How to Chat with your Crush on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a modern and unique form of chatting. Do you know, how to chat with your crush on WhatsApp? Are you well aware about WhatsApp chatting even odds while you chat with your crush on WhatsApp?

Most of the people lack progress because they don’t have exact idea about topics to chat with their crush on WhatsApp as well as things to chat with the crush on WhatsApp.

My point is, random chatting on WhatsApp is not gonna help you out if you want to get closer to the person of your choice. You must have to follow an appropriate format of things and topics to chat with your crush on WhatsApp because it is mandatory in terms of the fact that you are an attention seeker.

Implementation of some core techniques of chatting is surely gonna help you out while you chat with your crush on WhatsApp.

This article is gonna give you a brief idea about topics, things, techniques, ways, and ultimately will give you a reason for sign up to begin a fun oriented chat with your crush on WhatsApp.

Let’s start a journey of the smart chat that will help you to be a man of naughtiness overloaded with fun.


Don’t start chatting Right away

So, you have seen your crush is online on the WhatsApp! What’s now? Stop thinking from where I must start? What should I say to him/her? What could be the first question?

Hold you horses guys…!

Never start right away. May be he/she has become online for something urgent and important other than having a chat with you. Therefore, don’t be furious in pushing the starter message. Contact him/her once she is online for at least 10 minutes.

It will help you because she might also be waiting for your message. This kind of short and probably mandatory wait is good.


Don’t be too late

Being honest with you, it is quite hard to manage the tricky timing of contact with your crush. We will surely recommend you that a little pause is OK but don’t let him/her on waiting for too long.

It’s surely NOT good!

It can make your partner think that you are not interested in chatting with him/her. It’s very bad impact because that’s gonna hurt your crush in all ways. Therefore, avoid putting your crush on wait for too long.


Be the First to send him/her Message

There is absolutely no problem if you are sending first message to your crush. After all, he/she is your crush, there must be no such restriction that “I am not gonna send him/her the first text!” “Why should I always send the first text?”

Keep yourself away from these kind of negative thoughts. They are not gonna help you out if you are looking for a long term relationship with your crush.


Reply your crush instantly

What if he/she has contacted you first? What if your crush has sent you a message himself/herself? What should you do?

First of all, if your crush has sent you a text, you must try to reply as soon as possible. Unless until, you are offline and you haven’t received the message.

On the other hand, if you have received the message instantly and you are not offline, you must reply him/her. Too much wait can cause harm to the self-respect of your partner.

In WhatsApp chatting, the most important aspect of chatting is the scenario and topic of chatting. If you a have chosen a mutual interest topic to chat with your crush on WhatsApp that will surely produce outstanding results and both of you would love to chat.

On the other hand, if your topic of chatting with your crush on WhatsApp isn’t an interesting one, it will fairly shorten the time of chatting.

In short, what I wanna say is, topic of chatting matters a lot. If I say, it depends upon your topic of discussion that how long you gonna chat with your crush – it’s not wrong!

Down are some tricky topics for WhatsApp chatting with your crush – you will love these tips.


Daily Routine

The first and foremost thing to talk about could not be better than the daily routine. Actually, it is a lighthearted way to take off the conversation.

Daily routine talks give you a better platform to understand the interests and likings of the person. It also gives you a clear idea about the choices and busy-ness of your crush.

Don’t ask rough question or private questions like what were you doing there? Why are you telling me this? Instead, show great interest in getting his/her point of view. It will make your crush think that you are interested in him/her.


Discuss Films and Novels

I don’t think there’s any person who don’t like movies, novels, seasons, comedy shows, and dramas etc. interests may vary but no one can deny the liking of this kind of theatre stuff.

Try to get his/her opinion about the movies, shows, or books. In short, you have to know her well in order to let her know that you are interested in that particular person.


What about sports?

If you feel your crush has an interest in sports, that’s good. Try to find out the best sport or the game he/she loves. It will give you a big plus to move forward and to strengthen your relationship because you have picked a never ending discussion.

Moreover, once you find the sport of his/her interest, you can send her pictures and videos regarding that particular game – and favorite player if he/she has one!


Ask for Hobbies

Everyone has hobbies. Therefore, it will help you to be creative by asking questions to your crush regarding her interest and hobbies. Moreover, sharing is caring – don’t forget to share your hobbies and interests with her.

If you have totally different liking and interests, don’t worry! Actually, it is good because researches have shown that those relationships are more strong and lasting in which both partners have different interests because it gives both of the partners a bigger ground to play the innings of their life.

There are plenty of things and ideas to talk about your crush on WhatsApp. Versatility of things and topics discussion helps you to keep the boredom away. Pick up things of mutual interest while chatting with your crush on WhatsApp will help in a prolonged chatting.


Music and Crush

Being honest, music is a nice way to get things going and to manipulate the ideas of discussion. Share your taste of music and ask crush for his/her taste of music so that you could compare the difference.

Sending her a nice video of any song of her interest, sharing of an audio song on the WhatsApp, and most importantly texting her few awesome lines of any song will surely get you in a position of chatting up to hours.

These are the things that can’t be ignored while chatting with your crush on WhatsApp. These aspects look very small but in reality they are very important and you can get a sound base for the further discussion.


Friends and Family of the Crush

Relationships need other relationships to grow. Believe it or not, it is a fact that can’t be ignored in any kind of relationship. Asking your crush about his/her family and friends will portray your image as a good person who is interested in his/her life.

Moreover, you will get to know the temperament and family nature of your crush. Also, it will give you a chance to get a virtual introduction of his/her friends and family. You can ask anytime about the routine and busy-ness of the friends of your crush because it will give you a point to start off a new discussion.


Work or Education

These are quite popular topics in terms of chatting. Because, it is a good thing to ask, “How’s your day was at work?” “What’s the progress in Blah Blah Blah Project?” “What about the exams?” etc.

In short, you can ask plenty of things without any reason. It’s a nice way to get in touch rather than asking boring questions like what are you doing!

Don’t be excited to read the title of the topic. There are various restrictions related to using cool topics to talk about with your crush while chatting on WhatsApp. You cannot use these topics right away, if you have established a bit frankness with your crush regarding some matters then you can pick up any topic from our list of cool topics to chat with crush on WhatsApp.

These topics are of quite sensitive nature therefore, be very careful in using these topics because if you have recently started chatting with your crush on WhatsApp, picking up these topics can negatively impact the essence of your relationship.

Let’s move on to the cool topics!


Applause Clothing

If you liked the dressing sense of your crush, there’s no problem in appreciating the choice of fabric, the design, and most importantly, the look of your crush in that particular dress.

But, be proactive and don’t flirt a lot because too much flirting portrays quite negative feedback and impact on the person on other side of the network.


Weather Resemblance

Resemble the weather with beauty and charm of your crush. Let him/her feel special and unique by plotting some great sentences like the sun seems quite dull because you are in the room or the heart-warming noise of the breeze isn’t better than you.

In short, choose some poetic sentences that could express your hearted feelings.


Life Experiences

There are two aspects of asking about life experiences, one is mature aspect and other is funny or amusing aspect.

You can ask about both by phrasing some awesome questions. “What’s your opinion about politics?” “What has been your favorite job?” “What was your dream job while you were a child?” these kind of questions will let him/her to answer you in as a thinker.

On the other hand, if you wanna be funny and naughty, you can surely ask some mind-tangling questions like “When was the last time you pooped in your pants?” “With whom did you watched your first porno movie?” “Have you ever think about gender transplant?” I hope you got my point of asking about life experiences!


    • Try to send a “HI” message in a perspective that your crush has to write something else rather than sending you the same “HI” text again.
    • Take a fair break before sending reply to your crush – Don’t do it within seconds. Instead try to write nice and take about 30 to 40 seconds to deliver the response.
    • There’s no problem in complementing – instead it is important.
    • Smartly use Emoji’s and other cartoon characters in your WhatsApp chatting because they make a lot of sense. On the other hand, don’t over sue them.
    • Teasing your crush while chatting on WhatsApp with a cute nickname will surely make chatting a hell fun.
    • Try to use Emoji’s for starting as well as ending a chatting.



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