How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced

Nowadays, many people get their nose pierced!

It is a new trend that people have taken a liking of, and are rushing to the nearest shop to get this stylish piercing on themselves! When you think of getting one yourself, the first question that pops into your head is ‘how much does it cost to get your nose pierced?’ Contrary to what you may think, nose piercings are pretty costly. They may be tiny but because of how much they are trending amongst people, the prices have gone quite high!

How Much Do Nose Piercings Usually Cost?

If you are of a mind to get your nose pierced then you must be thinking ‘how much do nose piercings cost?’ and whether you can afford it or not. The truth is that there is no universal pricing that applies to nasal piercings around the world. The cost differs from city to shop. They cost around $25 to $100. But before you go ahead, you have to stop and ask whether the price includes the nose jewelry you would wear or if it is just for the procedure.

Many piercing studios have packages where they include the piercing jewelry in their cost. That is why, it would be good to find a shop where you can get deals like that because they are cheaper than getting a nose piercing and buying nose studs separately. Usually, a nose stud could be could expensive, some even cost as much as the piercing itself. Many stores sell nasal jewelry at reasonable prices. If you are looking to get one of the fancy, expensive diamond studs, then you can even get those at some piercing studios. The standard nose studs and rings are cheaper, of course.

8 Nose Piercings Ideas

There are many types of nose piercings from a simple nostril piercing to a septum piercing. Nose piercings can vary in prices because of the kind of piercing you get or the type of jewelry you buy for your piercing. Following are the types of nose piercings you can get:

1. Double nostril piercing

This is when instead of the regular single hole, you get two holes pierced.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 25


2. Triple nostril piercing

This is when you go bolder and get three holes in your nostril area.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 26


3. High nostril piercing

This is when you get your nose pierced a little bit above the nostril curve.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 27


4. Septum piercing

This piercing is trending as the most famous one, right now! This is when you get a piercing between your cartilage and bottom of the nose.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 28


5. Bridge piercing

This is when you get your nose pierced, right on the nasal bridge.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 29


6. Vertical Tip

This is a very rare form of nose piercing that not many people go for. This is when you get the tip of your nose pierced vertically.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 30


7. Septril Piercing

This piercing requires skills because only professionals can gauge your bone structure and cartilage. It is a combination of vertical tip piercing and a septum piercing.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 31


8. Nasallang piercing

People who are really adventurous and bold get this piercing because it is quite intense. It is a piercing that goes through your nostril and septum.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 32


8 Ideas for Nose Studs

There are many types of nose jewelry that can be worn after you get a nose piercing! Some are flashy and expensive while some can be subtle and plain. There are even clear nose studs or retainers that you can wear if you do not want the piercing to be visible. Many places like schools or offices prohibit piercings, so you can wear clear nose studs to not get in trouble. There are different shapes and sizes of nose jewelry from which you can choose, according to your preference. How much do nose studs cost? Nose studs usually cost around $10 to $50 which is not that expensive.

Following are a few examples of nose jewelry:

1. Hoops

This is more traditional nose jewelry that is worn by many people.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 33


2. Retainers

These are barely visible so that nobody can tell if you have a piercing or not.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 34


3. Rings

These come in many sizes and you can even add beads to it, if you want.


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 35


4. Studs

Nose studs are quite popular because they come in various shapes and sizes. There is a broad range of colorful and creative shapes that you can get. You can even get customized nose studs!


How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Nose Pierced 36



Does It Hurt To Get Your Nose Pierced?

The pain caused by getting your nose pierced depends on the person. If they have a high threshold of pain, then they would barely feel a thing. Nose piercings usually do not hurt much. It feels more like a pinch when it is pierced, and because there are nerve endings in your nose, it may bleed a little, too. You could feel the pinching ache for a couple of days but after that, it will settle. If you get your piercing with a gun, the pain may be more intense than usual!

In this article, we have answered the question; how much does it cost to get your nose pierced. If you have been thinking of getting a piercing for the first time, then you should go with a nose piercing as they are ideal for beginners and do not hurt as much. If you are thinking ‘I am getting my nose pierced today’ then you should probably stop and think about the pros and cons of having a nose piercing.

This article will help you with your research on how much it costs, if it ACTUALLY hurts and the different types of nose piercing styles that exist. Then, you should decide, “which nose piercing sounds right” for you?

Do not rush to the nearest shop and look for the ones that have professionals who use proper tools. This will help you prepare for the piercing and will guide about proper aftercare so that the piercing does not get infected. Infections can be dangerous which is why you need to find a professional and not a random person who will do your piercing for less money. Do not think that just because a shop offers you a cheaper deal, it would be better! Afterwards, if you do not want to keep the piercing and change your mind, you can stop wearing a retainer or nose stud after which the pierced hole will close up, with time.


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