How Can You Find Your True Love Online?

How Can You Find Your True Love Online?

If someone had asked me 2 months ago whether I was open to the whole “find true love online” affair, I would have had doubts! Maybe, even without a thought, I would have said NO!! I guess, many of you would have said the same, right?

I’d rather risk my money in business, than my heart for love…

Because, online is shady!

What if the guy I’m talking to is actually a girl? What if my messages are being tracked and someone’s planning to hunt me down?

Over thinking can be a bad baby! Yet, I was always unable to stop myself from thinking about the possibilities of online dating.

Until recently!

As I’m walking to my friends’ house this Friday evening in my ripped jeans and a shirt I picked from marshalls on MEGA SALE (yup! There are days when I can’t even afford marshalls), I bump into my high school girlfriend who happens to wear a gorgeous emerald on her ring finger. As it unfolds, it so reveals that she found this rich dude ONLINE.

And guess what? He’s not just very much real, he’s pretty much perfect too!

Which leads me to believe that this online love business is not all scammy after all.

I guess you would feel the same if you were in my place!

Having said that, don’t think I’d meet my date eyes digitally. Never! I may have come to accept the fact that online is not all dubious. But I would be heedful, none the less.

After meeting the girl with an emerald, my curiosity had hit bench. I really wanted to learn more about online dating. In the light of which I spent WAIT FOR IT

8 hours yes……… E-I-G-H-T!

Searching off the web and talking to people with past experiences. If only my thesis was about online dating.

My search was not the typical “how to find true love online” but it was “how to avoid fraud and find true love online” IT’S A DIFFERENT THING OKAY!

Here are some pointers I fetched for my lovely readers


How to Cautiously Find True Love Online

1. The Medium

There are a gazillion websites built to satisfy the purpose of online dating, but not all are authentic.

This is an essential phase in your quest to find true love online. It requires research and social experiences. So, if you have made up your mind to opt for this channel, make sure to do your homework.

2. Be Real, But Not so Real!

Step 2 is usually about creating a profile. This is yet, another vital step towards successful online relationship.

Down to where my understanding goes, I have learnt that some people either give out too much, or too little. You are asked to create a profile so that the viewer gets a “brief idea” about you, not an entire film about your past, present and future. Take it easy!

That being said; don’t take it way too easy either. A basic name, age (with all honesty), marital status (widowed, divorced separated etc), children (if any) and some hobbies/preferences would do just fine.

A recent picture would be a plus.

See, we all hate rejection, especially if it’s because the interested party had been unaware of stuff like “you’ve been divorced before, you have kids, you are too dark or too fair, or you are just too fat for them”

Whatever you are, OWN IT. It will keep you away from superficial and materialistic snobs.

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3. Take Your Time

As the two of you start talking, don’t get carried away. Let time reveal secrets, passions, differences and commons.

Get to know one another slowly so that you don’t miss out on anything important.

4. Appreciate and Reflect Honesty

Everyone has a dark past, but that doesn’t stop a sparkly future to follow. Be honest about your experiences/fears/health and encourage the same from the potential better half. This will not just keep the conversation warm, but also eliminate future casualties.

5. Meet and Greet

As soon as you’re comfortable, initiate meetings. These will genuinely tell you a lot about where this is going.

Also, let’s face it! It’s only when you meet, the fear of “is he/she real” goes away- Because it is online dating ultimately, and you are scared of authenticity at the back of your head, whether or not you actively accept.

That’s about it folks on how to find true love online! Eventually, all you need to have is faith. A little bit of risk is always healthy, but that does not mean you embrace vulnerability and deny loop holes. You have to be vigilant whether the man or the woman you’re falling fall happens to be on the other side of the laptop or the table.

P.s: Don’t forget to share your experiences whether good or bad! We would love to hear from our readers.

Until next time! Xo

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