year 2017? It’s a time for everyone to plan something big and different!

But, beside high aims and ambitions, the first thing is how are you gonna celebrate this event? Most importantly, how’ll you wish this special occasion to your loved ones?

Due to immense progress of IT, internet and social media, trend has shifted from New Year cards to text messages and beautiful pictures with some cute content! The modern form of wishing is a nicely crafted text which depicts the love and voice of your heart.

New Year’s celebrations can’t start without a wish, right?

Are you looking for some amazing quotes and New Year wishes for your BF or GF? Are you are silent lover, who wants to wish this cheerful moment with an outstanding quote to someone special?

If YES, we’re going to share some blazing wishes, these New Year wishes are for lovers, friends, and especially for girlfriend and boyfriend. Using these New Year wishes for lovers, you can wish your loved ones a happy New Year in unique and different words that’ll surely enhance the crisp of this enchanting moment!

We have a wide range to wishes and quotes to help you out from all the hard work!

Let’s get started!

New Year Quotes for LOVERS

Every relationship requires respect and honor, right?

Being in love with someone isn’t easy because you have to remember certain events like birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and New Year etc.

You can’t forget to wish your lover these special occasions because it might hurt your counterpart – in the sense that you don’t consider him/her important!

Just pick up your phone and let him/her know, he/she is special! Type any of the following quotes to send him/ her a Happy New Year wish!

    • My Dear Lover, You’ll always be the Queen/King of my heart for rest of the years but for now, HAPPY NEW YEAR – I LOVE YOU.
    • Let me tell you that I can’t live without you! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY LOVE!
    • I promise to stay faithful to you not only for the upcoming year but for the rest of my life! HAPPY NEW YEAR – I LOVE YOU.
    • I can’t forget the moment I met you because you blessed my life with happiness and pleasure, stay with me for all the coming years – Happy New Year!
    • My Love, the upcoming year will surely bring more happiness and success to our lives – Happy New Year!
    • My Dear, My New Year’s goal are three: To LOVE you, To LOVE you, and to LOVE you! Happy New Year!
    • Once a friend, now my love – Happy New Year my LOVE!
    • Honey, I’m happy to be yours in 2017 – Happy New Year!
    • Let’s welcome a new era of happiness – Happy New Year!
    • Let 2017 be a great one by being beside me always!
    • My baby, let me hug you, kiss you and show my love for you for 2017. Happy New Year, I love you!
    • My Love, forgive all misbehaves and misdeeds of the past year and let me show my love and affection for you for the year 2017 – Happy New Year!
    • Let’s write the best chapter of our life in the 2017 – Happy New Year!
    • I can’t spend a moment without you because I’m an addict of your LOVE. Let’s be together for 2017 and all the coming years – Happy New Year!
    • My Love, wishing you a happy New Year with mere determination that I’ll be with you through all thick and thin.
    • You have conquered my heart with your love, smile and acts of kindness – Happy New Year to the sweetest person of my life.
    • Thank you for putting aside all my faults and bad habits, and celebrating my qualities – Happy New Year to the LOVE of my life.
    • You are and you will be the most important person of my life for 2017 and rest of the life – Happy Ney Year My Love!
    • New Year always brings many changes but one thing will NEVER change – My LOVE for you! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year wishes for FRIENDS

Friends are important for everyone because we can’t imagine a happy life without friends. Beside New Year wishes for lovers, it is mandatory to have some suggestions about wishing a Happy New Year to your friends

When it comes to Happy New Year Wishes for friends, keep in mind some aspects like nature of friendship, your closeness with your friends, and most importantly his/her thoughts and life perspective.

Our Happy New Year quotes for friends has everything that’ll not only make your wish distinct but will also motivate your friends to achieve something new, bigger, and best!

    • Today, I looked back into the blessings that GOD has gifted me and found that you were the best among all – Happy New Year!
    • You are the one who improved my thoughts, knowledge, and abilities. Thanks for your friendship and support! Happy New Year with the hope that it’ll never end!
    • Let’s write 365 new chapters of friendship and moral heights in the 2017.
    • You are a source of confidence, respect, and relief for me My Friend – Happy New Year!
    • Happy New Year my friend, your friendship is as important for me as water for plants!
    • My first wish for 2017 is to thank you for all the love, care, support, and everything you have done for me – Happy New Year!
    • Oh My Lovely friend, I’m nothing without you – Happy New Year!
    • Your friendship is worthless! In 2017, I hope to emulate your love, affection and warmth. Wishing you a Happy 2017!
    • You are my heart beat! Unfolding of petals of every flower, smile on everyone’s face, and a passionate hug and kiss of FRIENDS remind me of yourself! Many many happy returns of the 1st January!
    • You guided me through all thick and thin. Happy New Year my dear friend! I can’t imagine a moment without you!
    • 2017 will be the year of new learnings, hope, and surely our FRIENDSHIP will see new heights! Happy New Year my partner! I’m proud of being your FRIEND!
    • Let’s work hard to make 2017 the most productive year of the life! It is the best Happy New Year wish for friends if you are collaborating on some creative project!
    • For me, your friendship is a sea of happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction! Happy New Year my friend.
    • I wish you daring, confidence, and faith to fight against all the hurdles and hardships of life! May this year be the Happiest Year of your life – Happy New Year! It is a best Happy New Year wish for friends who are having a rough time!
    • I wish you rainbow skies and starry nights! May you never face a failure! From depths of my heart I wish you a Happy 2017!
    • May this year bring health, wealth, care, respect, and each and everything you ever desire! Happy New Year buddy!
    • I hope every morning, sunset, and night of the New Year will bring peace and happiness in your life! Happy New Year my clan!
    • I wish you to have much joy and happiness beyond your expectations and dreams! Accept my best wishes for the 2017!
    • I hope 2017 will be the best year of your life! May you achieve everything you have ever dreamt!
    • Your friendship is as important and necessary for me as air to breath – Happy New Year my lifeline!

Romantic New Year Wishes for Boyfriend

Nothing is better than a romantic Happy New Year wish for your lover! Words have a great impact because words are the best way to express your feeling and emotions that you have for your boyfriend! So, rock him with an impactful New Year wish by carefully choosing a wishing message from our well-crafted Happy New Year Wishes for boyfriend.

    • Write it on your heart that you are the reason behind my smile. Happy New Year my smile-kit!
    • Wishing a Happy New Year to the special person of my life who transforms himself into an advisor, good friend, and counsellor according to every situation and scenario!
    • The cherished memories we shared in 2016 and the weird things we have done in 2016 reminds me that you are the worthiest blessing of GOD – Happy New Year Sweetheart!
    • Stay blessed and mine – Happy New Year! It’s a best New Year wish for your boyfriend if you are in love with him!
    • Our love and bond is getting stronger with every passing MOMENT! I wish 2017 will bring us closer and it’ll be a year of countless happy moments.
    • Thanks for all the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT that you have given me in 2016, I hope you’ll keep it the same way in 2017!
    • Now, I LOVE you more as compared to past years and this affection will continue to rise as we move into 2017 – Happy New Year!
    • There were times in 2016 when I made you sad by my mistakes and attitude but, I promise, in 2017 every DAY and every moment will bring happiness in our lives. It’s a best New Year wish for your boyfriend if you wanna aplogiz3e for past misbehaves!
    • Your presence in my life made 2016 a happiest year of my life, be my mate for the rest of life – Happy New Year!
    • Thanks for showering care, love and lots of affection in 2016! Happy New Year and don’t dare to change! It is a cute New Year wish for your boyfriend if he is too protective and cautious about the relationship.
    • I wish to have to you care, passion, love and affection for 2017 and all coming years – Happy New Year my shinny star!
    • You are the only reason behind my happiness, being by your side will sparkle 2017! I wish you a Happy New Year!
    • May you have a blessed New Year, just as blessed as I feel by having you on my side – Happy New Year to the price of my heart!
    • Happy New Year to my Dreamy Gentleman – A cute New Year wish for your boyfriend if he always plans something really big and different!
    • I wish to spend this year and rest of my life with you because you are the ONE who could make me smile – Happy New Year my love!

Happy New Year Wishes Messages for Girlfriend

    • Whether you are in casual relationship with a girl or you like her from the core of your heart; it is mandatory to wish her New Year with a romantic New Year quote. Wisely choose your words depending upon the context and nature of your relationship.
    • Our versatile collections of Happy New Year wishes messages for girlfriend will provide perfect text to send to your beloved girlfriend!
    • I fell in love with you at first sight because I know you are the prettiest girl of this planet – Happy New year to girl of my life!
    • You are magnificent because each day of my life has become magical since I have met you! I hope you’ll be mine for 2017 and rest of my life! Happy New Year!
    • I wish to hold your hands through all thick and thin so that we could walk every path of life together! Happy New Year to my magic queen!
    • Every vein of my body is addicted to you and your presence because you are the reason behind my stability, success, and progress! Happy New Year to my LUCKY CHARM! It is the best Happy New Year wishes messages for girlfriend if you wanna make her feel special.
    • I looked back in 2016 and there was only one thing that was common in all the HAPPY MOMENTS, that was YOU! Happy New Year my beloved friend!
    • Your love is the best remedy for all of my problems – Happy New Year!
    • I discovered myself in you because you have everything that I have ever wished for – Happy New Year to my sweetheart…!
    • In 2017, a lot will change except my LOVE for you – Happy New Year!
    • I’m certain, every moment of the 2017 will be a happy moment because I have YOU with me!
    • Another year has come to an end, I thank you for transforming my life into a heaven – Happy New Year to the queen of my heart!
    • Let’s say good bye to the blissful 2016, and welcome and celebrate the last cheerful night of the 2016 together. I wish you a Happy New Year!
    • Hey Honey, I’m blessed to have you my girlfriend because you are not only my LOVE of LIFE but also a source of inspiration. Happy New Year to my Dreamboat!
    • May 2017 be the most delightful, adorable, and hilarious – Just like YOU! May you have a wonderful 2017! Happy New Year!
    • 2017 will be another Year of astonishing romance because nothing will change between us except the date on calendar! I wish you a romantic New Year!
    • I love the way you look at me, the way you smile, the way you touch me, hug me, kiss me, and the way you make me smile – Happy New Year to my wonder woman!
    • Love is a silent language but, on the eve of New Year, I’m breaking the ice by letting you know that you are everything for me – Happy New Year Sweetheart!
    • Love isn’t about spending a lot of time with each other instead, it’s a feeling that ensures every time you meet you share a laughter and things that aren’t normal. Happy New Year to my LOVE BOOK!
    • The difference between a friend and a girlfriend is same as in the meanings of LIKE and LOVE! Happy New Year My love of life!

Funny Happy New Year Wishes

    • Fun is the most important aspect of any relationship. Funny New Year wishes greatly enhance your love and affection with your partner. Moreover, you can send these wishes to anyone without taking into account the nature of your relationship because every person loves humor and amusement.
    • Our unique list of funny New Year wishes enables you to spread naughtiness and cheers on this special occasion.
    • So, let’s be naughty!
    • Keep in mind you suffer from high blood pressure that’s why avoid too much drinking on New Year’s Eve. Oh! I forgot to say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
    • In 2017, may you get a zero health bill from your dentist and family doctor! Happy New Year!
    • I wish you fear everyone with your spookiest Halloween attire – Happy New Year!
    • May you don’t forget to say I LOVE YOU to your wife, kids, and parents but not to your secretory, your masseuse and every other lovely lady – I hope you understand what I mean! Anyhow, Happy New Year! It’s a funny New Year wish to send a married male friend!
    • May your blood pressure, cholesterol level and mortgage interest NEVER rise for the rest of your life but, for instance Happy New Year!
    • I wish you could successfully deceive your boss while using Whatsapp in the 2017 – Happy New Year! It’s a cute way to tease someone who can’t avoid use of phone during office work.
    • I sincerely wish you PUP must not POO on your bed, dinning chair, or on the kitchen floor.
    • Bill gate, Angelina Jolie, Pitbull and ME, all the famous people of this world wish you a Happy New Year!
    • I genuinely wish, May your neighbor does not request you to babysit her tantrum throwing son on weekends!
    • I wish you to have happiness during 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, and 31536000 seconds of the 2017. Happy New Year!
    • I wish from the core of my heart that there is less snowfall and shorter queue in the mall while you are looking to purchase discounted goods!
    • Before the last sunset of 2016 and showers of messages in your inbox, let me wish you a Happy 2017!
    • Let me wish you a Happy New Year before you get a champagne Shower!
    • I wish you a Happy New Year with my ultimate request please loose some fat because it is the major reason behind higher maintenance bill of your car!
    • I sincerely wish you make fewer resolutions to quit drinking and smoking – Happy New Year!
    • I hope you won’t hate me because it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m wearing your favorite pair of shoes! Happy New Year!
    • I sincerely wish, may you overcome your fear of cockroaches in 2017!

Sexy Happy New Year Wishes

With sexy happy New Year wishes you can not only tease your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife but also these wishes are the best way to express your fantasies and hidden desires! There’s no problem if you text a bold and sizzling message to your GF or wife – after all you can’t live without SEX, right?

If you are horny and wanna try something different, let’s be horny and say it!

    • Hey honey, I hope you aren’t wearing your underpants because we are gonna celebrate New Year’s Eve!
    • In 2017, I want to try something different in bed, reply what do you want? Dotted condom? An outrageous mouth fucking or tity fuck?
    • I hope you’ll not mind to have S** with lights on because it’s New Year’s Eve and we don’t want a dark night for the rest of the year – Happy New Year!
    • I’m gonna tear your clothes apart because I want to celebrate the New Year in its true spirit!
    • Be Ready honey because I want to mingle with your jingle – Happy New Year!
    • I promise you that my passion to have S** with you will not change in the 2017 – Happy New Year!
    • I wish you get success in enhancing your BOO** size – Happy New Year!
    • I wish to enlarge our family size in the year 2017 and it isn’t possible without you cooperation – Happy New Year my baby!
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