Hot Things to Say to a Guy Over Text

Hot Things to Say to a Guy Over Text

Dirty texting really help to turn your guy on by texting a hot thing to a guy over text. Did you tried sending him a text that contains hot things that you wanna say to a guy over text? Have you expressed your feelings to the guy whom you like?

If No, you have surely not been able to enjoy the true sense of your relationship with your dream guy. You can turn your guy on as well as you can tease him by sending a hot text message because it is important as well as mandatory in some cases to send cute things to a guy over text.

I don’t believe that it is a good idea to hide the lure and temptation that his cute looks, charming body, lovable smile, and charismatic personality causes on your soul. If you can’t control naughty thoughts regarding him, what’s the point in hiding those thoughts if you have really fallen for that pretty guy?

I bet, it’s not appropriate in any case!

Oh Ladies! I can understand it is not as simple as I have said but there’s no reason to stop yourself from such naughty affection and emotional attachment because it will surely lead you to send a hot thing to say to the guy over text.

If you have been teasing your boy physically but you want something sophisticated that could help you to tease him over text by sending hot thing to text to the guy, you can surely enhance his lure for your love.

So, what are you waiting for LADIES…? Pick up you phone and surprise him by a cheesy text to tease him. Good Luck…!


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Do you really know that you are a sweet, cute, and handsome guy? That’s the only reason I feel so mean and tempting about you! Don’t dare to compare me with your sweet and naughty dream-girl because I am far better than her!


I am not that kind of girl, but, I don’t know why you always make me feel so hungry for your love and body touch! Let me admit this fact that you always disrupt all of my body control in all ways. I LOVE YOU so much for that!


I am in sitting in my room alone, I don’t know why my mind is asking me stupide kind of questions like “what could be the best place to spend night together?” “What is the best way of kissing?” I just wanna say that I am getting out of control…! Can you help me?


I can’t forget the best experience of my life! Do you know, what was the best experience of my life? Do you have any idea about it? Let me say it, the moment you kissed me, touched me, and took me in your arms. I can’t forget it – The hottest thing to say to a guy over text!


Can I guess from where would you prefer to hold me? – Send him a picture of your in your swimsuit with a heart catching teaser wink! He’ll be getting crazy after getting this smartly captured picture – That’s for sure!


The only thought which is making me crazy and wild is my planning for you tonight – beware to be on time. Coming home late can cause you an unrecoverable loss.


What could be the maximum salary package for you if your job is to cuddle me all day? Oh, just forget to ask, do you have potential to do this rough and tough job?


I am getting bored by this daily routine of waiting for you until you get free – can you request for a separate room in your office where both of us could play some magical games?


Do you know, what’s my favorite hobby? Thinking about some flirting ideas all day long and waiting for you to apply them on you is my favorite hobby! Sounds interesting?


What would be the best thing that you wish to do with me? I can tell you mine – Only if you are interested as well as in the washroom!


I just woke up from a really bad dream – you and me were lying on the same bed – with clothes! Oh Darling…! It was really bad!


Would you prefer a hot chocolate cake in the dinner or would you like to be ready for an even better surprise – That surprise could tear your clothes apart – Beware!


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There’s nothing wrong in getting naughty with your dream guy, right? Wrap up the text in a naughty way by using double meaning words to create abundance of naughtiness so that you could tease him by using a naughty thing to say to your guy over text.

Your texts filled with naughtiness will work like a seduction queen and will surely bring smile on his face as well as these texts will arouse his emotional feelings to come and get you – believe me he will not miss any chance to shower his love upon you.

Hey Handsome! Since you are working late tonight, what could be the best dress to wear because I am waiting anxiously for you to come home!


Honey! Can you make a guess where could be my other hand while I am sending this text to you? What could be the nearest guess? I’m waiting desperately to get your reply…!


Don’t work too hard Dear! I think you have forgotten we have a huge list of pending work – some late night work – A naughty thing to say to your guy over text especially in middle of the day!


Oops! I drop some chili sauce on my lips, can you please take it off with your sweet and yummy lips. Will it be fine for you?


I have a wish to sign an agreement with you i.e. you will invent a device so that I could feel the sweetness of your lips all the time! Ready to sign this pact?


Baby! I have turned the geezer because I am too hot to put myself in the hot water. All the water is just boiling up because I am in the tub! You can come and check yourself – if you don’t believe me!


Sweetie, please get yourself in a twisting mood because I am feeling so hot at the moment that I don’t wanna waste our precious moments in just getting one another in the LOVE mood – Be ready! It is a best naughty thing to say to your guy over if he is sitting alone in the home and waiting for you to come!


I am too tired of working alone in the home – come home soon because I want to fill up my thirst of love and affection by hugging you over and over!


Do you have any favorite movies, I mean those kind of movies where there are only two characters – one male and other female – I would love to join you because that movie has no interval break!


My body is shivering a bit, my heart is beating faster, my mouth is tasteless, my hands are a bit sticky, and my whole body is wet in the sweat – can you please suggest a medicine for me?


Hey Honey! What could be the best movie if I request you to try some yoga tricks, a lot of oil, little massage, and as less clothes as could be possible?


Happy Half-Birthday! Today I would love to see everything halved – half clothes, half bed occupation (I will adjust by sleeping on you) and half love bites.


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Chatting isn’t all about simple texting or double meaning words and letting each other know that you are missing your dream guy.  Being funny is important, if you are looking for some funny but hot things to say to your guy over text, you are absolutely at the right spot because we have crafted some ideas regarding your requirements!

Let’s move on!

What could be the best sleeping posture? On you, on your left side, on your right side, or no sleep while you and me are alone! My choice will be first and last – depending upon what suits YOU!


What’s the best position to wake up in the morning i.e. some clothes or no clothes? I would love to go with the second option. What’s yours choice?


Today, I woke up and all of my thoughts were pointing your name, can you guess what happened? I felt a bit stick-ness in my hands. Do you know, from where that stick-ness came?


You have left me with no other choice besides letting you know that I want to swim with you in our home pool without my swim suit! Am I allowed?


What’s your plans for tonight, mine is to stay up late night – can you join me because you are the only one with whom I would love to stay up late?


My sweet cupcake! Which part of my body appeals you the most except my hairs, my face, my lips, and my smile? I would love to disclose this fact on you that a specific muscle of your body is one of my favorite in your case.


I wish you could help me out in wearing my swim suit because I am having a bit difficulty in making some adjustments – And you are a master of these kind of adjustments, right?


I wish I could have you as my student! Curious, why? Because, there are few rough and tough punishments that I want to give you because you deserve them hot boy – don’t overthink, I will give you once you came back home today!


Ever wondered, why I love to go to the beach with you? Because, you look damn handsome and cute when you are in your good looking but short swim suit! OMG…!


I have a confession to make in front of you – please forgive me if you can! I have crush on a boy that makes me feel so mean and dirty! Do you wanna know about the guy? If YES, please go to the nearest mirror and the person you see in the mirror should be your victim.


I have never been turned on without straying my fingers into your hairs – can you please allow me to do this for one more time…? I will anxiously wait for a damn YES!


We know each other for quite some time, what is your favorite and most lovable memory regarding me? Curious to know about mine, mine is you and me on the same bed!