How to be More Romantic with your Boyfriend

How to be More Romantic with your Boyfriend

Romance is something that can’t be ignored in girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, right? But Girls…! Do you really know how to be romantic with your boyfriend?

Believe me, sexting and dirty talks aren’t the proof that your relationship is moving in the right direction. Romance is something far different from sexy chit chat!

To be romantic with your boyfriend, you have to be creative, thoughtful, and affectionate because these are mandatory prerequisites of how to be romantic!

Romance encircles everything; from love, care and respect to whatever that makes your boyfriend happy and is compulsory to keep your relationship in good shape is also mandatory to grow up his lust and affection for you!

Gear up Girls…!

It’s time to make him follow you!

Let’s get started!

Best Tips for How to be More Romantic with your Boyfriend

To be more romantic with your guy, you can try different things keeping in mind his likes and dislikes. In short, you have to find out what makes him feel better as well as elated!

Best Romantic things to do for your boyfriend

1. Remind Him you Love Him

The best way to keep him attracted towards you is to remind him that you love him! It’ll certainly make him romantic.

For example, write his name with yours on front page of the newspaper or his favorite book. Moreover, don’t forget to terminate your conversation without the perfect words i.e. “I LOVE YOU!”

You can also write this beautiful line on the sticky notes or on things he keeps with him like diary, laptop bag etc.

In short, you to make him realize that you are with him wherever he goes!

2. Play Romantic Songs while he’s with you

Psychology says, “Music causes a soothing effect on our imagination and most of our thoughts are related to the musical nodes we hear!”

In short, you can create a romantic environment by playing romantic music. It’ll certainly make you his point of attraction.

3. Don’t hesitate to be Physical with him

If you know nothing about how to be romantic with your boyfriend, physical touch is the best way to get started.

Gentle handshakes and high fives are the cute ways to be physical with him. Try to touch his hands (do it on purpose but show him as you know nothing how your hand touched him) – you can do this while you are having a walk or a conversation with him.

Moreover, gently touch his fingers while he passes you something e.g. Water while you having dinner with him.

4. Prefer Whispering rather than Talking Loud

The first and foremost requirement to be romantic with your boyfriend is to get his attention, right?

Talk politely and most importantly try to go close to him then whisper so that no one else except him could listen what you wanna say to him!

It’ll not only give you a chance to go near to him but also he’ll listen to you with the full attention. This is your best chance – you can touch him, seduce him, or even you can tease him with some seductive words.

5. Try to Spend More Time with him

Time matters a lot! The more time you spend with your boyfriend, better will be the chances to get more attention from him.

Moreover, don’t forget to turf off all kind distractions e.g. cell phone, laptop etc. In short, when you are with him, you must show him that he’s the most important person for you and your boyfriend is your first priority.

6. Prefer Listening rather than Speaking

The bad side of girlfriend-boyfriend relationship is, one has to listen more! If you wanna be more romantic with your boyfriend you have to listen what he says!

Oh Girl!

I know it’s a bit tough but you have to do it! But, this is the best way to make him realize that you are interested in him and you want him to be your Dream Boat!

P.S: Participate in the conversation with smiling face! Don’t forget to make gestures like head nodding, laughing, and making movements that show you are carefully listening him.

7. Romantic Things to Say to your Boyfriend

Since you have completed the difficult phase of drawing his attention now, it’s time to move on! You can take your relationship one step forward by saying cute things to your boyfriend that’ll make him feel distinguished, blessed, and romantic!

8. Praise his Personality – A nice way to be very romantic with your boyfriend

Come on Ladies…!

You have to praise his looks, talking style, choice of words etc. to make your crush fall in love with you! Men has been doing this cute thing for a long time and I don’t think it’ll cause any harm if a girl would do the same to get his Dream Boy!


Show off your love to make it clear on him that you LOVE him! I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. It’ll help to make him decide that you are serious with him.

And believe me, boys never leave someone who is so caring, loving, and affectionate to him – that’s my experience!

Some Other Awesome ways to be Romantic with your Boyfriend

    • Don’t hesitate if he wanna hug you or kiss you – just let him do whatever he wants!
    • Tease him by sending double meaning texts when he’s not with you – especially at noon when he’s in the office or with his buddies. P.S: The goal is to make him realize that he’s missing the best!
    • Surprise him by suddenly inviting him to a candle light dinner – Please don’t let him pay the bill instead do it yourself!